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20 Years Anniversary

Meeting and exceeding the expectations of our customers has been a central focus of ReliaSoft’s efforts over the last 20 years. When we asked some of those valued customers and partners to help us celebrate this anniversary milestone, we were overwhelmed by their supportive responses. We invite you to review some of their comments, and we thank all of our customers for their continued preference and support.

"Congratulations to you and the entire team. The range of tools has enabled thousands of engineers to analyze reliability data properly and make decisions that have improved innumerable products. The software continues to be easy to use, powerful and backed up with excellent training and technical support by knowledgeable reliability statisticians. Looking forward to another 20+ years."

Fred Schenkelberg
Reliability Engineering and Management Consultant
FMS Reliability

"Congratulations on your 20th year. I look forward to many more years of applied reliability science innovation."

Daniel C. Conrad, Ph.D.., CRE, MBB
Engineering Director, Design Quality, Reliability, and Testing
Hussmann Corporation

"As I reflect back over the many years I have interfaced with ReliaSoft, I would characterize the experience as positive and beneficial on many levels. It is not just the highly effective software products offered and supported, it is the highly professional staff of experts that distinguishes ReliaSoft from their peers in the industry. ReliaSoft professionals have supported me in mastering many challenging technical and emerging reliability methods and helped to deploy these methods across the workforce. I have found ReliaSoft products and people extremely helpful in providing practical analytical solutions to highly complex, challenging reliability problems in both the Defense industry and US Government, Department of Defense applications. Thanks for a job well done!"

James M. Wasiloff
Director, Continuous Process Improvement
TACOM LCMC Strategic Planning and Transformation
United States ARMY

"RELIASOFT! Congratulations on achieving your 20 year anniversary. In this short period of time you were able to position your company and your team as a leader in the reliability community, providing the best reliability tools, consulting services and support. By working hard you were able to capture not only clients, but friends and colleagues who were growing with you and because of your support. You were able to establish a new level of excellence in the reliability community and contributed a lot towards the Design for Reliability methodology. I am looking forward to many more years of joint work, growth and friendship. Thank you very much for all your help and support that you provided to my company and to me personally."

Dmitry Tananko, Ph.D.
Manager, Reliability,
General Dynamics Land Systems

"Congratulations to everyone in the ReliaSoft family on your 20th Anniversary! I knew ReliaSoft would be incredibly successful ~ 15 years ago based on your business model of providing wonderful free on-line training, free downloadable software to experience as well as the continual improvements to the incredibly user friendly software and additions (as well as a brilliant, helpful, friendly group of people in all areas at ReliaSoft, whom I truly consider friends). I previously had experience with other reliability products and was very disappointed. I can honestly say that any success I have had in the field of Reliability in my last 4 positions can be credited to the fantastic tools and support at ReliaSoft. Wishing you many more years of continued success!"

Marty Fox
Senior Reliability Engineer

"ReliaSoft has been a very supportive partner in the development and application of tools for Reliability Analysis... It is no wonder it is achieving the popularity it has today both in industry and the academic world... Congratulations on a very successful 20 years!"

Mr. James MacIntyre
Director - Global Quality System
Manitowoc Corp.

"It has been a great experience using the ReliaSoft package in reliability and quality management in my career, especially now at Mitac International Inc. As a head of global quality and technology executive management, I want to thank you for the good work and keeping pace with technology changes in the industry. I am looking to see more and more of your products in the decades to come."

Paul Wang, Ph.D., MBA
VP of Global Quality and Technology Engineering
Mitac International Inc.

"Congratulations on your remarkable achievements over the past 20 years. Your products and support are world class, keep getting better and better, and illustrate your devotion and dedication to advancing the adoption and successful implementation of reliability methods. Kudos on a job well done!"

Steve & Allise Wachs
Integral Concepts, Inc

"Congratulations on ReliaSoft’s 20th Anniversary. The balanced concept of powerful software, efficient trainings and international symposia is a key success factor for achieving this remarkable milestone. Thank you for being a reliable and helpful business partner for many years."

Mathias Probst

Industriestrasse 1-3
Schaeffler Technologies AG & Co. KG

"Congratulations on the 20th Anniversary of ReliaSoft and the value it has brought to the reliability discipline over the years. On a related topic, I have totally enjoyed the format of the Applied Reliability Symposium that ReliaSoft has sponsored. This symposium provides a great place for reliability practitioners to truly share best practices. Providing an hour per presentation, allows this symposium to focus on quality of presentations versus quantity. ReliaSoft’s format of the PowerPoint also being the paper allows much more "how-to" information to be shared than a typical paper and short presentation format allows. I always go home from this symposium with another tool I have learned."

