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20 Years Anniversary

Here's a more comprehensive list of comments about ReliaSoft's software that we've received from our users over the years. To safeguard privacy, user initials have been used in lieu of their full names. [Click here to return to the main page....]

"BlockSim is user friendly with good integration to other programs."


"Xfmea is very impressive, very flexible, excellent tool."


"The RGA software is rather comprehensive with a plus point that it interfaces well with Excel. It provides a variety of functions that is pretty useful for real life calculations."

Z. Y. - ST Aerospace Ltd

"Very easy to use and navigate software."

S. C. - US Navy

"The Weibull++ software was very helpful & useful."

A. N. - Cessna Aircraft

"ALTA is amazing! We need ALTA PRO here now!"


"Weibull++ is customized for reliability engineers!"


"Weibull++ offers easy distribution analysis, multiple plot capability, contour plots and intuitive layout of functions."

P. J. - Quantum Corporation

"BlockSim is extremely powerful and well organized."


"Very powerful and representative software. All inclusive."

A. A. - Petrochemical Industries Company (K.S.C)

"Weibull++ gives a variety of options to do analysis, and is user-friendly."

L. O. - Petrozuata

"A powerful system…"

A. A. - Case New Holland

"Weibull++ is very powerful for analysis and setting up tests. Very user friendly."

W. P. - Guidant Corporation

"Great software with a lot of capabilities… there is so much packed into your software."


"Very good software which I use every day."

T. M. - Dell

"Weibull++ is great. Very powerful. Can cover any scenario I can come up with."

A. F. - Apple Inc

"Xfmea is very good; easy to use."

T. N. - US Navy

"Weibull++ is a powerful tool. Covers many fields of reliability analysis. Will be very helpful for our reliability engineering efforts."

M. E. - BDT Media Automation GmbH

"Weibull++ is a powerful application which encompasses most possible problems that Reliability Engineers would encounter."


"I like Weibull++'s ease of use."

T. M. - Belcan

"Weibull++ is 'heavy duty' software."


"I like the ease of use of Weibull++ and the full functionality of the software. A powerful tool for reliability analysis."

R. P. - Design Analysis International

"I think Weibull++ is an excellent software package and one that will enable me to perform my job easier with less confusion and more understanding in determining the reliability of what I'm looking for and with accuracy."

A. W. - Boeing

"Xfmea is a good tool to use as part of the design process."

B. L. - Jacobsen

"Weibull++ is a very good & useful tool."

L. R. - ON Semiconductor

"RGA is very user friendly. Most functionality has improved in RGA 7."

K. O. - USEC

"Weibull++ is a very powerful tool, extensive and very comprehensive. Very useful outputs. Excellent Tool."

J. M. - Rane TRW

"Weibull++ software makes life easier. It has so many options…"

S. A. - Saudi Arabian Chevron

"Comprehensive and complete reliability analysis tools. Very impressive…"


"I am very impressed with BlockSim."


"BlockSim is very useful and of high quality."

J. B. - Lockheed Martin

"Great software!"

P. E. - Lumileds

"Weibull++ is a very good tool and it has a huge number of options that we use in our daily work. In general, it is very complete."

O. R. - Delphi

"Your tools are very user friendly & hence can be easily applied."

P. K. - Mahindra & Mahindra Tractor Division

BlockSim is very cool. I'm looking forward to using it."

D. L. - Storage Tek

"Xfmea is wonderful - I like all of the ReliaSoft software."


"BlockSim is detailed and powerful."


"Weibull++ is very powerful and I am impressed with the ease of use enhancements within v.6 vs. v.5."

J. B. - Quantum Corporation

"Xfmea is clean and user friendly."

T. L. - General Dynamics Land Systems

"BlockSim is an excellent software package. Will work to get updates at work."

C. H. - Boeing

"RGA is excellent."

D. K. - Allison Transmission

"ALTA is good, potent and easy to understand."


"Weibull++ is based on solid mathematical background. Very good!"

P. T. - Thales Portugal S.A.

"Xfmea is very good."

S. O. - Jacobsen

"Very flexible and powerful software…"

C. C. - Milwaukee Electric Tool

"Very Good… Xfmea is very rich."

T. B. - Quantum Corporation

"Xfmea is very powerful in managing data."

A. T. - Saudi Basic Industries Corporation

"Weibull++ is a powerful tool."

P. H. - Case New Holland

"ReliaSoft software is good stuff…It will really help bring us up to a higher level of contribution to our R&D supply chain."


"Weibull++ is a very powerful tool. I have used previous versions & 6.0 is a lot better."

G. S. - Delphi

"Xfmea is full of features; a lot better than the Excel spreadsheets it has replaced!"


"Weibull++ is an excellent tool, very comprehensive & easy to use."

V. K. - GE Rail

"Weibull++ is pretty handy & easy to use."

P. K. - GE India Technology Centre Pvt Ltd

"Weibull++ is a powerful tool."

D. H. - Honeywell International

Your reliability tools are very good in calculating every statistical parameter, very user friendly with good plot presentation."

V. K. - ISRO Satellite Centre

"I just started using Weibull++ and I'm impressed!"

L. C. - Delphi

"I really like the DRT, QCP, Plotting and Prediction features of Weibull++."

M. R. - Dongguan Nokia Mobile Phones Co Ltd

"Very useful tools to conduct reliability analysis."

J. A. - Dyson

"Your software is impressive!"


"Weibull++ is very powerful and is grounded on good scientific principles."


"Very user friendly software; easy to understand & pick up."

D. L. - Delphi

"ALTA has real utility."

G. B. - US Army

"BlockSim is very simple to use but is very powerful for analysing your system."

R. B. - Unocal Indonesia

"Weibull++ is very robust and has a great breadth of tools available to help you support your decision."


"BlockSim is user friendly and has very good graphical options to visualize and present to colleagues and management. Many functions included."

B. R. - Siemens Industrial Turbomachinery

"Xfmea will be used to drive product and process design if we take advantage of all the features."


"Myself and my group have used Weibull++ for several years and find it extremely useful."


"Weibull++ is very good. I'll get the upgrade to Version 7."

M. M. - Quantum Corporation

"BlockSim is great tool for R&M applications."

A. M. - US Air Force

"The ALTA software provides a powerful aid to create reliability models."

M. D. - Texas Instruments

"Your tools are tremendous!"


"Weibull++ is very good - has many features and methods."

L. K. - Delphi

"ALTA is very impressive. I will definitely use it for designing and analyzing accelerated tests."

S. J. - Hewlett-Packard

"Great software! Lots of useful functionality and ability to customize."


"If used effectively with the correct data & information, the tools guide us to improve our products."

A. J. - Tata Motors Ltd

"BlockSim is impressive…"

T. K. - Honeywell International

"Nice software packages with lots of capability - More than I really need."

L. S. - Teradyne Inc

"BlockSim is excellent software."


"Nice software."

T. H. - Hewlett-Packard

"Impressive software."

D. N. - ATMI

"I believe RGA will provide a valuable tool to help better understand reliability."

T. F. - General Dynamics

"ALTA is very powerful."

R. A. - Whirlpool

"Easy to use software."

