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20 Years Anniversary

ReliaSoft's expert instructors have provided reliability education to thousands of engineers in industry and government worldwide, and we have consistently received praise for the outstanding quality and value of the training delivered. Here is a sampling of feedback received from actual seminar participants. To safeguard privacy, participant initials have been used instead of full names. [Click here to view a larger selection...]

"Excellent. Instructor with great experience and diverse knowledge in reliability. Good jump start into reliability."

T. C. - Hewlett-Packard

"Since we have purchased Weibull++ & ALTA we have been looking for some answers and got most of them. I found the seminar very useful in clarifying things. Time well spent."

S. D. - Xantrex Technology Inc

"RS575 gave a high level introduction to reliability engineering and how it fits into each of the different stages of the product life cycle. It gave very useful examples of where and how it can make a difference to the bottom line, and many examples of common pitfalls."

P. D. - Rolls-Royce

"Very worthwhile seminar. I'd recommend this class."

D. B. - Delphi

"Knowledgeable staff. Well organized. Cares about students' results. Very professional. Excellent reference materials. Clearly leading edge technology."

R. D. - Lawrence Livermore National Lab

"One of the best seminars I've ever attended in my 35-year career."

T. E. - Manitowoc Cranes

"Practical application made the course significantly more valuable. With this data/presentation, we can now immediately implement new/improved procedures upon return to the office."


""...I should let you know how good I thought your courses were. We've sent our new employees to your class last year, and I've insisted our suppliers take your classes as well... I like the comprehensive coverage of the material, and the instructors' level of knowledge (i.e. there weren’t any questions answered with, 'I’ll have to ask the programmers')."

B.H. - Agilent Technologies

"The seminar thus far has presented a wealth of knowledge in an easy to digest format. The information, theory and practical application with the provided software was exceptional and very well accepted. Many long questions have been answered and misconceptions dispelled."

H. A. - Vision Systems Fire and Security

"Appropriate and practical information delivered in a 'down to earth' manner."

J. S. - John Deere

"Instruction was very clear and to the point. Not too complex and not too easy. Good presentation skills to keep it lively. The techniques learned will be very useful and will reduce our test costs."


"This program has provided me with an excellent insight into what I consider are some very useful and powerful analytical and predictive tools. Although I am comfortable with the mathematics of reliability assessment, the (apparent) ease with which the ReliaSoft suite provides the necessary information has been most enlightening. I definitely achieved what I wanted to know..."

W. G. - KBR Asia Pacific Pty Ltd

"Knowledgeable and engaged instructor with good teaching skills and excellent patience. This was an excellent experience. I learned a lot that will be of immediate use in my job. In fact, I've already been doing so at night this week!"

M. O. - Northrop Grumman

"RS470 [now D470] is well presented and outlined. I am glad and very appreciative of the patience given in answering questions from those of us new to reliability engineering."

A. O. - General Dynamics

"The seminar was Fantastic! I already found multiple applications for my own work."


"The FMEA seminar got my pumped up about the importance of doing FMEAs! It gave me the tools I need to understand, run, participate in and facilitate FMEAs. Our group is a mixture of those who have done many FMEAs and those who have not. The class knowledge and enthusiasm, along with the classroom education and materials should take us to a much higher and successful level of FMEAs in the future."

F. B. - Red Dot Corp

"Excellent course!! Learned a lot. Lots of hands on applications."

J. G. - Lockheed Martin

"RS540 [now M440] was well organized. Provided knowledgeable information at a high level. I am very satisfied with participating in this seminar."

M. Z. - Air Force Institute of Technology

"RS490 [now D490] was an excellent seminar. Very well done, even for the novice in this field. The lecturers were very accomplished in their knowledge of the product. They were excellent in answering all questions presented."

A.S. - Canberra Industries

"RS480 [now M480A] was a great course; it really began to show off the full functionality of the software."

J. H. - MRG Inc

"I found the course to be excellent. As a newcomer to the reliability field, I found the mix of theory and practical application to be perfect. Pantelis is a very good instructor. His exceptional knowledge of the subject matter made it easy to learn. Overall I was impressed with the entire week."

