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ReliaSoft's reliability software tools facilitate a comprehensive set of reliability engineering modeling and analysis techniques. Here is a sampling of feedback received from actual software users. (To safeguard privacy, user initials have been used instead of full names.)

"F/A-18 FST is using your software; very favorable feedback."

J. S. - US Navy

"Excellent software. Will revolutionize the way our Reliability Department does analysis and reporting to management."

R. P. - FedEx

"RGA is very good. It's a very powerful tool. I was able to validate our manual calculations with the techniques of the tool. Very user friendly."

P. S. - Raytheon

"ReliaSoft's Weibull++ is a very powerful software! Extremely user friendly."

J. B. - GE Energy

"Weibull++ is a powerful application which encompasses solutions to most possible problems that reliability engineers would encounter."


"Weibull++ makes sense of the data that we get - instead of just looking at a couple of samples and saying 'Yeah, they all passed' we are able to dig in and really understand the statistics behind it."


"Your tools are definitely superior to the tools I have now (which were inherited by the previous reliability engineer in my company). I have already made a budget request for your tools."


"BlockSim is very comprehensive and easy to use."

A. S. - Viasat Inc

"The Software is excellent. I can't wait to get my hands on ALTA for my durability tests."


"Weibull++ will solve many problems which our company is facing due to reliability calculations for corresponding warranty analysis."

K. B. - Bosch Chassis Systems India Ltd

"BlockSim is very useful to help us resolve other RBD models that Relex can't do."


"Simply the best!"

J. L. - Arrow International

"The Weibull++ software is a very powerful tool that could benefit Delphi in many ways (particularly where Minitab is being used)."


"I love your software. I have been using it for three years."

B. D. - Black & Decker

"ALTA has many features that are simple and easy to use. I took away several tools which will help with analysis and speed up production."

A. F. - Apple Inc

"The Weibull++ software is great. It will help clear up a lot of questions I get asked in my failure analysis and reliability analysis in regards to when things will fail and if components need to be inspected/replaced and at what intervals."

J. P. - US Navy - Naval Aviation Depot

"RENO is very useful and user friendly. I think it is a complete software package."

F. F. - ArcelorMittal Mines Canada

"Weibull++ is first class software, it's bug free, intuitive, full featured and the possibilities are nearly limitless to helping us get better data quicker."

D. W. - Whirlpool

"Excellent software, I love it!"

J. G. - Turbinas Solar

"Weibull++ makes it very easy to do analysis for what would regularly be a nightmare to try to compute."

R. L. - Delta Controls Inc

"Great Program, which is why we forced the issue to get it in Harley Davidson. Very intuitive and outstanding graphics."


"So far, Xfmea seems to be wonderful, like all of the ReliaSoft software."

J. H. - MC Data Corporation

"Xfmea is powerful, awesome and has a huge time savings potential."

P. R. - Durr Systems Inc

"BlockSim is powerful and complex. Great to have the phone support for real life applications of software. Looking forward to influence business decisions based on accurate modeling!"

E. A. - Xerox

"BlockSim is excellent. User friendly and powerful."

V. E. - Siemens

"Honestly, you should all be enormously proud of your software suite and in your ability to present the fundamentals of reliability engineering."

C. P. - Raytheon

"A must have! I'm so glad we purchased this software -- it will prove to be a good investment!"

T. O. - US Air Force

"I love ALTA!"

M. W. - Robert Bosch

"RCM++ is a very powerful tool."

J. H. - MRG Inc

"Excellent software…I have been using it for the last 5 years and I am very happy with it."

D. S. - Allison Transmission

"Great software! Well engineered, powerful, and user friendly backed by great documentation and support resources."

R. R. - Lennox

"Extremely useful software. Expect my PO soon."

A. H. - Philips Medical Systems

"Frankly I am impressed by BlockSim's capability. I researched quite a few tools in the area of RAM and this experience has confirmed the tool's power."

E. O. - Battelle Energy Alliance

"I think Xfmea is the best available FMEA software."


"Impressive power and flexibility."


"Cannot imagine of a more powerful or flexible package."

S. W. - Integral Concepts Inc

"Your software has helped me in becoming a more productive Reliability Engineer - many thanks ReliaSoft."


"BlockSim is an incredibly powerful reliability/prediction tool."