N. S. - NYU College of Dentistry

"Fast and effective software!"


"Weibull++ is an extremely powerful tool for modeling data. I am impressed with the level of automation built into this software."


"Weibull++ is much more elaborate and extensive than I thought!"


"Highly capable software."

R. G. - Delphi

"Lambda Predict appears to be a very user friendly and complete software, incorporating all applicable reliability standards with a full software base for MTBF calculations."

A. S. - Canberra Industries

"BlockSim is powerful."

E. W. - Whirlpool

"Powerful software."

S. A. - Baker Hughes

"Excellent software!"

J. V. - Tyco Fire & Security

"BlockSim is very useful for my work. The software is useful for complex systems analysis."

C. C. - STMicroelectronics

"Xfmea is very powerful and makes data easy to input and observe."

D. L. - US Navy

"Weibull++ is well suited to component (CRC) life tracking for Navy launch and recovery systems. It will be extremely useful to us."


"ALTA is simply Impressive!"


"Weibull++ frees you to concentrate on interpretation of results rather than becoming bogged down with the calculations."

D. B. - Halliburton Energy Services

"Excellent software."

L. R. - Delphi

"Good software. Well adaptable between novice and advanced users."

S. S. - Manitowoc Cranes

"BlockSim is an excellent tool for RAM."

E. V. - SAIC

"For documentation of the data, the RCM++ software is helpful as it provides us with a ready-made format for systematic data storage."

D. B. - IOCL Digboi Refinery

"Xfmea is easy to use. Great productivity improvement from using Excel."


"Weibull++ is a good statistical tool which will help us plan the design based on outputs from the tool."

M. P. - GE Healthcare

"Weibull++ is user friendly and powerful."

R. P. - Delphi

"ALTA is user friendly with a good visual presentation. Ability to export graphs is great."

B. E. - US Army

"Easy to use software. I really like the ease of copying graphs into other software for reports."

K. K. - Xerox

"Weibull++ is a great program which is why we forced the issue to get it in Harley-Davidson. Very intuitive with outstanding graphics."


"The capabilities of your software and their relative ease of use has impressed me."


"Xfmea has many features. It is a useful tool for our FMEA work."

D. C. - Ingersoll Rand

"The RCM++ software provides for the right tool and methods to schedule maintenance plans to balance money and safety for an organization."


"The RGA software seems to be exactly what we have learned over the years by 'hand'."

S. L. - Department of Defense

"BlockSim is flexible with many good options."

K. B. - General Dynamics Land Systems

"The ALTA software has great tools for high-end reliability studies."

E. N. - Schlumberger

"Weibull++ is a very useful tool."

K. N. - Milwaukee Electric Tool

"Weibull++ is a powerful analysis tool…"

Y. A. - Bucyrus Inc

"ALTA is user friendly, simple, and powerful!"

W. H. - Hewlett-Packard

"Weibull++ is very good. A lot of parameters are pre-set hence manual settings are less. It is user friendly."

P. G. - Bajaj Auto Ltd

"ALTA is a great package."

N. L. - Hewlett-Packard

"Your reliability tools are very useful in designing new products."

M. D. - D-Link India Ltd

"Terrific software, makes my job easier."


"Intuitive and very easy to use software."

H. A. - WMS Gaming Inc

"The BlockSim software is very good; it gives me more opportunities to analyze different reliability cases and situations."

C. M. - AM General

"Very good software."

K. K. - Deere & Company

"RGA is powerful and practical to use."

P. A. - Tetra Pak

"The Weibull++ software will be useful to cut down on tests that ran longer than needed."


"Weibull++ is cool, very easy to use!"

T. H. - Hewlett-Packard

"I like the fact that Weibull++ is windows based… easy to navigate."

D. K. - Xerox

"Weibull is very good software, and can be expanded to include different failures with different parts, or material properties, etc."

D. S. - Delphi

"Xfmea is user friendly."

L. F. - Jacobsen

"I like Weibull++… very user friendly."


"The software will be helpful in our future evaluations."

R. A. - US Army

"Xfmea is a highly necessary tool for us."


"Xfmea is a great tool! Functionality is very good for creating PFMEAs and Control Plans from DFMEAs."


"ALTA is an extremely helpful tool."


"Weibull++ is very useful and user friendly."

J. R. - Modine Manufacturing

"Very good value for our money. A lot of good features."

S. A. - Anrad Corporation

"Weibull++ is a very powerful tool."

L. Y. - Cox Communications

"Weibull++ is very good. We need to explore your other tools."

S. S. - Brakes India Limited

"The graphics (chains of blocks etc.) in BlockSim make it pretty interactive and easy to use."

C. H. - Hewlett-Packard

"Easy to use software."

A. Z. - ITT Corporation

"Very useful software."

M. F. - AM General

"ALTA is similar to Weibull++ and compatible, fairly simple to use even for beginners. Looking forward to the upgrade which allows non-constant, multiple stress inputs."


"Xfmea is a good system for the analyses; works well within the process."

M. H. - Modular Mining

"Excellent software!"

J. L. - St. Jude Medical

"Weibull++ is user friendly. I've worked with DOS based software before; this is much better."

D. C. - Southwire

"Weibull++ is a convenient, time saving tool. Very comprehensive."

W. P. - GP Batteries

"BlockSim is straight forward to use with a lot of capabilities."

T. A. - Wyle Laboratories

"I've used BlockSim since I started my PhD so my impression can't be different than excellent!"


"ALTA is a very powerful and has lot of tools to simulate real-life situations."

H. B. - Whirlpool of India Ltd

"What I liked best about Weibull++ was the ability to transfer & calculate the input data into the plots & perform the calculation results."

C. T. - GE Power Systems

"Very useful software."

M. C. - Trane

"I like Weibull++ a lot."

T. C. - Microsoft

"ALTA is the bee's knees!"


"The Xfmea software is very powerful and easy to learn."


"Weibull++ is a very powerful tool. Good graphing capability."

A. T. - Quantum Corporation

"Your software has been shown to be very user friendly and powerful. It contains numerous features that are relevant and definitely helpful in performance of reliability analyses."

O. M. - Republic of Singapore Air Force

"Amazing system analysis software. BlockSim has a bright future ahead."


"The RGA software is very impressive with a lot of great capability."


"Extremely robust! I look forward to using the SW in my RCM analysis."

B. R. - GDIT

"Xfmea is excellent. Lots of functionality�����"

J. N. - Jacobsen

"Very flexible software. Many options…"

B. E. - Pella Corp

"BlockSim is an excellent & powerful tool."

J. O. - Stratasys

"Very good software."

J. D. - Gaymar Industries

"RGA is a very good software package!!!"

O. T. - Terex

"The BlockSim software has a lot more power than I originally thought."


"Very useful and user-friendly software."

C. L. - Delphi

"I'm impressed by how easy and approachable Weibull++ is in terms of maneuvering data applications."

S. C. - Guidant Corporation

"BlockSim is very useful and thorough. I will definitely benefit from the software."

A. C. - Celestica

"Very good and user friendly software."

B. C. - Delphi

"BlockSim looks great; we are gonna use it for determining reliability and availability of data centers."