R. H. - GM Defense

"The depth & breadth of the material presented informed me, yet did not overwhelm me. I am looking forward to using ReliaSoft products."

R. P. - Design Analysis International

"Manuals were excellent. Computer based tools for training were also excellent."

S. B. - Halliburton Energy Services

"Thorough, well targeted, good explanations and useful examples."

P. W. - GE Jenbacher GmbH

"Excellent presentation. Expert presenters."

E. C - Bosch Automation Technology

"Excellent introduction to reliability engineering and how software tools can make the impossibly complex manageable and relevant."

D. F. - Invetech Pty Ltd

"The training in AZ helped my understanding significantly. The teacher was great. She was able to make a rather dry topic almost fun yet not water down the content. Although you do not need to know the math behind the tools it is beneficial to understand at a high level... I look forward to getting the software installed, running and starting to use in real world applications for my business."

R. L. - Honeywell International

"RS575 is a very good introduction and overview of Reliability Engineering given by a very capable and knowledgeable presenter."

R. W. - Siemens Industrial Turbomachinery

"The ReliaSoft Seminars are a MUST for every reliability professional. Excellent training!"

N. P. - Honeywell International

"This seminar gives very valuable information (including practical tips and tricks). I would definitely recommend this seminar even to those like myself, who have used Weibull++ for quite a while."

H. A. - WMS Gaming

"What I liked best about the seminar was that the class consisted of Reliability Engineers from various industries, giving numerous real-world examples and situations."

J. E. - Diebold

"Hands on and follow along helped. Also, the group sessions gave lots of time to drill presenters on exercises. I like format as is. I really got more out of the class than I thought I would."


"I was quite surprised by the in-depth content and theory behind DFMEAs. I have left the class feeling less intimidated by the task and looking forward to doing my next FMEA."

D. S. - Jacobsen

"I thoroughly enjoyed coming to MSMT [now G400] and would recommend anyone new to the reliability profession to take these courses."

K. C. - Black & Decker

"Very well done. Informative. Exactly what we needed."

F. D. - General Dynamics Land Systems

"The DFR seminar is an excellent overview of the tools and methods available for the reliability practitioner."

J. M. - Sandia National Laboratory

"RS522 [now G522A] was an excellent seminar! Well taught with great practical, hands on work with the case studies."

J. M. - Hewlett-Packard

"The seminar fully met our expectations. Materials provided were very good with excellent real life examples. Trainer was very well prepared and answered all questions we had. In one sentence: GREAT JOB RELIASOFT!!"


"Very valuable information, critical for all Reliability Engineers. Well done by instructor. Very knowledgeable & helpful, very beneficial and will send all our Reliability Engineers in for training (perhaps 3-4 per year). Another great job. It was a great week. I enjoyed all the instructors and support personnel. All the instructional materials were top notch. The instructional scopes of sw were exceptional. I will be back for more in-depth work plus pursue RGA & FMEA. Plus start training several engineers in these tools. Thanks - great job all!"

B. K. - US Army Armament RDSE Center

"RS511 [now G511] is outstanding!"

M. W. - BAH

"The Life Data Analysis course is a must for anyone who thinks they know what to do with failure data."


"SUPERB! The lecturer has excellent grasp of both the subject and the tool and was able to adapt to the requirements and queries of the participants despite the broad difference in their background. He was also interesting, keeping the participants awake and alive."

A. S. - Petronas Refinery

"The seminar was badly needed at Delphi! Good mix of theory (not too much) and results-oriented analysis."

P. T. - Delphi

"It's been a very informative session. The presentation was very interesting and to-the-point. I certainly feel that I made the right decision to come here and learn this wonderful software."

N. D. - General Motors

"Excellent seminar!"

N. A. - On Semiconductor

"Professional presenters & staff! Staff who actually care about their customers! Thank you!"

B. L. - Schweitzer Engineering Labs

"RS540 [now M440] was a useful course that builds on previous knowledge. It has cleared up many issues for us regarding repairable system analysis. Thanks yet again!"

