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A New Multimedia Resource Portal for Reliability

In recent years, more and more busy professionals have come to rely on videos and multimedia presentations to provide a fast, convenient and enjoyable way to get up to speed (and stay up to date) with the latest advances in many different aspects of both their personal and professional lives.

Introduced in early 2012, the ReliaSoft.tv website has been established in order to bring these kinds of practical and effective multimedia resources to professionals in reliability engineering and related fields.

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The site has been organized into several distinct content areas that are intended to meet a variety of different needs, both for ReliaSoft's direct customers and for the overall reliability community.

Introduce Specific Reliability Concepts and Software Tools

One area of the site has been dedicated to providing high-level introductions for specific reliability engineering concepts and software tools. These targeted, concise multimedia presentations offer an easy and engaging way to become familiar with some of the most useful reliability techniques and tools that are currently available.

Step-by-Step Software Tutorials

The site also features multimedia tutorials that demonstrate, step-by-step, how to use available software tools to solve specific problems. These videos are meant to optimize the time that a user spends learning a new software interface by providing a direct visual demonstration that will hold the user's attention and make it easy to follow along with even the most complex examples.

Reliability Education Area

Another area of the site provides more in-depth educational videos on a variety of reliability-related topics. These presentations offer a deeper dive into specific reliability techniques and theory, but the content is still condensed for a quick, convenient learning experience.

Partner Content Area

Finally, the site offers a designated area for individuals and organizations who are not directly affiliated with ReliaSoft to post their own multimedia content that will be of interest to the reliability engineering community.

Get Started Now

The website is up and running now with step-by-step examples and a variety of other multimedia presentations. Additional content is under development as the site continues to expand. To get started, visit www.ReliaSoft.tv.

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