E. G. - Getronics

"Weibull++ is very well adapted for warranty, maintenance and validation analyses."


"Xfmea offers impressive power and flexibility."


"Good software. Has a lot of hidden options, making it more useful."

R. K. - Copeland Corporation

"Weibull++ is a good analysis tool. Very helpful for looking at data from different perspectives. Very flexible. Very easy to convert the actual data in the form required for analysis."

B. G. - Bajaj Auto Ltd

"Xfmea is intuitive; guides you through the process to avoid missing something."

J. P. - Coca Cola

"Weibull++ will be very useful in our daily work activity, especially for calculating failure rates of our models for the warranty calculations and issues that we have."

V. G. - Coherent

"Weibull++ is user friendly (even if a lot of options are available). It covers several fields in reliability, such as warranty, test results, etc."

P. S. - Siemens

"Excellent software!"

S. P. - University of Virginia

"Weibull++ is a very good package and is easy to use. Glad to see Product Development continuing into Usage and Warranty data."

B. S. - Delphi

"Very technical software, yet very useful and user friendly."


"Weibull++ is very powerful for statistical analysis which needs a more rigorous approach."


"I can definitely use the Xfmea software to assist in my work which is related to improving machine reliability."

N. M. - Petronas Carigali Sdn Bhd

"Weibull++ is very comprehensive with an array of advanced features covering a variety of applications: stress/strength, degradation, warranty, etc."

M. V. - Results Systems

"BlockSim is very intuitive, and leaves options for various styles of representing systems. Versatile data configuration and analysis."


"ALTA is very mature, user friendly, and powerful."


"I really enjoy the approach used by ReliaSoft for ALTA. Very innovative."

K. C. - Hewlett-Packard

"The software simplifies the analysis."

D. D. - Delphi

"Very useful, ALTA is a very good tool for Reliability Engineering."

R. R. - Cypress Semiconductor

"Excellent software."

B. M. - Renewable Energy Resources Corp

"RGA is a powerful, user-friendly tool."

E. H. - Penderbrook Associates

"Great flexibility. ALTA takes into consideration a wide variety of applications."

M. F. - Siemens VDO

"Excellent software - Obviously very well thought out - Very complete and flexible."

S. W. - Integral Concepts Inc

"Weibull++ is easy to use and it's an excellent tool for reliability analysis."

J. C. - Ingersoll Rand

"Weibull++ is a powerful software program that has the capability to perform reliability analysis in a wide range of applications. For me, it will be useful as a tool for performing analysis on the C-130."

B. G. - Mercer Engineering

"The 2009 extended-continuous evaluation model in RGA is very universal and will be very useful for our current or future testing programs."

M. W. - US Army

"Xfmea is easy to use. Very powerful functionality."

R. Z. - Ingersoll Rand

"RGA has a useful and handy GUI for quick reliability analysis."

T. F. - Defence Science & Technology Agency

"I like the flexibility in Weibull++ to do different data analyses and exporting reports to MS Office Applications. Also, great little tools for planning a reliability test (time, #units, mission)."


"I'm impressed with your software. I constantly see features that can be implemented in our everyday work and improve our analysis and results."


"Xfmea is easy to use."

P. B. - John Deere

"Weibull++ is very powerful. It has more buttons/functionality than I could use today…but we need to grow into using them :-)"


"Weibull++ is easy to use, it covers a broad range of topics, and its graphing capability is very impressive."

J. S. - Cummins Filtration

"Weibull++ is a very useful tool & the calculation speed is incredible. Software is very user friendly. Looking forward to using your other tools like BlockSim, ALTA and Xfmea."


"The Weibull++ software is more intuitive than the Science behind it."

J. M. - Pella Corp

"Weibull++ is very flexible and thorough."

P. E. - Lumileds

"Xfmea is an easy to use tool."


"RGA is user friendly, helpful with a good user interface."

D. U. - Petronas

"Weibull++ has many capabilities - easy to use."

E. G. - General Dynamics Land Systems - Canada

"Xfmea is very user-friendly; a lot of powerful reports and filters."


"Weibull++ fits many of our needs. Lots of tools to use; many types of data sets. Simumatic looks like a great way to plan."

F. T. - Fallbrook Technologies

"RCM++ provides for an easy way of detecting & analyzing equipment & performing system failure analysis."


"l plan to use RGA on my job from now forward."

B. L. - BAE Systems

"It is really cumbersome to predict reliability manually for complex systems. Your reliability tools will definitely help us resolve these problems."

S. K. - Quest Bangalore

"ALTA is very impressive. Every question about how something could be done, the software was capable of answering."

R. C. - Ingersoll Rand

"Easy to use software…"

L. H. - Quantum Peripherals Malaysia

"RGA is very useful for repairable systems analysis. Overall impression is very positive."

M. M. - GE / Warsaw Institute of Aviation

"Very user friendly software; modifiable based on user preferences."

C. D. - TI Automotive

"I find BlockSim user friendly, complete and helpful in my job."

F. F. - Quebec Cartier Mining Company

"I like the fact that the ALTA software and the Weibull++ software work together."


"Very good software and able to be learned with reasonable amount of training."

J. C. - Modine Manufacturing

"Very good software!!"

M. F. - ENEL Distribuzione

"BlockSim is an easy straightforward tool to better understand what effect different components and sub-systems have on product level reliability."

A. F. - Whirlpool

"Xfmea is easy to use and has a good help menu."

R. H. - CFAN

"Very good software with wide capabilities; thanks!"

F. Y. - Teleflex Medical

"Weibull++ is very capable."

G. B. - Mack Trucks Inc

"Excellent software."

H. G. - Research in Motion

"Xfmea is very good. Straight forward to apply."

C. P. - Jacobsen

"I have a very favorable impression of ReliaSoft software. Well thought out and comprehensive packages; intuitive and user friendly."


"RGA is a software that really applies to our activities. In the past we did not know exactly how to analyze growth data. With this tool, we've been generating loads of useful results."


"Weibull++ is useful. I need to use it more often."

D. S. - Modine Manufacturing

"Very powerful software."

G. L. - Northrop Grumman

"Weibull++ provides for a user friendly, Windows-based tool for predictions."

M. B. - Halliburton Energy Services

"I am sure I will be making great use of Weibull++ & ALTA."

D. L. - Philips

"Impressive, flexible, robust."


"Very useful software."

G. V. - Lucas TVS

"ALTA is very useful."

S. A. - Saudi Arabian Chevron

"Weibull++ is plenty capable of what I need it to do. It is surprisingly easy."

J. S. - Sercel Inc

"The software seems to be excellent for cutting edge technology."

D. D. - Delphi Harrison

"Very easy to use."

D. B. - Biosite Inc

"Weibull++ is a complete and an easy to use statistical software package, which is not always easy to do."


"Great software, I could really use it in my current job."

J. K. - Xerox

"The Weibull++ software is very user friendly."

J. S. - Delphi

"BlockSim is an excellent tool with many outstanding capabilities."


"I feel ALTA will be very useful. Excited to utilize the SW per my application."

G. P. - Clipper Windpower

"Weibull++ has a variety of applications, Weibull analysis, test predictions, warranty predictions, etc."