G. B. - AMPU New Zealand

"The seminar was very helpful. Degradation analysis is an excellent tool. I wish I'd known about it 10 years ago."


"The RS540 [now M440] program is fitting very well with our requirements. The seminar is conducted very well. All engineers, especially maintenance engineers, must attend this."

M. K. - Ispat Industries Ltd

"RS470 [now D470] was very informative and will be very useful! Excellent course; one of the easiest to follow and most informative courses I have been in."

S. S. - John Deere

"I took your 5-day seminar earlier this year and it was probably the most efficient educational experience I have ever had in reliability."

D. B. - Wyle Laboratories

"Excellent training session. Will be extremely helpful when I get back to work."

C. H. - Boeing

"Excellent, cleared up some questions I have had regarding reliability at the system level. Now I don't just suspect my company is flawed in their approach, I know our metrics make very little sense."


"This was one of the most informative seminars I have ever attended. The instructor had a good pace, excellent knowledge of the subject matter and clearly explained the work."

J. L. - The Raymond Corp

"Great seminar. Very useful concepts applicable immediately."

M. H. - US Navy

"The seminar really exceeded my expectations; it's excellent. The instructor is really good, she knows the stuff, she is patient; also having the support personnel in the room is good to keep things flowing."

E. Z. - Schlumberger

"The seminar handouts are a goldmine of information!"

T. O. - US Air Force

"Very good seminar. This is a very intense dry material, but it was delivered in a brilliant form. Did not get bored or sleepy. Good method."

J. F. - Oak Ridge National Lab

"This class is the best intro course I've taken at GMU. It presupposes certain knowledge and dives right in. However, as a "broad stroke" picture of the concepts it is very good."

A. R. - General Motors

"Excellent seminar! I now feel more empowered having leaned what's going on in the background as I click my mouse."

C. P. - Dell

"This is really a mind blowing seminar. It will really add value to our work."

S. A. - Whirlpool of India Ltd

"I am very pleased. There was solid, useful theory presented along with hands on examples to reinforce the concepts."

M. N. - Life Fitness

"Very good seminar. Efficient use of time and no dull moments on a dry subject. Instructor knew the subject well."

M. W. - Microsoft

"RS522 [now G522A] is an Excellent seminar."

M. B. - DTE Energy

""I was about to congratulate all of you on a truly first-class seminar last week, but then I found your Testimonials page online and found that there are about a hundred other folks who got there before me! Thanks again for a thoroughly educational and enjoyable week."

C. P. - Raytheon

"Hands-on work with the software is great. Great class, great instructor. I learned a tremendous amount outside of class too because of the knowledge and willingness of the folks from ReliaSoft too answer any and every question."

J. M. - GE Aircraft Engines

"Examples were excellent… the day was well balanced. Great seminar altogether. Thanks!"

E. F. - CIENA Corp

"Since I am a totally new user of Weibull++ and fairly new in reliability I signed up for the course to help accelerate my learning curve. Time and money well spent!"


"Excellent! I like your format! It has been a very impressive experience; I am looking forward to using your software."

W. G. - Cardinal Health

"Going over the mathematical aspects of why calculations are done and what is the logic behind the software was very beneficial. The seminar was very helpful because I can use on a day to day work environment."

M. K. - Delphi Harrison

"Excellent quality training. Very knowledgeable and effective instructors."

C. P. - Jacobsen

"This course on system reliability makes reliability allocation something each company can perform. It takes the basics and embraces the nuances of our particular product allowing us to perform the calculations and bring usability to critical areas needing improvement. The class emphasizes the needs to allow for maintainability, cost analysis, PMs and system reliability in a quantitative manner."

R. S. - Printronix

"I've been waiting for this course for a very long time. It has been exactly what I feel Precor needs."

R. W. - Precor

"Excellent seminar. I learned very useful applications of the software that I had not thought of previously. As always, coverage of theory was appropriate and well presented."

J. L. - Arrow International

"This session made me more aware of the types of analyses available to get specific desired results required by my program. I have tons of data available to me and I now know of the various analyses I can do."

