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[Editor's Note: The tools mentioned in this article are now integrated directly into the Weibull++ software in the Non-Parametric RDA folio, the SimuMatic utility and the "Weibull SPRT" analysis workbook report template that is installed with the software.]

The weibull.com website provides free software tools designed to accomplish specific reliability tasks. These tools are available via the Web at http://www.weibull.com.

These free software tools are of commercial quality, created by ReliaSoft. However, unlike ReliaSoft’s standard software, the free tools are made available without a technical support commitment from ReliaSoft and with minimal or no product documentation. Available tools include:

RDA Utility for Recurrent-Events Data Analysis and Plotting
ReliaSoft's RDA Utility has been designed for recurrent event data analysis and plotting in accordance with the techniques described by Dr. Wayne Nelson in Recurrent- Events Data Analysis for Repairs, Disease Episodes, and Other Applications, published in 2003 in the ASA-SIAM Series on Statistics and Applied Probability.

SimuMatic® for Life Data Analysis Simulation
ReliaSoft's SimuMatic® allows you to explore reliability life data analysis using Monte Carlo simulation. With SimuMatic, life data analyses are performed a large number of times on data sets that have been created using Monte Carlo simulation. Multiple results are available for each simulation. This utility can assist the analyst to better understand life data analysis concepts, experiment with the influences of sample sizes and censoring schemes on analysis methods, construct simulation-based confidence intervals, better understand the concepts behind confidence intervals and/or design reliability tests.

Weibull SPRT Tool for Sequential Probability Ratio Test Analysis
ReliaSoft's Weibull SPRT is a sequential probability ratio test utility that uses Weibull sequential testing and allows you to test samples in a sequential manner. The SPRT utility performs all calculations required in order to determine whether to accept or reject the hypothesis that the samples are from a given Weibull life distribution and meet a given reliability requirement.

Web-Based iTools

  • Simple Weibull Analysis: Obtain parameters for the 2-parameter Weibull distribution, using your data.  
  • Rank Calculator: Obtain ranks given a sample size and order number.  
  • Quick Statistical Reference: Obtain values for commonly used statistical functions (chi-squared, ranks, etc.).  
  • Exponential Design of Reliability Tests Calculator: Obtain test time to demonstrate an MTBF (or reliability) assuming an exponential distribution.

These web-based iTools are available at: http://www.weibull.com/itools/index.htm.

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