P. S. - Modine Manufacturing

"Weibull++ has lots of options...it will help a lot."

J. K. - Coherent

"Very useful software with lots of functions & applications."

J. R. - Cessna Aircraft

"Well written, user friendly software."

H. Y. - DoD

"Xfmea is very powerful."


"Adopting Weibull++ for product testing is the most important thing. Auto calculation of the plot sheet is perfect and interpretation of data from the Weibull plot is very easy. Special plot types are very useful for comparison."

N. S. - Lucas TVS

"Solid and functional software. User friendly."

R. W. - Emergency One Inc

"ALTA is a very powerful tool for accelerated testing applications; the PRO version even more so, due to the more complex conditions it can handle."


"I love BlockSim. Can't wait to use it at work."


"Weibull++ has lots of functions, but is easy to use."

M. R. - Reishauer AG

"Useful software."

M. S. - Detroit Diesel

"Very good, very detailed software."

C. J. - Semtech Corp

"I am impressed with the capability of the software."

K. L. - Allison Transmission

"Weibull++ is a user friendly, powerful tool."

E. Z. - Schlumberger

"ALTA is great software."

M. H. - Lojack Corp

"ALTA works very well. Especially appreciate the ability to design tests."

A. W. - Watlow Electric

"Xfmea is a very powerful tool."

M. M. - Carrier Corp

"Easy to use software."

M. L. - Dedicated Computing

"BlockSim is flexible and fairly comprehensive."

D. M. - Guidant Corporation

"Weibull++ has great features…"

B. B. - US Air Force

"Very good software. I am impressed by its flexibility."

W. G. - Cardinal Health

"Weibull++ is very good... I already identified several applications I will use it for."

M. G. - DTE Energy

"Weibull++ is simple & easy to handle."

R. S. - Gehring

"Very powerful software."

L. B. - Lexmark

"Weibull++ is very useful in day-to-day reliability activities."

A. H. - Turbinas Solar

"Xfmea is very user friendly."

J. M. - John Deere

"Friendly software and nice to use."

F. T. - Clipper Windpower

"I am very impressed with BlockSim. Didn't realize it had so many capabilities."


"BlockSim is a very good and powerful software."

S. L. - Quantum Corporation

"I am very excited to begin using BlockSim at work. Very powerful."

M. N. - Life Fitness

"Very handy software; can't wait to use it."

S. R. - Life Fitness

"Excellent software."

T. R. - Manitowoc Cranes

"BlockSim is very good software. It has a number of good features that can be used in a variety of applications."

J. L. - Teledyne ODI

"BlockSim is really good…"

E. Z. - Schlumberger

"BlockSim is a very powerful software… easy to use."

C. P. - Thales Portugal S.A.

"Very professional software and easy to use."


"Xfmea is very user friendly. I like how you can export to MS Word and Excel files, and also import from other ReliaSoft software such as Weibull++ and BlockSim."


"Weibull++ is a nice tool. Quite easy to use. Lots of possibilities."


"For the short amount of time I've been using it, RGA is pretty user friendly."

J. C. - Xerox

"RGA is a powerful tool."

A. F. - John Deere

"Very useful software. Had all the features I needed."

J. H. - Itronix

"RGA is intuitive and easy to use software."


"The RGA software is very good."

Y. Y. - John Deere

"Very good software. Friendly to use with many possibilities."

R. M. - IBM

"Xfmea is both useful and versatile. There are many ways to view, change, import, and export data."


"The Weibull++ software is great."

K. H. - Delphi

"Xfmea has lots of functionality and flexibility."


"ALTA is very user-friendly and practical for our use. Excellent management tool when used properly. Powerful tool when you consider all the time saving."


"The Weibull++ GUI is very easy to follow."

J. E. - Diebold

"Fairly straight forward and easy to use software. I like it so far��"

W. C. - Intuitive Surgical

"ALTA PRO is very powerful."


"Weibull++ is effective. It gives the user a wide variety of options and is user friendly."

R. W. - US Navy - Naval Aviation Depot

"ALTA is Excellent!"


"So far so good, Weibull++ is excellent; better than what was expected."

A. S. - Petronas Refinery

"Overall, I am very satisfied with the RGA software."

B. C. - USG

"I was very impressed with the scope and user interface of the software."

J. G. - General Motors

"RGA is powerful and meets our needs."

C. P. - John Deere

"Weibull++ is very simple and user friendly."

N. V. - Lucas TVS

"Easy to use software; well thought out."

G. M. - Polaris Industries

"DOE++ is really impressive…"

P. J. - General Electric

"Weibull++ looks good, can't wait to use it."

K. M. - Philips

"Xfmea is very thorough - I like it."

I. L. - GMI

"ALTA is very impressive."

T. K. - Honeywell International

"BlockSim is a very useful tool."

Q. Y. - Dpix LLC

"I am impressed with the quality of output in Weibull++."

M. V. - Northrop Grumman

"As a reliability engineer I find the ReliaSoft software useful and practical."

D. J. - DRDL

"User interface and flexibility are best."

L. D. - Agilent Technologies

"The Weibull++ software appears to be an all-inclusive tool for reliability analysis."

D. M. - Delphi

"Easy to use and practical software."

L. T. - Army Evaluation Center

"Data entry is very easy to do in Xfmea. Excellent analysis and reporting capabilities."


"The BlockSim software is impressive. It is very powerful and useful."


"Very powerful software."

K. C. - Black & Decker

"I like the attention to detail and dynamic nature of Weibull++ the most. When one considers its dynamic nature and plethora of supporting applications, it is very easy to use."

I. E. - JDS Uniphase

"Professional software."

C. Y. - Ingersoll Rand

"ALTA is great! It is nice to see the connection back to life data analysis in Weibull++."

G. H. - FLIR Systems Inc

"The on-line help in your software is outstanding!"


"Very good software."

S. P. - Cessna Aircraft

"One of the things I like best about Weibull++ is that the technical details of Weibull++ aren’t covered up or intelligently set by the program. There’s a good balance of most likely default and flexibility."

J. W. - Xerox

"BlockSim is flexible…"

T. P. - Dpix LLC

"The Xfmea SW has a lot of complexity. There is a lot of power in utilizing the back end database."

K. E. - John Deere

"ALTA is quite easy to use. As a new user I was able to get significant results in a very short time. Thanks for a user friendly and powerful tool."


"ReliaSoft tools are some of the best tools."

S. T. - Eaton India

"Excellent software. Easy to use & easy to learn. Has many more functions than I would probably ever use."


"I think BlockSim is very user friendly and I think that there is a massive amount of information in this program that can be incredibly useful."

J. E. - Avaya Inc

"The Weibull++ software is very powerful and a great time saver over hand calculations and plots."

S. K. - Delphi

"Weibull++ is very useful software…"

J. Z. - Honeywell International

"I am very impressed with BlockSim."


"BlockSim will be very helpful when I use it."

J. M. - Boeing

"Weibull++ is very useful and very helpful. I foresee using it a lot."

D. E. - Musco Sports Lighting

"Useful software and simple to use."