J. P. - US Navy - Naval Aviation Depot

"The instructor knows a lot on the subject (software, statistics, examples). No question left unanswered."

S. C. - Case New Holland

"Great class work with an outstanding software package."

E. P. - Siemens Diesel Systems

"Outstanding instructor & class."

J. L. - St. Jude Medical

"Thank you for a great LDA course! Very informative and helpful! The instructor did an outstanding job explaining the materials by using various examples to add clarity and understanding."

B. R. - GDIT

"RS575 was excellent as an introduction session. The presentation was precise and 'to the point'."

S. S. - Kirloskar Oil Engines Ltd

"RS560 [now D560] helps us to understand all the activities/processes into a clear and organized manner. A good course for Managers and Project Leads."

C. Y. - Hewlett-Packard

"Very good seminar. I was brand new to reliability and the software... I feel confident that I have acquired a solid foundation in both areas."

J. D. - Gaymar Industries

"Good content... It gives me a better idea of reliability as a whole. Overall this training is a must for everyone in the reliability world."

A. S. - Universiti Teknologi Petronas

"The training you offer is outstanding, not only educating users on many of the finer points of reliability analysis, but also letting them know the programs inside and out. I learned about many useful features this way. I've strongly recommended ReliaSoft training classes as the starting point for new employees of our department, as well as for our suppliers."

B.H. - Agilent Technologies

"I use Weibull++ and there are many features (even in 6) that I didn’t know existed. So from the standpoint of learning new that would be benefit me in my job function, I give it an A+. I have a Master's in Statistics and the class was a great refresher. Looking forward to the ALTA and RBD sessions."

M. M. - Quantum Corporation

"I've been debating for some time whether I want to do my graduate work in EE or RE. After attending this seminar, I'll be studying reliability."


"Excellent seminar. The material presented will be useful in my work. The instructor was great. He didn't dwell on the mathematics, instead he gave us the "when to use what tool", how to use the tools and a little background theory. Great presentation."

K. W. - Delphi

"This is perhaps the best seminar I have ever attended. Bringing my real world test data and having working 'Labs' during the seminar was a stroke of genius! The technical knowledge of the ReliaSoft staff is incredible. Every question is answered and all concepts are covered in sufficient detail. The real life work labs ensure a working knowledge of the software."

L. B. - San Diego, CA

"Great course. Highlighted some errors in our current processes. Will take new knowledge back to work."

A. C. - AMPU New Zealand

"I certainly enjoyed the training seminar in San Diego last week. Being a newcomer to the reliability world I found the training to be very beneficial. Also, having seen the theory behind the software I can see the tremendous benefit it provides over attempting to do these calculations without it. Obviously a considerable amount of time and effort has gone into these software packages. Again a great course! Thanks!"

T. T. - Par Technologies

"Very good seminar. Excellent examples... Excellent instructor."

J. C. - Xerox

"Excellent seminar. Good mix of theory & practical applications. One of the best training classes I've been to. Presenter was very well informed and handled questions from the audience quite well."

G. M. - Polaris Industries

"This is the seminar I have been looking for…I will definitely be able to apply what I learned in my new career as a Reliability Engineer."


"Awesome course. Instructor knew the subject so well. Very impressed."

N. B. - Harley-Davidson Motor Company

"RS401 [now G401] is an eye-opener."

K. M. - Ashok Leyland Ltd

"Excellent seminar - Case studies made you think. Problems in handouts familiarized you with the capabilities of the software."

M. W. - General Cable

"For my industry this seminar should help in finding problems prior to building a product instead of after."

P. R. - Acco Systems

"Even after 15 years practicing in this field I found this course presented details that were new to me. I look forward to putting Weibull++ to use."

P. B. - General Dynamics

"When we get back to our workplace we will have many more answers than before! Excellent!"

R. K. - Xantrex Technology Inc

"One of the best seminars I have attended. Very valuable and I learned something I can use. Excellent instructor."

J. L. - General Motors

"The best aspect of the seminar was that a tremendous amount of information was presented in a very organized understandable manner. Handouts are exceptionally good."

