Integrated RAM Analysis Modules

Reliability and Maintainability Analysis (LDA)

Orion eAPI's integrated Life Data Analysis module allows you to analyze historical data, such as work orders and production loss logs. The automatically generated reports include all information about the analysis, plot and results. They also give an interpretation of the reliability and maintainability curves.

Orion eAPI provides integrated features to create a data set that is suitable for life data analysis and automatically generate useful results

Reliability Growth Analysis (RGA)

The integrated Reliability Growth Tracking module uses the Crow-AMSAA reliability growth model to determine if the reliability of the equipment/system is getting better with time or is deteriorating.

Orion eAPI provides integrated functionality for reliability growth analysis 

Spare Parts Forecasting

The integrated Spare Parts Forecasting module combines the Weibull and exponential distributions with a Poisson process to determine the optimum quantity of spare parts for different scenarios. Relevant variables may include resupply time, item cost, lost profits, etc.

Spare Parts Forecasting

Root Cause Analysis (RCA)

Root Cause Analysis is a methodology to analyze failure events logically, identify all the causes and define corrective actions to prevent recurrence. RCA goes beyond the physical and human causes, and extends the understanding to the primary root causes. Orion's integrated RCA module allows you to build RCA trees in order to clearly identify cause-effect dependencies.

Root Cause Analysis

Reliability Centered Maintenance (RCM) and FMEA Analysis

Orion also allows users to access RCM and FMEA/FMECA analyses performed in ReliaSoft's RCM++ and Xfmea software. Analyses can be attached to the relevant asset record (TAG) and can then be viewed directly within the web-based Orion interface.

Reliability Centered Maintenance (RCM) and FMEA 

Advanced Statistical Analysis Software Tools

Orion also provides convenient access to ReliaSoft's suite of standard software tools (including Weibull++, ALTA, RGA, BlockSim, RENO, Lambda Predict, RCM++ and Xfmea), which facilitate a wide array of related analyses, such as:

In order to provide meaningful analyses at this advanced level, Orion integrates with dedicated, full-featured, precision software tools designed specifically for each analysis type. Although ReliaSoft is continuously evaluating advances in web technology and adding more modules to our web portfolio when appropriate, as of today, many of the capabilities currently offered in desktop or client-server applications cannot be replicated seamlessly in a web environment. Thus, we have chosen a hybrid approach for Orion that takes advantage of the best of both worlds.

The software tools can be initiated directly from Orion and the analyses can be stored and accessed in the Orion database. Depending on assigned privileges, a user can upload an analysis, view/edit an existing analysis or export an analysis in order to work with it on a local machine. These tools can also be used independently of the Orion system for other types of statistical/reliability analyses.

The following graphic illustrates the synergies between the different tools.

The integration between the Orion eAPI system and ReliaSoft's software tools Footer

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