B. M. - Case New Holland

"Weibull++ is a very powerful tool."

J. L. - The Raymond Corp

"ALTA is extremely useful. It simplifies determination of acceleration factors and allows me to apply hard core statistics without requiring me to be a statistics expert."


"Xfmea is easy to use and intuitive!"


"I really like Xfmea; very easy to use."


"Very useful and easy to use software."

P. A. - Tetra Pak

"I like ALTA. I intend to buy it and start using it!"

M. B. - Saudi Aramco

"BlockSim is complete and easy to use."


"What I liked most about BlockSim is how the software is set up to allow for 'global' changes per Project/Templates and the ease of building the diagrams with their data."

C. T. - GE Power Systems

"Your ALTA software is really helpful in relating accelerated test results with actual usage requirements and finally reducing the time for new product development."

A. S. - Endurance Systems(I) Pvt Ltd

"The Weibull++ software is great!!!!"

K. N. - Manitowoc Cranes

"BlockSim is a very useful tool especially for complex system analysis."

A. T. - Hewlett-Packard

"Xfmea is a good tool for organizing and presenting our failure data."

F. M. - Quantum Corporation

"Very useful software."

J. T. - Philips

"Very powerful and user friendly software."

P. R. - Acco Systems

"Weibull++ is very good and reliable software to apply to current projects."

L. T. - CYTYC Surgical Products

"ALTA is very comprehensive."

K. K. - ABB Drives

"Weibull++ is a really complete analysis tool. It's a very powerful tool with great potential."

C. P. - Thales Portugal S.A.

"Very complete software!"

R. K. - Xantrex Technologies

"Software is self explanatory once you know what you want to do."


"Weibull++ is very useful…"

R. V. - General Dynamics Land Systems - Canada

"Weibull++ is a very powerful statistics/reliability tool. Great for predicting failure rates."


"DOE++ is extremely useful and user friendly. Helps much in my daily work."


"RGA has been very useful to us; especially during our development phase."


"BlockSim is very useful and user friendly."

C. A. - Siemens

"Very user friendly and good reliability software which can be used for a product from birth to death."

S. D. - Turkish Airlines

"Weibull++ is very useful and easy to use."

D. W. - Sandia National Laboratory

"Impressive software."

E. O. - Battelle Energy Alliance

"User friendly software."

N. P. - GM Defense

"Excellent software."

M. B. - Case New Holland

"The RGA software is very useful and user-friendly."

W. F. - NAWC

"RGA is very well put together and fairly intuitive. Will be extremely useful."

C. M. - General Electric

"BlockSim is useful in a lot of different situations and steps of the process."

M. K. - Getronics

"Very good software… very user friendly."

C. E. - Bechtel

"BlockSim is excellent - complete and intuitive to use."

M. H. - Analogic Inc

"Very good, encompassing software that can fit various applications."


"I am impressed by the features and appearance of Weibull++."

A. T. - Hewlett-Packard

"Versatile software."

S. B. - Halliburton Energy Services

"BlockSim is very extensive and covers all areas required for successful RAM assessments."


"The user interface of Weibull++ is very good. Scope of different types of distributions are really interesting to note."

S. M. - Tata Motors Ltd

"Weibull++ is a powerful tool… I like the quick calculation pad capabilities. I also like the templates. These will prove very beneficial as a starting point."

K. B. - Pearson Packaging Systems

"Very good software. Very intuitive considering the power and capabilities."

E. H. - Quantum Corporation

"Very good software."

K. O. - ATMI

"Xfmea is easy to navigate."

J. K. - Spectra Physics

"Very helpful software from an engineering point of view."


"Weibull++ is easy to use; excellent user interface; for the short time I've used it, it has been stable with no errors. Even with the 'Expert' option selected, the software wasn't overwhelming."


"RGA 7 is excellent. Very powerful and I really like the user-interface improvements over RGA 6."


"Weibull++ is easy to use and learn."

H. L. - Konecranes Oyj

"ALTA is very easy to use and understand. Will be very useful in our in-house testing."

D. E. - Musco Sports Lighting

"Weibull++, ALTA and BlockSim are very easy to understand and work with."

R. H. - GM Defense

"RGA is excellent software."


"Weibull++ is very useful for me; all analysis approaches are covered."


"Weibull++ is a powerful tool able to carry a number of predictions/calculations."

T. E. - Agilent

"Xfmea is very comprehensive."


"Excellent tools which definitely will bring us in the right direction."


"I look forward to using BlockSim."

A. D. - Trane

"This is the kind of software I need for prediction of failure rates, and to analyze failure modes. Very useful software."

S. M. - Delphi

"Top notch interfaces, good integration, powerful software."


"Xfmea is user friendly."

M. S. - US Navy

"Weibull++ is powerful and handles practical and academic problems. Should be applicable to what I'd be doing at work."

C. H. - Hewlett-Packard

"Weibull++ is an excellent tool to carry out component level reliability analysis and warranty data analysis. The software is very easy to use and user friendly."

A. K. - Tata Motors Ltd

"BlockSim is very useful."

R. K. - Ethicon Endo-Surgery

"Xfmea v5 has some great improvements over v4."


"The first impression from BlockSim is very good."

D. B. - ABB

"Weibull++ is a very useful tool & user friendly."


"The BlockSim software package is powerful with a lot of possibilities."

A. S. - Regal Beloit

"User friendly software to handle statistical analysis."

M. N. - Mahindra & Mahindra Tractor Division

"User friendly software."

S. G. - Dell

"Weibull++ is well structured and flexible."


"RGA is very flexible -- especially useful for us in design phase."

D. F. - Remy

"Xfmea will provide great value to our FMEA execution."


"ALTA is user friendly as all ReliaSoft products are."


"Weibull++ is a very useful tool."

F. M. - Xerox

"Great software, can't wait to use it!"

E. H. - FuelCell Energy

"Weibull++ is a powerful tool."

L. M. - LRM Statistical Consulting

"Weibull++ is a great package with many useful tools."

T. W. - Delphi

"Weibull++ is extremely versatile and stable."

E. H. - FuelCell Energy

"Versatile and useful software. So many options…"


"Weibull++ is excellent, and it keeps getting better. Plotting and flexibility are great."


"Impressive software. Flexible, robust, with great graphing capabilities."


"Weibull++ is a universal tool for reliability analysis."


"Weibull++ is very useful for design testing & warranty analysis."

T. K. - Tata Motors Ltd

"If you can master this software, your life can be very easy in the business world."


"Software is user friendly and well suited for people with word & excel info."

D. M. - Delphi

"I think ALTA is great!"

L. M. - LRM Statistical Consulting

"Xfmea is very robust and versatile. I found every aspect of the software useful."


"Weibull++ is very useful and user friendly."

D. F. - ULT

"Weibull++ is a useful software tool; highly automated my process of life data analysis."

W. H. - Hewlett-Packard

"Weibull++ is a very good and powerful tool. Fairly easy to use."

M. L. - Xerox

"Very good software. Can't wait to use Weibull++ in my applications."

T. K. - Honeywell International

"BlockSim's optimization feature is very good indeed!"


"Excellent software."

S. T. - Delphi

"Excellent software."