D. J. - Mercer Engineering

"This is very powerful software. Weibull++ is easy to use with a nice presentation of the results."

L. Z. - Hewlett-Packard

"Weibull++ looks to be easy to use. We could have used this for a project 6 months ago. It's a lot more friendly than packages like Minitab (and more specialized)."


"Weibull++ can be very useful for my job. I appreciate its simplicity and power."

M. R. - STMicroelectronics

"Excited to start using RGA! It's something I know can be applied to several applications at our job site."

J. S. - Northrop Grumman

"You should be congratulated on BlockSim 6. It arrived with barely enough time to put it before my students. They are certainly impressed with ReliaSoft products, having had chance to use Weibull++ for themselves, and shared in the analysis of their paper-clip exercise on ALTA 6 PRO. BlockSim just did everything that they would expect."

L. W. - University of Warwick

"ALTA is much better than other statistical software. The QCP function helps me to both explore and be confident in looking at the information from several angles."

C. L. - Display Tech

"Intuitive, easy to use software. Quick calculations."

J. H. - Polaris Industries

"Very powerful. More user friendly than other software."

M. B. - DTE Energy

"DOE++ is a very good interactive software. Engineers & Scientists without much statistical background can use the software easily for analysis of their structural experiments."


"I think Xfmea will make a huge difference in the amount of time it takes us to create FMEAs."

D. M. - Durr USA

"Very reliable software @ 95% C.I."

A. B. - IBM

"I'm impressed with the changes you made to Xfmea Version 5 and I'm looking forward to using the production version."

R. T. - John Deere

"Incredibly user friendly software."

A. J. - Aerovironment Inc

"Outstanding software. I've been trying to force reliability methods into other software. It's a relief to use a system specifically designed for reliability."

P. N. - Cummins Turbo Technologies

"Outstanding software! User friendly, but very powerful."

J. L. - St. Jude Medical

"Excellent! Powerful Software!"

J. Q. - Delphi

"User friendly software that does everything for us… Easy to use and understand. Moreover, graphical representation of data is extremely good."

G. V. - TVS Electronics Ltd

"ALTA is quite easy to use. As a first time user, I was able to get significant results in a short time."


"Great software, very user friendly. Weibull++ should be recommended for possible use in all Navy RCM analysis and training efforts."


"I don't know how I got along without Weibull++ for so long. I now feel confident that I can use the more advance reliability models and tools that I was afraid to try with calculations by hand."

D. B. - MicroAire Surgical Instruments

"Xfmea makes tedious tasks much easier and faster."

D. S. - Jacobsen

"Amazing software."

A. J. - STEC

"All your software makes very complex problems simple."

E. G. - Teradyne Inc

"Impressive software."

G. P. - US Navy

"I really like the consistent look across your sw packages. Great job!"


"I can confirm that by utilizing ALTA we were able to reduce test time up to 90% along with improved understanding stress - performance relationship of our products."

B. S. - Siemens Automotive

"Your software is excellent! So too is the reference material & User's Guide."

S. G. - Hewlett-Packard

"RGA is easy to use, covers a wide gamut of growth estimators, and is great for maintenance/warranty calculations."


"RGA is very useful. Full of tools that I can use day to day for business."


"The ALTA software is easy to follow. I can see where this application would be beneficial in getting a product to market sooner."


"Your software is well thought out, user friendly and reliable (no crashes from an inexperienced user)."

C. M. - GE Medical

"Easy to use. Had I known of this software, college would have been easy."

S. C. - Case New Holland

"Thumbs up! Weibull++ exceeded my expectations."

Z. B. - Philips Medical Systems

"Impressive software! Clean and stable."

B. D. - D3 Technologies Inc

"Lambda Predict is very well designed."

R. L. - Andromeda Systems Inc

"Excellent software; user friendly interface."

R. R. - San Diego, CA

"RGA is perfect for the mix of developmental and fielded systems we support."


"Weibull++'s degradation analysis is an excellent tool. I wish I'd known about it 10 years ago!"


"Weibull++ is a very powerful tool; fully featured and at the same time very easy to comprehend. The scope of the application is enormous and it has rare analysis and projection capabilities."

S. C. - Tata Motors Ltd

"ALTA is the best package I've seen for Accelerated Life testing."