Stan Stephenson, P.E., Certified Reliability Engineer
Sr. Team Leader - Reliability & Metallurgy Groups
Duncan Technology Center

"ReliaSoft has been a critical partner for the last 10+ years during my tenure as the General Manager of Reliability and Product Safety at General Electric and for the last 5 years as VP of Reliability as Baker Hughes. The ReliaSoft suite has provided a comprehensive set of reliability analysis and test support tools with seamless data management across our product life cycle. While selling the value of a reliability program can be a challenge in a non-regulated environment, selling the benefits and productivity of the ReliaSoft suite to my senior leaders has never been an issue."

Randolph Phillips
VP Enterprise Reliability
Baker Hughes

"We’ve been involved with ReliaSoft for about 15 years and their software such as Weibull++, Xfmea and ALTA, have allowed us to change and revolutionize our business in the markets we deal in. We have used it to understand our customers’ use cases, total ownership costs, and to develop field simulation testing, but most importantly to gain market share by showing our products versus the competition were superior. ReliaSoft has helped us to save as well as make millions in revenue and sales. So congratulations on 20 years and we look forward to the new things in the next 20 years."

Edward Heinz
Reliability Manager
Honeywell Imaging and Mobility

"Congratulations to the ReliaSoft team. Your success is a testament to your team’s ability to develop products that are user friendly and analytically sound, resulting in a speed to market value proposition. Thanks again for your support, mentoring, customer service and outstanding portfolio of reliability products."

Steve Brown, Ph.D.
Director, Quality & Reliability
Lennox International

"On behalf of Alstom we extend to you our warmest wishes as you celebrate the 20th Anniversary of founding ReliaSoft. We wish you continued success as you celebrate this important milestone."

Rao Palakodeti

"Although my career as a reliability engineer only transcends 14 of the 20 years ReliaSoft has been providing tools, training, and services to the reliability community I can attest to ReliaSoft’s place as a foundation for many practicing reliability engineers. When I started as a reliability engineer in 1998 I had little (or no) background in reliability engineering and after some trial by fire I was sent to ReliaSoft’s Master the Subject, Master the Tools (MSMT) Reliability Foundations Training Seminar in San Diego, CA in 2001. The seminar provided not only a solid foundation for a reliability engineering career that has exposed me to many clients, but it also yielded the groundwork for my dedication to a reliability career (that originally chose me) to ensure that I can confidently address my client’s reliability challenges. Throughout my career, whether it is using ReliaSoft’s software tools or attending the International Applied Reliability Symposium – North America for 7 of 8 events, I continue to enhance my capabilities and knowledge associated with reliability engineering because of the contributions that ReliaSoft has made in the last 20 years as a true innovator in the field of reliability engineering! Congratulations on this momentous achievement and I look forward to the next 20 years of working side by side to emphasize and educate the masses on the importance of reliability engineering."

Andrew Foote
Principal Reliability Engineer
Alion Science and Technology Corporation - System Reliability Center

"I have known ReliaSoft since 1995, but as much as I've enjoyed using the software, I have also enjoyed rich learning experiences from your staff and networked professionals. Your ability to put forth industry-leading world class software is rivaled only by your ability to put together teams of the best reliability, engineering and computer professionals. I also enjoyed writing my first paper with Pantelis...the experiences that led up to that moment is a career milestone I will always cherish."

Jim Jauw
Staff Engineer
Stryker Corporation

"Over the last 20 years ReliaSoft has led the charge in making reliability, maintainability, and availability analysis accessible to a wide range of companies and industries through their development of tools to support reliability and design engineers throughout a product’s life cycle. Their latest effort, Synthesis, has the potential to create a paradigm shift in the practice of reliability and maintainability in industry. The integrated database and tool suite will enable engineers and analysts to make real-time design and operational decisions and see the impact of those changes throughout a product’s life cycle, truly an integrated life cycle analysis tool!!"

Edward Pohl, Ph.D.
Lt. Col. USAF (Retired)
Associate Professor
Department of Industrial Engineering
Director, Operations Management Program
Director of Distance Education, College of Engineering
University of Arkansas

"Throughout my professional reliability engineering career, ReliaSoft has been a professional partner in providing reliability software tools, services, and training that I have used over the past 20 years and have improved and honed my reliability skills. Thank you and congratulations on reaching your 20th year milestone."