T. T. - VAA

"All 3 software were very impressive. Weibull will satisfy my current needs; eventually ALTA and BlockSim will be needed as reliability experience grows in our company."

C. B. - Siemens

"Can't wait to use Weibull++."

A. S. - US Navy

"The Weibull++ software is a very powerful and versatile software for data analysis."


"Weibull++ is a nice package."

S. K. - Philips Medical Systems

"Easy to use, very powerful software."

K. W. - Delphi

"Xfmea is excellent."


"DOE++ is easy to use and extremely practical."


"Xfmea is well thought out."

B. Y. - US Navy

"ALTA is a powerful tool for analysis and test planning."


"Weibull++ is a great tool."

M. H. - Delphi

"RENO is very good."

A. N. - ArcelorMittal Mines Canada

"Weibull++ is very powerful with lots of useful features. It will take quite some time for me to fully appreciate all it can do. In the mean time, I can see numerous applications for it in my daily work."

S. J. - Hewlett-Packard

"Weibull++ is user friendly with many analysis options."

C. L. - Quebec Cartier Mining Company

"This software will help me in becoming a more productive engineer."


"RGA is very intuitive and easy to use."

S. A. - Allison Transmission

"Very useful software - lots of tools/apps."

A. K. - General Dynamics Land Systems

"Weibull++ is a useful software for life data analysis. It's easy to use and powerful. Highly recommend it."

L. Y. - Design Technology Institute - National University of Singapore

"I like Xfmea. It makes the facilitation easy and makes it easy to organize the team."

B. H. - Jacobsen

"Weibull++ is very intuitive for reliability analysis. Excellent tool for engineers."

F. Z. - Robert Bosch LLC

"I've been using BlockSim for almost a year now and I think it's very effective and useful for the applications I used it for."

M. P. - AM General

"I am using ReliaSoft's Weibull, Xfmea & RGA and I am finding them very useful."

D. J. - DRDL

"Weibull++ has a clear, unambiguous interface. Good handling of problems."

A. F. - Delphi

"Very useful software."

A. G. - Whirlpool

"Xfmea 5 is very good software."

J. B. - Deere & Company

"The Xfmea software is easy to learn and easy to use…"

S. S. - Ingersoll Rand

"BlockSim is of tremendous help when dealing with analysis of large systems."


"Easy to use and to get results."

O. M. - Delphi

"Extremely powerful tools."


"Weibull++ is a very powerful and useful software."

S. L. - Quantum Corporation

"The RGA 7 software has a wide range of functionality and is user friendly. The tool allows for almost every type of growth data and system."


"Very comprehensive software."

T. P. - Dpix LLC

"Software with user friendly features provided to accomplish various steps of an analysis quickly."


"Xfmea has lots of functionality and flexibility."


"Nice Software."

J. C. - ArcelorMittal Mines Canada

"RGA helps to expedite the analytical process of reliability growth."

M. D. - Petronas Carigali Sdn Bhd

"Very good software. Will use it in our daily jobs."

D. B. - Ingersoll Rand

"The ALTA software has nice capabilities. I liked how you can export data to Weibull++."

M. H. - US Navy

"Weibull++ is very useful overall. The new interface (in version 7) is nice."

M. E. - Dell

"Weibull++ is a very powerful tool."

L. H. - Baker Hughes

"Very friendly GUI."

Q. N. - Baker Hughes

"Very impressive software."

R. P. - Delphi

"Weibull++ is capable, easy to use, and powerful. Good for 'what ifs'. I like the interface being a little like 'Excel'. Excellent graphs!"


"Weibull++ is a powerful tool & version 7 is more user friendly."

K. G. - Dell

"RGA is powerful, flexible, and clean."

B. D. - D3 Technologies Inc

"Tons of functionality…"

M. M. - Xerox

"Extremely robust software."


"Very versatile software."

C. L. - Delphi

"Excellent software with lots of applications."

M. K. - Philips Lumileds

"RGA is a very impressive and comprehensive package. Lots of nice features."


"Very good software."

M. E. - Trane

"BlockSim is a useful tool for flow related reliability issues. Visual aesthetic of layout of tool is very user friendly. Easy to use."


"Weibull++ is fast and elegant."


"Weibull++ is more than technology, it is everything for life data analysis."

W. Y. - Korea Reliability Technology Service

"My overall impression of Weibull++ is excellent."

B. K. - Seagate Technology

"Powerful software which can be configured and used as per the organizational requirements."

R. F. - Konecranes Oyj

"Weibull++ is very useful."

M. S. - Modine Manufacturing

"I find the system drill down capability in BlockSim to be very useful in analyzing system, sub-system/sub-assembly, and component levels for reliability improvement and prioritization."

T. H. - Coherent

"Weibull++ is extremely useful…"

P. N. - West Central Railway

"Weibull++ has a nice interface & is very manageable. Tons of options."


"Very good. Looks like it can handle a wide range of reliability problems and analysis."

J. S. - Xerox

"ALTA is a very good tool for designing all reliability tests and for treating all accelerated data."


"Very helpful software. Westar will be able to use it well."

V. A. - Westar Energy

"ALTA is a great tool to use for test prep as well as analysis. Makes explanation as well as justification easier."

A. S. - Regal Beloit

"Easy to use software."

T. E. - Manitowoc Cranes

"DOE++ is user friendly."

A. C. - General Electric

"The software is very good; complete and after a little while easy to use. I mostly self-taught myself the software with no problem."

M. H. - Analogic Inc

"Very good software!"

T. P. - ENEA

"User friendly software."

W. H. - Southwire

"BlockSim is a very powerful tool."

S. C. - US Air Force

"GUI makes the software easy to use. Report templates are a good feature. Flexibility for users with a variety of experience levels."

R. P. - Fuelcell Energy

"Very impressive, very flexible, excellent tools."


"Extremely useful software. I especially like the power of the general spreadsheet and the internal linking ability."

J. A. - Parker Hannifin

"Weibull++ is extremely user friendly & has more functions than Minitab."


"Your reliability tools can be very effective in evaluating and calculating the actual reliability of the system for its improvement."

V. S. - Tughlakabad Electric Loco Shed

"Good software. I like Weibull++. Thanks."

G. V. - Delphi

"I like what I see in Weibull++. It seems powerful. I am looking forward to using it more."

C. D. - TI Automotive

"Weibull++ is a good tool for the job."

T. M. - Konecranes Oyj

"Very robust implementation and good breadth of tools available to help you support your decision."


"Xfmea is a mature software with well developed features. The software does what it is intended to do."


"Excellent software."

A. F. - Whirlpool

"Very good software with a lot of features, very helpful."

H. B. - Deere & Company

"RGA is easy to use and very powerful."


"Your reliability tools cover a wide range of applications and hence are beneficial for our use."

V. R. - ISRO Satellite Centre

"Comprehensive software with nicely consistent user interface screens throughout."


"Weibull++ is much more comprehensive and user friendly than others."


"Your reliability tools are very useful. They do reliability analyses having lot of statistics behind them, really saving our time."

R. S. - Honeywell Technology Solutions

"Weibull++ is a very powerful and helpful tool. Very useful."