J. W. - General Motors

"The ALTA PRO software takes acceleration testing to the next level."

J. B. - ITI

"Xfmea is very powerful, especially when linked with BlockSim and Weibull++."

J. T. - Advanced Information Engineering Services

"Xfmea is a very sophisticated but easy-to-grasp software. Easy to comprehend; makes it easier to develop into a tool we'll enjoy as well as one that meets our needs."

D. C. - Spectra Physics

"The Weibull++ software is a very powerful package for reliability analysis. I have been using the product for a number of years and enjoy the ease of use and overall ability to analyze and display reliability information."

M. R. - Cessna Aircraft

"An extremely robust and in-depth set of tools."

B. R. - GDIT

"I especially liked the feature of translating fault tree to block diagram in BlockSim. Easier to use than Relex software!"

M. F. - Jacobs Vehicle Systems

"I believe Weibull++ is the best value on the market and will perform all of the required calculations necessary, while acting to aid in the presentation of the data."

T. F. - Jakel Inc

"BlockSim is RBD analysis made simple."

S. A. - Baker Hughes

"Xfmea is the greatest management and tracking tool I've seen."

J. B. - General Dynamics

"The reason we purchased Weibull++ & ALTA is that we felt they are the best available software."

G. G. - Philips

"Weibull++ will change how reliability is done at our company."

R. M. - Emerson Appliance Controls

"Weibull++ meets our company's reliability calculation needs. Powerful and useful tool for reliability engineers."

D. Z. - Qlogic

"As a user of ReliaSoft Weibull software since its first release in 1993, I was glad to be a beta tester for the first accelerated test analysis program they developed in 1998. ALTA proved to be a valuable tool even before the official release of version 1.0. The first data I analyzed was an experiment in high temperature acceleration of ionic migration in an IC. Although I could use Weibull analysis for data at each test temperature and manually estimate the temperature acceleration effects, ALTA enabled me to quickly analyze the entire data set and even determine confidence limits on the parameter estimates. The experimental activation energy for the Arrhenius model was between 1.5 and 1.8 eV, a value large enough to provide highly accelerated screening tests in future production. Over the last two years we’ve used ALTA for a range of tasks including analysis of printer cartridge storage degradation versus temperature, development of temperature and voltage screens for components and assemblies, and modeling high reliability component life distributions from multiple temperature testing. I’m currently beta testing ALTA 6.0 and the new features incorporated in this package open up possibilities for variable-stress testing that will provide significant advantages in test times. In the current product development environment, time-to-market is a critical factor and accelerated testing can provide a valuable competitive advantage."

D. W. - Hewlett-Packard

"Powerful software. Something I will use to get my job done and done well."

N. B. - Harley-Davidson Motor Company

"This software is the future of FMEA. I am excited!"

J. B. - John Deere

"Great tools. Easy to use and cover wide areas of problem solving."

B. S. - Honeywell International

"Weibull++ is a great tool. An indispensable tool for any testing facility..."

R. B. - Siemens VDO

"Very good software; its ease of use makes it enjoyable."

J. E. - Bombardier - Learjet

"I think Weibull++ is going to be a key element for our company's reliability group."

C. D. - Pearson Packaging Systems

"Xfmea is wonderful! I can't wait to use it on a new project."

M. A. - Spectra Physics

"BlockSim is Must Have! Practical, easy to use, can handle design and simulation of a wide array of systems."

D. R. - AM General

"ALTAA is an excellent tool -- nothing else like it on the market. With all of the emphasis on accelerated testing and reduced product development time, plus customer reliability requirements, this tool is essential in my job."


"Powerful, flexible software."

P. L. - TaylorMade Golf

"ALTA is an excellent software package - very intuitive - can almost use right out of the box without spending a lot of time reading documentation. Many, many versatile tools to use for analysis of accelerated data that our lab generates."

M. W. - General Cable

"DOE++ is really impressive with lots of useful functionality."

R. A. - General Electric

"Your software is extremely user friendly and easy to use. It enables us to make fact based decisions."

P. S. - Raytheon

"Xfmea is excellent. I have a lot of tools at my disposal."

A. O. - General Dynamics Land Systems

"The Weibull++ software is intuitive, and provides excellent data analysis results with easy-to-use calculators and easy-to-read graphs."