J. B. - GE Power Systems

"This was the best class I have had in my 23 year career. The training guide is very complete and user friendly. This class is equivalent to many of my masters degree classes."

B. N. - Raytheon

"Great, Wonderful, Excellent, Beautiful, Awesome!"

B. H. - ATMI

"I have been very impressed with every aspect of the instructional seminar. In particular I am pleased with the detailed review of the theory supporting the algorithms…. I feel much more confident with my ability to correctly input and interpret test data with Weibull++."

J. W. - Consolidated Metco

"Excellent seminar. Lots of usable information. I have a number of projects that will benefit from the technique used in the class."

J. K. - Xerox

"The Fault Tree course is excellent!"

D. R. - AM General

"This seminar has helped me better understand the theories behind life tests as well as using ALTA PRO. The instructor was knowledgeable and helpful at all times. I would definitely sign up for another seminar."

M. E. - Trane

"RS560 [now D560] provided me with excellent food for thought. I already identified a number of analyses I will consider for my product."


"Very good seminar. The seminar will be useful to help us cut down on tests that I have a suspicion we now ran longer than needed."


"DFR was an excellent seminar overall. Great presentation, side stories/experiences. Great refresher training for me. Outstanding collection of concepts in the reliability space."

K. S. - ABB

"Excellent seminar! Great slides, well explained."

S. G. - Dell

"Overall impression of the seminar was excellent, I believe every Weibull++ user should attend this. The seminar taught me the subject of life data analysis and once I had that 'mastered,' the ReliaSoft Weibull++ (tool) helped me 'master' what I can do with my life data."

D. T. - Behr Climate Systems

"RS401 [now G401] was very good. I've had Weibull training before, but they didn't discuss the other types of analysis tools."

D. C. - Southwire

"RS470 [now D470] was an excellent seminar. The information was poignant and timely. It helped our reliability specialists understand the gaps in our processes and specific recommendations on how to improve the output of our FMEA sessions."


"The presentation was excellent. I appreciate the knowledge of the instructor as well as the excellent examples."

G. C. - Honeywell Technology Solutions Lab (Pvt) Ltd

"RS475 [now G475] was a very good seminar which enhanced my knowledge/understanding of the FRACAS process. The presenter was highly knowledgeable…. Super Job!"


"The best aspect of the seminar are the instructors; they effectively communicate complex technical theory in an understandable way. There are lots of people around to help, great customer service."

S. P. - Warn Industries

"The DFR course was fantastic. Instructor experience and stories and examples made a big difference. Good exposure at upper-level."

P. L. - TaylorMade Golf

"This seminar has been a great forum for learning about reliability analysis techniques as well as hearing what other people in other industries are trying to figure out. Overall, an excellent seminar which is very well designed and well presented!"

J. K. - Picometrix Inc

"RS522 [now G522A] was the same as every ReliaSoft seminar, excellent!"

J. L. - Arrow International

"Very useful information. I now have the missing knowledge to address my manager's concerns… Based on the feedback I am taking back, he will likely call you soon to schedule an onsite event for the rest of our team."


"Excellent seminar. Our customers are asking more - the reliability course has given us a good understanding of the methodology for determining the numbers customers throw at us."

M. S. - Modine Manufacturing

"Well worth my time. I learned a lot."

V. K. - Delphi

"All sessions of MSMT [now G400] were excellent. You have very well-prepared instructors. Thank you all for all 3 sessions. All things learned add value from a personal stand point as well as for the company I work for."

G. C. - Invensys Controls

"I think RS401 [now G401] should be a requirement for Mech Engineers like myself."

L. N. - Xerox

"Excellent seminar; well done. Training materials are top notch."

M. W. - Robert Bosch

"Very interesting especially to those who are new to reliability."

S. M. - Petronas Gas Berhad

"Very informative seminar. I have gained exposure to a number of real world reliability problems that confront reliability engineers. The seminar presented the vast world of reliability engineering and totally changed my view of the subject."

J. G. - University of Philippines

"Instruction and material are top notch."

J. S. - Cummins Filtration

"Excellent class, very interesting and lively. Understood everything, never got bored...Thanks for a wonderful three days."

