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Introducing ReliaSoft's ALTA 6 and ALTA 6 PRO

ReliaSoft's ALTA 6 software considerably expands the breakthrough accelerated life data analysis capability that first became available in 1998 with ReliaSoft's ALTA 1.0 Standard. In addition to an enhanced interface and improved plotting and reporting utilities, version 6 gives you the tools to analyze accelerated life data with more complex models that support up to eight simultaneous stress types and data gathered from accelerated tests where the stress profile varies with time (e.g., step-stress, ramp-stress or other quantifiable stress profiles).

You can download a free evaluation copy of the software from http://www.ReliaSoft.com/alta/ to investigate ALTA's features.

ALTA 6 Standard and ALTA 6 PRO
ReliaSoft's ALTA 6 software is available in two versions: Standard (ALTA 6) and Professional (ALTA 6 PRO). ALTA 6 is intended as an entry-level tool for the reliability professional interested in basic quantitative accelerated life testing analysis applications. ALTA 6 PRO provides advanced capabilities resulting from extensive research and development in complex quantitative accelerated life testing analysis techniques. A detailed comparison of the features in each version is available on the Web at http://www.ReliaSoft.com/alta/.

ALTA 6 Features and Enhancements
Some of the outstanding features in ALTA 6 and/or ALTA 6 PRO include:

  • Time-independent life-stress relationships: Arrhenius, Inverse Power, Eyring and combination models as well as the advanced General Log-Linear (with user-defined transformations) and Proportional Hazards models.
  • Life-stress relationship for stress levels that vary with time: Cumulative Damage. 
  • Weibull, Lognormal and Exponential life distributions. 
  • Maximum Likelihood Estimation (MLE) parameter estimation and confidence bounds on all calculations. 
  • Exact reliability, mean life, B(X) life and other required reliability results at any user-specified stress level as well as multiple 2D and 3D plots to visualize results. 
  • Full support for customized analyses, including plots and printed reports, in ALTA's General Spreadsheet and Report Work Center. Integration with Weibull++ 6 for supplementary life data analyses.


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