J. W. - Consolidated Metco

"Excellent software. Very intuitive for basic functions, plus lots of power buried deeper inside."

J. S. - NMT Medical

"ALTA is very easy to use and navigate… very powerful tool."

B. P. - Sony Electronics

"BlockSim has many useful features that I don't think Raptor has."


""What do I like most about ALTA? Where do I start??: Right censored capability… Stress Profile Explorer… And then some…" "

D. R. - US Army

"The RCM++ software seems to be versatile and I really like the ability to customize the interface to our own requirements."

B. J. - Bell Helicopter

"Powerful software with a lot of potential use in our industry. Calculations/plots make data 'defendable' to management."

A. S. - Regal Beloit

"ALTA is an excellent software package designed with reliability in mind."

B. S. - General Electric

"RCM++ is very powerful."

G. G. - bioMérieux

"The capabilities of your software are impressive. The interface is intuitive, and the functions are eminently useful for a wide range of practical scenarios."

G. H. - FLIR Systems Inc

"RGA is a powerful tool. I anticipate using this heavily throughout my function during product development."

D. G. - Allison Transmission

"Weibull++ is very user friendly and windows compatible. Excellent choice over that 'other' off-the-shelf software."

E. O. - Ethicon Endo-Surgery

"RGA is a powerful tool that will help in my work."

C. E. - Sun Microsystems

"Excellent software. It's hard to see how anything would be any better."

B. H. - Mercer Engineering

"If the Titanic was built with your software, it wouldn't have sunk."


"Very good impression for ALTA. ALTA offers the best methodology for design-level estimation of life."


"Weibull++ is like magic. You get so much done in a second."


"I feel the RGA software is outstanding. The user interface is highly developed and the help is in fact helpful."

J. P. - Delphi

"Very excited about the RCM++ software since it can be used for FMEAs on other processes."

L. S. - John Deere

"The RCM++ software provides useful information on how to schedule maintenance plans to balance money and safety for an organization."


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"The Xfmea software is intuitive and greatly improved the quality and speed of conducting our FMEAs."


"Weibull++ is Outstanding. I wish I'd known about it years ago. I anticipate that I'll be using it for the duration of my career."

R. D. - International Rectifier

"BlockSim is a powerful tool to keep business informed regarding key design areas of the entire system."

J. L. - The Raymond Corp

"Weibull++ is the most user friendly software for comparing/evaluating various reliability distribution functions as well as calculating the basic Weibull parameters."

R. A. - Delphi

"BlockSim is incredibly powerful."

J. L. - Aeromech Engineering

"Versatile, powerful, useful software."

M. O. - Northrop Grumman

"XFRACAS is amazing. The software has extreme power and configurability."


"It is my opinion that BlockSim is the only product that may fully meet all requirements and allow us to model/analyze the varied and intricate computer networks which form the Joint National Test Facility (JNTF)."

J. A. - JNTF

"Excellent collection of tools. They cover almost all possible options. User friendly."

T. S. - Genpact

"BlockSim is very user friendly & extremely powerful. We will add to the existing copies we have and begin getting more people trained on the software."

B. K. - US Armament RD&E Center

"Your software is very inclusive. There are countless helpful features that take the time consuming work out of our daily jobs, allowing us to focus on the important things. Great productivity tools!"


"Xfmea is very useful in eliminating duplicate work at our various facilities by centralizing our data on a single server."


"ALTA is exceptional - really powerful. It will make our lives much more productive!"

R. K. - US Army

"Powerful software!"

R. D. - US Navy

"Weibull++ is very intuitive - much more than stat s/w we've used here in the past such as Minitab."


"Excellent software. Intuitive and user friendly."

E. B. - Department of National Defence

"I look forward to using Xfmea -- very 'common sense' but very powerful and useful, too."

D. B. - Spectra Physics

"Xfmea increases the credibility of R&M Engineering work in the organization."

R. T. - General Dynamics Land Systems

"ReliaSoft's Software packages are all packed with features that should be an essential part of the Reliability Engineer's toolbox."

M. W. - General Cable

"Excellent software. I'm impressed with how complex calculations are made easy to understand/interpret. Excellent in user friendliness."