"Weibull++ is very helpful for data analysis."

J. M. - Boeing

"BlockSim is compact but powerful when it comes to the analysis of system reliability. It's quite user friendly. BlockSim incorporates well with other ReliaSoft software packages, such as Weibull++, ALTA, etc."

V. D. - EMC Corporation

"RCM++ is an excellent tool for completing RCM studies!"


"Excellent software - lots of choices."


"Xfmea is easy to use. Very useful for my workplace to adopt this software."

F. K. - Republic of Singapore Air Force

"The RGA software is a great tool!"


"Xfmea is a useful tool for failure analysis."

X. H. - Spectra Physics

"Flexible, powerful software."


"Xfmea is easy to use and very thorough."


"Very nice and useful software."

K. E. - Philips

"Powerful software."

A. D. - John Deere

"Very powerful software, very useful."

A. N. - ST Electronics (Satcom & Sensor Systems) Pte Ltd

"ALTA PRO seems very useful and versatile, and seems to have good integration with other ReliaSoft products."

T. P. - Dpix LLC

"There is a lot more to Weibull++ than I thought. I was pleasantly surprised."


"Quick Analysis (time saving). Reliability measures like MTBF and failure rate are available quickly."

C. G. - Tata Motors Ltd

"RGA is pretty easy to manipulate and understand."

D. A. - Windsor Continental

"DOE++ is easy to handle and useful."

C. K. - General Electric

"Xfmea is excellent software which can centralize information in one database. Easy to develop DFMEAs."

F. X. - Ingersoll Rand

"ALTA is very nice. Adds methods to consciously correlate acceleration factors and life data."

S. E. - Honeywell International

"BlockSim is very good to use without having to worry about the math."


"ALTA is a powerful tool."

C. D. - Pearson Packaging Systems

"BlockSim looks like an excellent tool that is capable of getting as detailed as you like for system analysis. I can't wait to get home to try to analyze some of our products."

J. S. - Xerox

"ALTA is powerful."

S. M. - General Electric

"Weibull++ is user friendly and easy to use."

S. N. - General Electric

"I really like the Weibull++ tie-ins to Excel."


"BlockSim is great. I feel I will be able to use this tool in several ways."


"Weibull++ is very useful in life data analysis. These tools are more accurate as they are based on scientific behavior of existing products (i.e. data)."

A. S. - Mahindra & Mahindra Tractor Division

"Very good software."

P. M. - San Diego, CA

"I think Xfmea is well thought out and easy to use."

L. L. - Jacobsen

"ALTA PRO is very useful. We're already using it for our ALT."

R. L. - Delta Controls Inc

"Weibull++ is a comprehensive tool for many aspects of reliability analysis and prediction."


"I like Weibull++'s versatility and compatibility with Windows tools the most."

K. C. - Los Alamos National Labs

"Great tools that are going to help me do better work."


"Weibull++ has lots of neat features that are beneficial for our use."

F. J. - Baker Hughes

"As usual with ReliaSoft software, RGA provides a lot of features."

W. S. - John Deere

"Excellent Tools! Time savers."

R. P. - Sona Koya Steering Systems Ltd

"Top notch software."


"BlockSim is very powerful and useful."

T. B. - General Dynamics Land Systems

"The RGA software is robust and offers quite a bit of flexibility."

R. H. - General Dynamics Land Systems

"Powerful software."

H. E. - Detroit Diesel

"Quite good software."

J. K. - Regal Beloit

"Flexible, useful and user friendly software. Not difficult to learn how to operate/use."


"Weibull++ is very rich in features, allowing for a large degree of user customization."

V. D. - EMC Corporation

"Weibull++ is user friendly and easy to use."

K. B. - Delphi

"RGA is excellent; very easy to use."


"BlockSim is very cool. I like the flexibility…"

C. K. - Tennant Company

"Very impressed with BlockSim's functionality."

R. S. - Vestas

"Very powerful software, great depth."


"User interface is excellent. Versatile functions. Nice GUI."

K. N. - Modine Manufacturing

"Outstanding software!"

S. L. - Arrow International

"BlockSim is a very versatile tool."


"Weibull++ is well developed; easy to use and understand."

C. K. - Tennant Company

"Weibull++ is a very powerful and easy to use software. The result interpretation is also made easy."

H. B. - Whirlpool of India Ltd

"BlockSim offers a powerful simulation with great flexibility."


"I have a very positive impression for Weibull++. Cleary can do things with it that are not easy or even possible in Minitab."


"ALTA is very useful! Can't wait to start using the software package!"

S. P. - Whirlpool

"Impressive and practical software."

A. D. - Southwire

"BlockSim is impressive & extremely useful."


"Xfmea is very versatile and well-organized. Ability to configure interface options is much appreciated."


"ALTA is a powerful tool."

D. H. - Honeywell International

"BlockSim is a useful tool."

S. A. - Saudi Arabian Chevron

"RGA 7 has several new features that will be helpful to us."


"The Weibull++ software is user friendly and feature rich. I feel it is intuitive and logical. I can't even think of any suggestions for improvement!"


"BlockSim is a very powerful tool. It has given us a completely new view on how to analyze our reliability data."


"Weibull++ is very good, quick, well laid-out and well capable of what is required in reliability engineering."

P. W. - GE Jenbacher GmbH

"Weibull++ is a very good program. Easy to navigate."


"Your software will replace most of what I now unsuccessfully try to do in Excel."


"RGA looks very capable. I currently use Weibull++ and appreciate the similarities."

K. L. - Allison Transmission

"Easy to use, powerful software."


"BlockSim is very powerful, allowing for modeling very complex systems."


"Weibull++ is a very capable product and straight forward to use."

A. W. - Watlow Electric

"BlockSim is very detailed and easy to use."

D. E. - AM General

"Xfmea is smart; it will be useful for my work."

R. J. - Ingersoll Rand

"Easy to use software; nice interfaces."


"BlockSim covers all my needs and more."


"What I like most about Weibull++ is the ability to use the software for dealing with various testing and field issues."

B. G. - Modine Manufacturing

"The ALTA software is very good."

M. U. - Robert Bosch GmbH

"Powerful software."

C. S. - Cessna Aircraft

"ALTA is very powerful. It simplifies some otherwise difficult calculations. Very useful for us."


"Good software and easy to use."

J. L. - Ingersoll Rand

"Xfmea is easy to use and provides enough information for all analysis levels."

L. K. - Spectra Physics

"BlockSim has more capabilities than I expected."

V. O. - Baker Hughes

"Xfmea is very user friendly and detailed."

S. S. - John Deere

"RCM++ is powerful software."

A. J. - DRS

"I particularly liked how flexible Xfmea was in allowing us to copy and paste data from our legacy tools."


"I am very impressed with Weibull++, so user-friendly!!"

T. P. - Ispat Industries Ltd

"ALTA has excellent usability."


"Xfmea is intuitive, easy to use, and a good management tool."

E. M. - AMI Semiconductor Philippines Inc

"Weibull++ is an excellent reliability tool! Very configurable for the end user, the data wizard is helpful!"

B. R. - SMC

"Weibull++ is a powerful tool that I will start using at my plant."

