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2004 International Applied Reliability Symposium

The 2004 International Applied Reliability Symposium provides a forum for expert presenters from industry and government to come together with reliability practitioners to discuss the application of reliability principles to meet real world challenges. The majority of the presenters have been applying reliability, maintainability and related techniques in their day-to-day work for years and the Symposium has been designed to encourage results-oriented presentations with interactive discussions about best practices, success stories and lessons learned.

2004 Symposium Theme: "Sharing applications, success stories and lessons learned in reliability and maintainability engineering."

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Keynote Address
The Keynote Address will be delivered at 8 a.m. on Thursday June 17, 2004 by Rear Admiral Michael C. Bachmann, United States Navy. The topic of the address will be The Challenge of Sustaining Aging Naval Weapon Systems.

Presentations from Government and Industry
The 2004 Symposium program matrix consists of two concurrent tracks with ten presentations and two in-depth tutorials for each track. Attendees can choose presentations/tutorials from either track. With two options for every session, you can configure the Symposium experience to meet your specific interests and needs! Some of the presentation topics include:

  • Reliability as a Systems Engineering Investment, Not a Cost
  • Reliable Operations - Integrating Reliability Methods with Operations Management
  • FMEA and Design of Experiments: Working Together
  • Challenges in System Reliability -- Modeling and Analysis
  • Implementing FRACAS in a Commercial Environment
  • Customer Usage Profiling and Development of Fatigue Based Reliability Specifications
  • A Reliability Engineer’s Use of Warranty Cost Information

These and other topics will be presented by experienced practitioners in the field. Presenting organizations include General Electric, Hewlett-Packard, Quantum, Raytheon, Seagate, U.S. Army, U.S. Navy and many more.

In-Depth Tutorials
The Symposium offers four in-depth tutorials on key reliability, maintainability and related topics. Tutorial instructors are experts in the principles, theory and applications of the relevant analysis methods/techniques, with extensive experience providing training and analysis for both government and industry applications. The tutorial subjects include:

  • Understanding Quantitative Accelerated Life Testing by Pantelis Vassiliou of ReliaSoft Corporation
  • Essential Elements of a Reliability Program by Patrick Hetherington of the Reliability Analysis Center (RAC)
  • Reliability Growth Testing and Data Analysis by Larry H. Crow of ReliaSoft
  • Reliability Leadership by David Olwell of the Naval Postgraduate School

Hosted Reception
Symposium registration includes a hosted reception on Thursday June 17, 2004 from 6 p.m. to 9 p.m. aboard the Bahia Belle, a "Turn of the Century" Mississippi-style sternwheeler.

Registration Details
The 2004 Symposium is organized by ReliaSoft and the Reliability Analysis Center. It will be held June 16 - 18, 2004 at the Catamaran Resort on Mission Bay in San Diego, California. Register by March 1, 2004 to take advantage of the reduced advanced registration fee.

Registration details and the complete program matrix for the Symposium are available on the Web at http://www.ARSymposium.org.

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