B. K. - Honeywell Technology Solutions

"Since we are power plant professionals, the BlockSim tool is very useful for us. However, your other tools are also very informative and user friendly."

V. K. - Alstom Projects India Ltd

"Xfmea version 1 is an outstanding tool that I'm anxious to use. For a new software to have this degree of high user comfort at first exposure speaks volumes."

R. M. - John Deere

"Weibull++ is leaps and bounds better than WinSmith software."


"The Weibull++ user interface is greatly improved over Winsmith."

K. F. - Ethicon Endo-Surgery

"DOE++ is more user friendly than any statistical software I used before."

F. W. - General Electric

"BlockSim is perfect. Very interesting and has a lot of tools that simplify my work."

A. Z. - Motorola

"The software developed by ReliaSoft is exceptional."

L. J. - US Army TACOM

"The functionality in BlockSim left me speechless…"

A. S. - Petronas Refinery

"Powerful and more user-friendly than the competitive packages I've tried."

C. P. - Dell

"Xfmea is very powerful and makes the data easy to input and observe how the FMEA/FMECA is coming along."

D. L. - NSWC

"Superb software!"

A. S. - Petronas Refinery

"Good software! BlockSim options allow for very realistic simulations and analyses."

A. S. - Regal Beloit

"BlockSim is excellent. Very powerful, useful software."

L. A. - Liebert

"RGA is very user friendly with its copy & paste functions for data & its ability to interact with Excel. I feel that the ability to use this program will greatly increase with the ability to gauge true effectiveness."


"Extremely useful software to all reliability engineers."

S. D. - Apple Computers

"Weibull++ is very powerful; very useful. I also use Minitab... Weibull++ is much better at Life Data Analysis."

A. D. - Trane

"BlockSim is much more versatile and a lot faster than other reliability/availability software I have used."


"Very powerful software -- it will help me immensely."


"BlockSim is perfect…"

T. K. - SPAC Consulting

"RGA is a very useful tool. Well thought out and intuitive."


"ReliaSoft software on reliability engineering are powerful and very useful for analysis and management decisions."

R. R. - NXP Semiconductors

"Weibull++ is very useful for solving day-to-day problems at our organisation."


"The breadth of your software is very impressive."

J. S. - Cummins Filtration

"Your software is best in class."


"Xfmea is user friendly, with many bells and whistles that are easy to find."

F. D. - John Deere

"Sophisticated software."

M. M. - Bechtel

"BlockSim: Wow..."

B. H. - Mercer Engineering

"Very user friendly. Intuitive for anyone familiar with standard Microsoft products…thank you!"

C. M. - Philip Morris USA

"Excellent, very user friendly. Much better than my current software. Great warranty analysis tool."

J. J. - Trane

"The Weibull++ software is a powerful, practical and easy to use package for life data analysis. Its graphical user interface enables new users to master this tool in a relatively short period of time. I recommend this tool in my organization."

M. P. - Chevron Texaco

"Xfmea is very intuitive. Easy to use. Great features."

U. B. - Jacobsen

"Weibull++ is very user friendly and comprehensive. It is the first Weibull software package that offers configurability, reporting options, stress-strength calculations and a multitude of other options."

M. F. - Jacobs Vehicle Systems

"Weibull++ is set up very well for practical project application. Obviously developed by people who have experience using these tools."

G. C. General Dynamics OTS

"The Weibull++ software is very comprehensive. I've been using it since version 4 but find version 7 much more powerful."

R. H. - NAVAIR North Island

"RGA has great potential for both Commercial & DoD applications and can be used by 'non-reliability' engineers with basic understanding of reliability concepts."


"After having used both Weibull++ and a competitor's software, my preference remains with Weibull++."

R. M. - Honeywell International

"Lambda Predict is very easy to use for such a large database. It leaps ahead other software I have used."


"RGA is easy to use, powerful, and intuitive."


"ReliaSoft’s ALTA Software represents the state of the art of accelerated life testing quantification. It incorporates extensive stress-life models to cover various failure mechanism activation processes. Its well-debugged optimization algorithm makes the parameter estimation a journey of joy. We, both at former Quantum and now Maxtor, have used ALTA for the acceleration factor determination of hard disk drive QMRT, XRT, and RDT tests. We also used this tool for GMR head electromigration failure acceleration and life time prediction. In addition to these benefits, Quantum’s new Accelerated Life Testing, the QMRT/XRT approaches in year 2000 has reduced the 30% sample size, test length from six down to four weeks in which saving company scrap cost alone one million dollars per year while meeting customers' quality & reliability expectations. This is a very important piece of analysis tool that every reliability-conscious company and its reliability engineers should have on their computers."

