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The current license options for ReliaSoft's software are presented below. A quick comparison table is also available.
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For information about how existing licenses will be transitioned when you upgrade from Version 8/9 to Version 11, please read the FAQ.

ReliaSoft applications are licensed, not sold. ReliaSoft licenses its software on a per user basis. In other words, ReliaSoft licenses the product to each user and not to a particular computer. By installing, copying or otherwise using the application, the user agrees to be bound by the terms of the End-User License Agreement (EULA) and is granted the right to use the application. A complete EULA is available for review upon request.


Named User License

The Named User License is a "paid up" license that is assigned to one individual named user. Each software package includes the installation media and one copy of the application documentation per license, either in physical/hard copy format and/or electronic format.

Each named user may install, activate and access the application on a single computer at any time, provided that the named user is the only person who uses this application. In the event that the application is required on a new computer, the named user will be required to deactivate the active installation before being allowed to install and activate the application on the new computer. There is a limit of 2 activations allowed per year.

Use of the application on any computer by any user other than the named user who has licensed the application is strictly prohibited. Such other users must obtain a separate license of the application from ReliaSoft before any use.


Floating License

The Floating License is a "paid up" license that is assigned to an organization with multiple regular and occasional users on a single network of computers at one or more specified Locations, depending on the type of Floating License obtained (LAN, Country, Regional, Global). The software package includes the installation media and one copy of the application documentation per license, either in physical/hard copy format and/or electronic format.

There is no restriction on how many users can install the application; however, the number of Floating Licenses under license indicates the maximum number of computers that can concurrently access the application at any given time. As an example, for a Floating License with ten (10) seats, the application can be installed on as many computers as you deem necessary, with only ten (10) of those computers being able to access the application at the same time. If a user attempts to access the application from an eleventh (11th) computer, the user must wait until one of the other ten users ends their session and releases a seat. The Floating License allows for installation on multi-user capable environments such as Windows, Terminal or Citrix servers.

  • A Floating License with a LAN option only allows access by users on the same Local Area Network (i.e., same location).
  • A Floating License with a Country option only allows access by users in the same country.
  • A Floating License with a Regional option only allows access by users in the same geographical region (e.g., Americas, EMEA, APAC).
  • A Floating License with a Global option allows access by users worldwide.

Under this license, the user’s computer must be able to connect to a license server to determine whether shared license seats are available when the user attempts to the application.

Users are allowed to check out or borrow a Floating License from the license server for a specified period of time. This reduces the number of seats available to other users until the licenses are returned.


Complete Reliability System (CRS) License

The Complete Reliability System (CRS) license is a token-based license that allows users to access any or all of ReliaSoft's Synthesis desktop applications. Each application requires a specified number of CRS Units. The user(s) can choose which applications to run, up to the limit of available units. [Learn more...]


Asset-based License (only for Orion eAPI)

The Asset-based License (only for Orion eAPI) is licensed to all direct employees of a corporate entity within one or more specified sites, depending on the license obtained. This license excludes subcontractors, suppliers or temporary employees, unless they are using the application inside an eligible site on a computer owned by that site. This is a perpetual license.

Under this license, an unlimited number of named users from the licensing site or sites is allowed to access the application; however, the license restricts the number of physical assets (commonly referred to as Asset TAGs) that can be configured and managed within the application. For this license, a site is defined as a distinct physical address/site of a corporate entity, where the physical assets being managed reside (e.g., a refinery or a mine or a power station). The license specifically excludes broader geographical areas, such as cities or states/provinces (where multiple sites might exist). Footer

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