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Multiple license types, price discounts and other options are available. Please contact ReliaSoft to obtain a quote that fits your specific needs.

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Depending on the product, we offer single-user, floating or token-based licenses

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Save money and access a wider selection of software tools

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Learn both the underlying principles and the software tools

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An annual contract entitles you to free tech support, minor updates and major upgrades

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Product Selection
  • Weibull++
  • ALTA
  • RGA
  • BlockSim
  • RENO
  • Lambda Predict
    MIL-217 Bellcore/Telcordia
    FIDES NSWC Mechanical
    Siemens SN 29500
  • Xfmea
  • RCM++
  • RBI
  • MPC
  • MPC Plus
  • Synthesis Enterprise Portal
  • Please use a separate form for
    XFRACAS or Orion eAPI.

  • Synthesis Master Suite

    Synthesis Master Suite

    Weibull++, ALTA PRO, RGA, BlockSim with Markov, RENO, Lambda Predict - Bundle Edition (includes MIL-217, Bellcore/Telcordia, NSWC and FIDES prediction modules), Xfmea and RCM++.

  • DFR Essentials Suite

    DFR Essentials Suite

    Weibull++, ALTA, BlockSim and Xfmea.

  • DFR Premium Suite

    DFR Premium Suite

    Weibull++, ALTA, BlockSim, Xfmea and RGA.

  • RAM Essentials Suite

    RAM Essentials Suite

    Weibull++, BlockSim, and RCM++.

  • RAM Premium Suite

    RAM Premium Suite

    Weibull++, BlockSim, RCM++, RENO and RGA.

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