J. Y & F. S. - Maxtor

"Enjoyed working with user friendly software; ease of operation and versatile parameters will professionally define and plot all of my reports. Thank You ReliaSoft!"

T. H. - Siemens

"ALTA is way cool. Definitely takes the tedium out of this work. I can't imagine how long it would take me to figure things out without the software."

C. K. - Tennant Company

"...outstanding software packages."

E. P. - Siemens Diesel Systems Technology

"RCM++ is very, very user friendly. A very effective tool to improve maintenance management systems."

A. D. - TATA Chemicals Ltd

"I'm very impressed with how far your software has come."

C. R. - Harley-Davidson Motor Company

"The software came in the right time, it would not be possible to analyze our testing without this ALTA version. It provides us much more testing flexibility, it means testing cost reduction (hardware) due to increased simulation capability. As well as time saving and more accurate reports. . . The cost of this component misevaluation could be as much as US$2,000,000 yearly of service calls, besides the intangible costs related to consumer satisfaction, market share losses and others."

L. T. - General Electric

"Great software & knowledge. 3x to 10x improvement in productivity."

J. M. - CNH Benson

"Xfmea has greater functionality than our current FMEA software."

J. H. - John Deere

"The Software is the best thing since sliced bread, Mom's apple pie, and Chevrolet."

J. S. - General Cable

"ALTA removes most of my calculation/number crunch errors, DOE++s multiple distributions which are cumbersome for me to handle, reduces analysis time and can feed the 'what if' lion quickly. Also, one data entry checks and ranks multiple distributions."


"Best on the market."

J. T. - ITT Systems

"Weibull++ is very applicable in my job scope. Well-designed application, able to look at various failure modes in a single graphic, 'Design of Reliability Tests' tool saves an engineer's major concern when designing a test."

L. S. - Hewlett-Packard

"Your software is easier to use than RELEX."

M. S. - General Dynamics

"Weibull++ can do a ton of stuff!"

L. A. - Delphi

"Flexibility is key for the projects I participate in and Xfmea simply works for our needs. Terrific software."


"Your software is powerful and user friendly."

M. P. - Guidant Corporation

"Very good software toolset, constantly improving its features and very sensitive to the users needs."

N. P. - Bombardier Aerospace

"Professionally built software."

K. E. - Case New Holland

"Xfmea seems to be very capable & has some user advantages when compared to other FMEA-CA software I have used in the past."


"I currently use Weibull++, BlockSim & Lambda Predict and am very pleased with the software. I have been an every day user of alternative suppliers' reliability software and found ReliaSoft to be the most comprehensive and user friendly."

D. B. - Xyratex Storage Systems

"BlockSim is a very powerful RAM modeling software."

G. C. - Boeing

"Again, just like your other tools, BlockSim is excellent."

H. A. - ITT Corporation

"Weibull++ is getting better and better with each version. I started with WinSmith and replaced it with Weibull 6. Weibull++ 7 is much improved as to function and ease of use. Powerful."

D. L. - Cessna Aircraft

"RGA is cutting-edge and is an excellent tool for analyzing our data."


"ReliaSoft software fit the total needs of the reliability professional. I was able to use the ReliaSoft software suite of products to quickly design reliability tests based on customer requirements, as well as accurately predict warranty returns for our product line, resulting in significant cost savings."

N. P. - Honeywell International

"ALTA PRO is amazing. These calculations would not be possible for most engineers without the tool."


"I like Weibull++ for its ease of use and the power of the applications. It's obvious that someone familiar with the subject of reliability -- from a practical sense -- has organized the tools."

R. R. - Merix Corporation

"Xfmea is outstanding."

B. R. - General Dynamics Land Systems

"Excellent software from engineering point of view. It helps analyze any test situation with impressive graphical representation. Very much applied and powerful to calculate/analyze any engineering problem."


"Weibull++ is one of the more intuitive and user friendly software packages. I love the examples and help files embedded directly in the software itself."