B. B. - Parker Aerospace

"Very good seminar…I learned a lot! Thanks for coming to Wichita. I am much more impressed with the software, now that I understand it's capability. I'm ready to go try some of these tools!"

R. H. - Cessna Aircraft

"My own personal experience, as well as the comments received from the other students, is that the training was an excellent presentation. We all agree that the instructor’s presentation was thorough, logical, and of great value to us as soon-to-be users of the ReliaSoft MPC-3 software tool. The instructor’s personal experience with previous MSG-3 efforts was also a valuable addition and provided us with real-world insight into how the MPC-3 tool can improve the quality of our MSG-3 analysis efforts. ... The managers who attended were unanimous in their appreciation for having the opportunity to learn enough about MSG-3 so that they now had an understanding of what MSG-3 is, how this program can benefit the aviation industry, and a 'big picture' overview of how the process is performed."

J. A. - Rockwell Collins

"As a beginner, I found the way in which background information, basic theory, and software implementation were presented very useful in my understanding of the material."

S. M. - Lockheed Martin

"Excellent! I thought it would be just an advertisement for the software. Instead it was a very practical demonstration of using statistical methods for predicting reliability. I wouldn't change anything about the seminar, the material was on target, the instructor was very knowledgeable and an excellent presenter!"

B. R. - Delphi

"One of the best aspects of this seminar were the number of persons from ReliaSoft who were on-hand at all times to answer questions."

B. P. - Volvo Truck North America

"Very positive impression of the seminar; my expectations were exceeded!"

B. R. - SMC

"Excellent presentation. The presenter was very knowledgeable… All questions were answered, very impressed."

T. M. - Dell

"Instructor has a practical level of experience which really helps focus the session/discussion. An entry level reliability engineer may be struggling with the application side of the material and therefore the instructor's experience really helps emphasize both the approach & realities associated with product reliability. A++++!"


"Excellent FMEA course. Helped us understand why our previous FMEAs were not successful."


"Good presentation and pacing. Presenter skills are exceptional. The instructional quality is first-rate. The presentation was precise when required, and general when conceptual material was all that was needed. The effect was to give valuable insight into the techniques and the software tool."

G. U. - Agilent Technologies

"The supporting examples and workshop were very good and provided quick, accurate understanding of the ALTA subject. Recommended to all reliability professionals."

B. S. - General Electric

"RS480 [now M480A] is excellent; a mind opener. The faculty is very good and the subject matter covered is sufficient for starting with RCM."

S. R. - Aditya Birla WCM

"With just starting in reliability this year, many things were unclear to me. This seminar has cleared up several issues and has given me a better understanding of plotting data and the variables used during those calculations."

T. P. - Cielo Communications

"The instructor did an outstanding job presenting the course. She showed thorough knowledge of Weibull++ and BlockSim. Great course and highly recommend this training for all reliability analysts."

S. J. - Mercer Engineering

"Outstanding instructor. Great ability with real life examples and explanations. I have understood more form this course than any other dealing with reliability."

W.J. - NADEP Cherry Point

"Excellently delivered & packed with reference materials."

R. W. - US Navy - Naval Aviation Depot

"The best aspect of this seminar was the instructors' genuine concern for the students' success in understanding the material. I'm impressed."

H. H. - Micron Technology

"The Life Data session provides a good understanding of Weibull principles thus eliminating the smoke and mirrors often associated with reliability analysis."

A. T. - Cochlear

"This is the best course I ever attended. The lessons learned and recommendations of Dr. Crow are very useful as we try to incorporate reliability growth analysis in our new designs."

A. N. - ST Electronics (Satcom & Sensor Systems) Pte Ltd

"The training was definitely worth the time and money!"

K. L. - Allison Transmission

"Theory & software applications are both practical and very user-friendly. The speaker doesn’t dwell too much on theories that are very "academic", instead he just explains its significance & how to use it. Not over simplifying it but neither is he overdoing it."

D. N. - Amkor Technology Philippines Inc

"Instructor was very knowledgeable. This is my first time at this seminar. I am very impressed with the software features and the people behind development."

