Consulting Services

Available Reliability Consulting Services

The Reliability Consulting Services team is structured to accommodate requests of any size or complexity in a wide variety of areas. Some commonly requested reliability services are described below, and many other services may be available upon request. Please contact ReliaSoft to discuss your particular project requirements.

Data Analysis and Modeling

  • Reliability Data Analysis
    • Life data analysis (also referred to as "Weibull analysis")
    • Accelerated testing data analysis
    • Degradation data analysis
    • Shelf life and stability analysis
    • Burn-in analysis and optimization
    • Design comparisons
    • MTBF/MTTF determination
    • Stress-strength analysis
    • Variations and comparisons between production lots or design iterations
  • Reliability growth planning and analysis
  • Warranty Analysis
    • Field data analysis
    • Warranty predictions and forecasting
  • Recurrent event data analysis and MCF calculations
  • Standards based reliability predictions, including:
    • MIL-HDBK-217 predictions
    • Bellcore/Telcordia predictions
    • FIDES predictions
  • Modeling and analysis of systems or processes
    • Estimating reliability, availability and related metrics
    • Spare parts planning
    • Throughput analysis
    • Maintenance task selection and optimization
    • Optimum PM intervals
  • Physics of failure modeling
  • Risk and safety analysis

Specifications and Test Design

  • Defining and interpreting reliability specifications
  • Testing to and complying with reliability specifications
  • Traditional life test design
  • Accelerated life test design
  • Reliability demonstration test design
  • Experiment design and analysis (Design of Experiments, DOE)

Reliability Program Plan Activities

  • Assessment of current reliability program and gap analysis
  • Reliability program planning, implementation and review
  • Design for Reliability (DFR) implementation
  • Supplier reviews
  • Change point analysis
  • FMEA training, facilitation and/or audits
  • RCM training, facilitation and/or audits
  • FRACAS implementation and training
  • On-site training and certification in various reliability disciplines

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