L. M. - Ethicon Endo-Surgery

"Happy to see that there is a user-friendly software that helps you answer the questions that execs want answered."

P. S. - Quantum Corporation

"Bar None…. ReliaSoft products fit the total needs of the reliability engineer."

T. H. - Siemens

"Being a skeptic and not always getting what I thought I purchased, I purchased and started using Weibull++ 3 years ago. It does exactly what the sales staff said it would. I attribute the increase in product life to Weibull++ used in conjunction with Pre-Mechanica. I am satisfied with the product and support!"

D. P. - Haldex Brake Products

"Excellent software, I should have used it years ago."

J. K. - Xerox

"Weibull++ is super duper good."

D. M. - Detroit Diesel

"Weibull++ is better than WSW (Weibull Smith). Very user friendly. Good suite of functions."

M. I. - Cochlear

"BlockSim is very useful. The software is a positive contributor in our more and more demanding analyses (to provide more accurate results of our systems to our customers)."

P. T. - Thales Portugal S.A.

"Really great software with lots of calculation capability. Required in today's world for every company for reliability study of their products."

A. S. - Endurance Systems(I) Pvt Ltd

"Weibull++ is an excellent tool."

D. H. - Sandia National Laboratory

"I am especially impressed at how many different things Weibull++ can do with the data, and with how few mouse clicks."

B. J. - Guidant Corporation

"Absolutely first rate software, obviously designed by people who are experts!"

E. B. - Xerox

"The functionality and capability of the software is the best I've seen. It is an impressive software package especially the compatibility with Windows and the graphics capabilities."

K. T. - Halliburton Energy Services

"RCM++ is very much useful, user friendly and easy to work with. Truly helpful in creating reports with conclusions on our equipment behaviour and failures."

V. S. - Aditya Birla WCM

"The best aspect of Weibull++ is the intuitive layout and windows compatible features (much easier to use than competitors)."

J. M. - GE Aircraft Engines

"Weibull++ is powerful and comprehensive... it's a good tool for my team."

D. C. - Apple Inc

"Weibull++ is an extremely powerful timesaver."

M. M. - ATMI

"Excellent software. Very user friendly & powerful!"

B. R. - Delphi

"Nice interface, conforms to MS conventions that I use everyday. Sub-menus, etc are easy to find. Plotting from data is fast and crisp."

S. S. - Clipper Windpower

"Weibull++ far exceeds our needs…"

E. S. - US Army

"Easy to use. Lot of capability. Nice user interface."


"The quality of your product is high, both in practical and analytical sense."

J. A. - Air Botnia/SAS

"I am very satisfied with my purchase of Weibull++, ALTA PRO, and BlockSim."

B. N. - Raytheon

"Weibull++: 1) Scientific, 2) Practical, 3) Has high level of credibility, 4) Has a very user-friendly interface, and 5) Covers engineering side, reliability and forecast/warranty as well."

M. B. - Honda Transmission Mfg of America

"BlockSim is very impressive, capable software. Excellent user friendliness!"

J. M. - Hewlett-Packard

"The BlockSim software will be extremely useful; it's well designed and will help us to add value to our reliability analyses!"

C. L. - Quebec Cartier Mining Company

"Weibull++ is a very good package. Easier to use than Supersmith Weibull."

M. B. - Ethicon Endo-Surgery

"Excellent tools to rate our products. Very useful for design & also to reduce warranty costs."

S. P. - Kirloskar Oil Engines Ltd

"Very impressive, easy to use, nice interface, lots of versatility & tools…"

D. M. - Manitowoc Cranes

"Outstanding software."

H. V. - Boeing

"Weibull++ is a nice package… very robust and fairly simple. Amazingly powerful with just beginner knowledge."

K. D. - Fuelcell Energy

"Better than Minitab!!!"


"Weibull++ is much more capable than the software I am currently using."

A. M. - Superconductor Technologies Inc

"ALTA is powerful. I can’t wait to get back to my office to start designing some accelerated life tests."

J. H. - John Deere

"Excellent software. Easy to use. Very powerful."

M. X. - Vocollect

"The RGA software looks amazing. Great upgrades from version 6. Planning multi-plots are gong to be very useful for new DoD directive."



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