Rick Ramirez
Reliability Engineering
ViaSat Corporation

"Congratulations to the folks at ReliaSoft on their 20th Anniversary. Our partnership with ReliaSoft began over 15 years ago. This relationship has helped John Deere provide highly reliable products to our worldwide customers. It is a pleasure working with Pantelis, Doug, and the rest of the ReliaSoft crew."

Chuck Noel
Manager, Turf and Utility Platform Performance/
Reliability Engineering and Field Test
John Deere Turf Care

"Congratulations to ReliaSoft on your 20th Anniversary. ReliaSoft has been an invaluable partner to ASI for many of those years and we appreciate all of your support. Twenty years of survival in the software industry is a testament to your continued emphasis on innovation and commitment to being leaders in the Reliability field. Keep up the good work!"

JC Leverette
VP Reliability, Maintainability, & Supportability Division
Andromeda Systems Incorporated

"It is not surprising that ReliaSoft is celebrating 20 years in business. The products and services they provide are first class. When dealing with ReliaSoft you will get a sense of passion for the technology of reliability. They are at the top of the technical aspects, yet freely share their knowledge. Their software is powerful and they will not hesitate to show how it all works. They are sophisticated but one of the friendliest groups of people I’ve had the pleasure to work with. Congratulations and good luck in the future."

Jeff Barts
Quality Assurance Mgr.
Universal Lighting Technologies

"I would like to congratulate ReliaSoft on achieving its 20th Anniversary. I had my first exposure to ReliaSoft during the 1996 RAMS conference. I was impressed during that encounter with the focus that you placed on your customers’ needs. This customer focus has been demonstrated numerous times over the years by all of the people with whom I have had the pleasure to interact."

James Malm
Senior Staff Engineer
Deere & Company

"Congratulations to ReliaSoft on 20 years of contributions to reliability knowledge, software tools, and professional education. I am also celebrating my 20th year since pursuing formal quality and reliability education. Early on in my career, I looked for a mentor. I not only found that mentor in ReliaSoft, I found an entire organization of dedicated reliability professionals and a friendship that I’m proud to have for nearly as long. Best wishes on your continued success and thank you for being there for me."

Jeffrey P. Lewis, M.Eng.
Sr. QA Manager
ASQ Certified Reliability Engineer
and Six Sigma Black Belt
Surgical Specialties Corporation (dba Angiotech)

"Congratulations! Capstone has had a great history with ReliaSoft, and we look forward to many more years! Our employees love XFRACAS, and can’t wait to see the upcoming changes."

Evan Franke
Director, Quality
Capstone Turbine Corporation

"As the founder and director of the Center for Advanced Life Cycle Engineering (CALCE) at the University of Maryland, I have observed over the last two decades the discipline of reliability engineering maturing into an integrated part of the product design and life cycle management process. Methods of Physics of Failure and targeted reliability testing based on failure mechanisms promoted by us have become standard practices for major electronic companies. Today, the reliability engineers are tasked with not just spilling out a reliability number because a contract clause asks for it but they are identifying the weak spots in products, developing qualifications tests, performing accelerated qualification tests, and supporting products over short and long life cycles. The science and mathematics of these had been known by engineers for a long time but what delayed the introductions of these methods were the lack of reliable, easy to use, and comprehensive tools sets. ReliaSoft has continued to identify and fill that gap over the last 20 years. I had the opportunity to partner with their team, provide them feedback and wish lists, teach hundreds of students reliability at UMD and at companies all over the world using the ReliaSoft tools to reinforce their learning, and analyze many experimental data sets using their tools. I look forward to academic and professional collaborations with ReliaSoft in the coming years."

Michael Pecht, Ph.D.
Director: CALCE Electronic Products and Systems
George Dieter Chair Professor of Mechanical Engineering
Professor of Applied Mathematics (prognostics for electronics)
University of Maryland

"It was a pleasure to witness how, in the past 20 years, ReliaSoft developed from a small software company to a powerful global corporation and a well-established center of reliability expertise. As ReliaSoft grew, many reliability practitioners followed its progress. I certainly owe part of my professional growth to ReliaSoft, because learning their software tools not only expanded my knowledge, but also made me want to learn more about statistics, life data analysis, and other mathematical methods behind those tools.
Today, ReliaSoft continues to be an undisputed leader in many areas of Reliability Science and data analysis. Thank you, ReliaSoft, thank you, Pantelis and thank you to all the people who have made ReliaSoft the success story it is today."