M. B. - Saudi Aramco

"Weibull++ is a complete and easy-to-use statistical software package."


"Weibull++ is easy to work with and has many applications."

E. Z. - NSWC

"Xfmea is easy to use and supports different types of FMEAs."

H. A. - Petrochemical Industries Company (K.S.C)

"The Weibull++ software is very user friendly…"

R. M. - Halliburton Energy Services

"Weibull++ is a powerful tool, easy to use interface."

B. X. - Delphi

"ALTA PRO is incredibly powerful. I am very enthusiastic to get home and start using it in my research and teaching."


"Very good software. I have recommended to my management to purchase more licenses."


"Weibull++ is extremely comprehensive. Relatively easy to use considering the complexity of the tasks you are doing. Timesaving."

S. T. - Royal New Zealand Air Force

"Very user friendly, intuitive, quick, and easy to use software."

F. G. - Honeywell Garrett

"BlockSim is very useful."

J. F. - Oak Ridge National Lab

"I like the ease with which data can be entered into the software and analyzed."

M. R. - Modine Manufacturing

"BlockSim has features which I would not have expected, but which are very helpful."

G. B. - Mack Trucks Inc

"I just love the Distribution Wizard in Weibull++!"


"Convenient, easy to use software; can do several interesting things for reliability."

C. C. - BRP

"RGA is quite user friendly software with a whole range of applications."

M. B. - GE / Warsaw Institute of Aviation

"Weibull++ is easy to use and can interface with other programs, e.g. Excel."

A. T. - Cochlear

"Powerful tools."

S. T. - Delphi

"My overall impression of Xfmea is very favorable. Seems a natural for integrating with Diagnostic Authoring."


"RGA is flexible and applicable to my job; also it is easy to learn and apply."


"Weibull++ is a user friendly, powerful reliability analysis tool."


"Comprehensive. Xfmea has something for everyone -- QE's, PV&V, DTAs, etc."

B. K. - John Deere

"Very good software."

T. S. - Chevron

"Weibull++ is very easy to use, yet flexible enough to interface with MS Office and perform advanced analysis. I especially like the templates, which allow one to incorporate financial aspects into the analysis."

D. M. - Mitsubishi Caterpillar Forklift America

"RCM++ is a useful software for RCM implementation."

Z. A. - Dubai Electricity & Water Authority

"Easy to use software, a lot of capability."

R. M. - Raytheon

"BlockSim is excellent - just like other packages from ReliaSoft."


"Versatile, powerful & relatively easy to use software."

B. B. - Intuitive Surgical

"Weibull++ is good software, relevant & useful for my work."

C. D. - Hewlett-Packard

"ALTA is very easy to use."


"Till now I've only had exposure on Relex but now I am very, very impressed with your tools because of their ability to work on multiple tasks."

G. C. - Honeywell Technology Solutions

"BlockSim is a very useful way to build upon Weibull++ and ALTA. It's very evident that a great amount of time and thought was put into V6."

J. L. - Arrow International

"Your software seems cutting edge and capable of analyzing numerous apps."


"Very good software and easy to use."

D. Z. - Ingersoll Rand

"Weibull++ is very good."

J. P. - US Army

"RGA is a very useful tool especially for Reliability growth management and other aspects of Reliability."

L. G. - Northrop Grumman

"Weibull++ is simple and user friendly, especially for a beginner. Very versatile."

G. E. - ST Assembly Test Services Ltd

"Very comprehensive software."

I. C. - Southampton Photonics

"User-friendly software on familiar interface."

L. H. - Philips Electronics

"BlockSim is very impressive. It'll be extremely useful for our organization."


"RGA is user friendly. Very similar interface to other ReliaSoft products (Weibull++)."

E. I. - General Dynamics Land Systems - Canada

"RGA is easy to follow and user-friendly. Charts are very useful for interpreting data in different ways."

E. A. - John Deere

"BlockSim is very good for a more visual representation of what a system can achieve in terms of reliability."

G. C. - Invensys Controls

"Weibull++ is so much more powerful than I initially thought when I got it. Thanks!"


"RCM++ is useful software."

A. S. - Chevron

"My company already has the old version of Weibull++. We need to update to new version for the new features."

M. Y. - Vestel Elektronik

"User friendly software that has a lot of capability. Very useful tools."


"I found your software to be very intuitive. I feel comfortable with the interface and there seems to be a lot of power and flexibility in the system."

S. F. - Bechtel

"Weibull++ is very powerful software."


"BlockSim is very good…"

D. M. - Mitsubishi Caterpillar Forklift America

"Weibull++ is very helpful."

J. G. - Delphi

"Your reliability tools are very effective…"

A. S. - Sona Koya Steering Systems Ltd

"Easy to use, great software…"

J. D. - GE Medical

"User friendly and intuitive software."

M. B. - DTE Energy

"Good - easy to use software. Fairly intuitive."

A. M. - Polaris Industries

"Easy to use and powerful tools."


"BlockSim is user friendly and simple to use."

S. L. - Dpix LLC

"I liked BlockSim's ability to mix and match various distributions and failure modes for system results."


"User friendly, graphical and intuitive software."

M. H. - US Navy

"The RCM++ software has been very beneficial to our organization."


"Very powerful software."


"Excellent software."

S. J. - Mercer Engineering

"ALTA is very useful for projects I am working on."

H. G. - General Motors

"BlockSim is very impressive. Can't wait till I get my copy."


"RGA is very useful…"


"I was very impressed by ALTA, especially Accelerated lifetime modeling."

K. R. - Cypress Semiconductor

"Very powerful software. Rather easy to use."

C. G. - Case New Holland

"Weibull++ is a very powerful tool. More features than most will expect."


"Lots of possibilities (features) in a well organized interface."

J. D. - Case New Holland

"RGA will be very useful…"

K. B. - NAWCAD Patuxent River

"Weibull++ is great tool for Weibull analysis. Good template driven software with QCP, plot, multi-plot and RS Draw."

R. S. - Goodrich

"Xfmea is a useful tool. We will make good use of it on our future projects."

G. M. - Jacobsen

"Weibull++ is very useful for reliability analysis."

S. K. - Tughlakabad Electric Loco Shed

"Weibull++ is a perfect tool for analysis and interpretation of reliability data."


"I have used Weibull++ for some time and I am pleased with the software."

D. B. - Philip Morris USA

"Weibull++ is user friendly."

R. G. - Royal Enfield

"Excellent software!"


"BlockSim is very versatile and it integrates with Weibull++ very well."


"I like RGA doing the calculations that I normally would have used a spreadsheet to accomplish."

M. H. - General Dynamics

"Powerful tools that help predict/project the plant reliability."

A. S. - PTTEP Siam Limited

"Weibull++ is very impressive."


"Easy to use software…"

V. K. - Delphi

"Great software."

F. T. - Clipper Windpower

"Easy to use and great way to solve system analysis problems."

J. I. - US Navy

"Xfmea does a lot more than I expected."

R. E. - Coto Technology

"I like that you get useful results very quickly with Weibull++. I also like that it is compatible to Microsoft products (Excel)."

Z. E. - Megamos

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