Dr. Andre Kleyner
Global Reliability Leader, Delphi Electronics & Safety
Adjunct professor, Purdue University

"Congratulations are extended to ReliaSoft on its 20 year anniversary. The tools and services you provide assist reliability professionals to perform their daily technical tasks and keep the reliability discipline an important aspect of the total life cycle management process. Thank you for your on-going support and contributions to the RMS Partnership."

Russell A. Vacante, Ph.D
RMS Partnership Inc.

"Amazing that 20 years seem to have occurred so quickly for some of us, but I am not surprised that ReliaSoft has capped such an anniversary with such a crowning achievement as Synthesis. This is one amazing feat, and tool suite to implement, that directly reflects on the vision and integrity that have continually been behind their successes over the years. Salute! I look forward to your continued and well deserved successes."

Ken Millspaugh
Engineering Fellow
Whole Life Engineering
Systems Development Center
Space and Airborne Systems
Raytheon Company

"20 years and I’ve been with you for 10+ of those years. You and your fellow employees have provided me with tools that did exactly what you said they would, no nonsense sales puffery and excellent support. Your training has been extensive and easily understood. I am a completely satisfied customer!"

David Payne
Test/Technical Specialist

Haldex Brake Products Corporation

"During the course of 20 years, ReliaSoft has transformed the science of reliability engineering by creating a framework that is practical, coherent and intuitive. This single company, through its trinity of software, training and consulting has positively influenced the reliability of most of the products we use today and most of the processes we rely upon. I expect nothing less for the next 20 years."

Georgios Sarakakis
Staff Reliability Engineer
Tesla Motors

"It's hard to believe that 18 years ago while at GM I was looking for a Weibull analysis software package and stumbled on to ReliaSoft and Weibull++. That began one of the best partnerships I've ever been part of between a supplier and customer in my career. The analytical tools have gotten better with time, the training and consulting have always been fantastic, and I've always looked forward to the Applied Reliability Symposiums. Congratulations to Pantelis and the team for all their accomplishments over the past 20 years! I can't imagine what you'll do in the next 20. Thanks and Happy 20th Anniversary."

Dan Farley
Associate Director / MBB
Kraft Foods Cheese & Dairy
Continuous Improvement

"It is great to see ReliaSoft celebrating their 20th Anniversary. I have used several of their products for over 12 of those 20 years, notably Weibull++ and BlockSim, and found them effective and user friendly. I have also found their staff helpful and supportive when I needed to develop new applications for their software. Congratulations ReliaSoft on reaching this milestone."

Aron Brall CRE
Reliability Subject Matter Expert
ARES Technical Services
NASA Goddard Spaceflight Center
General Chair, RAMS® 2013

"I became an ASQ certified and practicing reliability engineer in 1988 while at DEC. Initially most of my life data analysis work was performed using calculators, spreadsheets, and yes - even slide rules. As soon as ReliaSoft came out with Weibull++, I became hooked on their intuitive, and easy to use, reliability assessment software. I have utilized many of ReliaSoft’s suite of tools in my work over the past 20 years within the high tech industry. These include Weibull++, RGA, BlockSim, Xfmea, Lambda Predict, and ALTA. The common foundation that ReliaSoft tools have provided to me is a seamless and scalable reliability analysis vehicle that utilizes common sets of data and provides outputs that can be integrated into a final holistic recommendation to the businesses I have served. A very powerful and yet simple concept that ReliaSoft has maintained from the outset. Congratulations for your 20 years and I am very grateful for your contributions to my career."

Jeff Blanchard
Principal Reliability Engineer
ASQ Senior Member, CRE & CQE

"Congratulations to ReliaSoft for 20 years of attentive service to reliability engineering functions in industries across the country and around the globe! Your products have given not only statistical tools, but organizational and communication tools to an often cumbersome task. ReliaSoft training has become my first recommendation to analysts new to reliability. Your support staff is always excellent. Best wishes for the next 20 years of new and improved products!"

Jane Peterson
Reliability Analyst
Aircraft Turbine Systems
Woodward Inc.

"Congratulations ReliaSoft on 20 years and I want to wish you many more years of continued success. ReliaSoft’s longevity speaks for itself and you should also be proud of your role in helping to shape and support the reliability field. I have been associated with ReliaSoft for many years and have always appreciated working with you and your employees because of your strong commitment to your customers. Here’s to the next 20 years!"

Dr. Larry Crow
Crow Reliability Resources

As always, your feedback is appreciated. We welcome any suggestions or comments you may have about ReliaSoft's products and services. [Contact ReliaSoft]

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