M. V. - Results Systems

"RS490 [now D490] was very good. Good examples; training guide was helpful; questions were answered well. I left feeling I could use the software."

S. N. - CH2mHill

"This was an excellent seminar which covered exactly what was advertised. The instructor is a real master of this area who transmits the knowledge in an easy and effective fashion. Thanks to this seminar, my performance in the Well reliability analysis will be more productive."

M. P. - Chevron Texaco

"...The theory captured in the manual - the equations, derivations, etc. - serve as a great reference, but the engineering meaning is 'simply' explained. My overall impression of the seminar is super! I learned a lot and was in 'awe' of the level of functionality and flexibility."

B. H - Delphi Harrison

"This was one of the most informative seminars I've ever attended. Your presentation and professionalism were outstanding."


""RS 403 is an excellent training course! BlockSim really seems to help us much in our daily jobs. Excellent information, good quality of training, well prepared trainer. Thanks for the information shared and the lessons learned!" "

A. C. - Turbinas Solar

"First time I feel my money and time were well used and invested in a training! The seminar is going to help me a lot at work!"

J. V. - Tyco Fire & Security

"Excellent seminar. Met/exceeded expectations."

L. G. - Varian Inc

"Well organized and supervised seminar. The material came fast and furious. Especially enjoyable were the ReliaSoft staff. Will surely recommend the session to others. I am getting along in age and was quite timid about attending, especially absorbing the material and formulas I have not used in years. It turned out that being timid was a waste of time. My sincere appreciation to the staff for a job well done."

R. W. - Emergency One Inc

"The Life Data session is one of the best seminars - very well organized. Excellent information/materials, very knowledgeable instructor."

M. A. - Saudi Aramco

"Excellent content depth, never a boring moment."

M. V. - Northrop Grumman

"RS540 [now M440] was a great course that opened our eyes on Reliability Engineering. We see so much improvement opportunity that we can do at our facilities after completing this training."

W. A. - Chevron Indonesia

"Class has been excellent. Instructor and help during work book session very good. Appreciate clarity Pantelis gave to the statistics and interface of engineer in data evaluation. Thank you all. Hope to have further exposure to you guys."

C. F. - General Cable

"Overall, this seminar is excellent in terms of data analysis and software utilization...The instructors were knowledgeable and personable."

L. J. - US Army TACOM

"The Life Data Analysis course was the most thought provoking presentation I have ever attended."

D. P. - Haldex Brake Products

"RS523 was very well presented and organized. The instructor was very helpful with all of the questions presented and was very knowledgeable of the material."

M. P. - AM General

"I enjoyed this seminar and gained a lot of knowledge on Weibull analysis. I highly recommend this course to anyone dealing with analysis."


"For me all the aspects of the seminar were very good….thanks for one of the best courses I have ever taken!!"

L. C. - Delphi Automotive Systems

"The instructor is one of the best that I have experienced in over 30 years of attending seminars. He has taken a subject matter that could be boring and over the head of the novice and made it enjoyable and yet informative."

S. P. - Vermont American Corp

"Superior to any other seminar I have ever attended. Instructor was well versed and could relate to seminar members which enhanced learning."


"Good reliability program. We should have attended this training earlier to improve our efficiency and plant reliability."

N. H. - Petronas Gas Berhad

"I found the class, instructor and staff of ReliaSoft very helpful in the overall experience of this seminar and will definitely look forward to any future class they will offer. Exceptional job!"


"An eye opener to reliability concepts."

K. S. - Quantum Storage Solutions

"One of the best presentations ever attended."

J. S. - TCSL

"Terrific Seminar! It was very thorough and practical. Time and money well spent!"

S. M. - Dallas Area Rapid Transit

"The reliability seminar not only provided me numerous examples of reliability application in practical studies, but integrated the software into each example. The best training seminar I have ever attended."

R. M. - Halliburton Energy Services

"RS401 [now G401] was very good. I wish I had taken this training earlier."

P. R. - Electro-Motive Diesel

"One of the best courses I have been to."

L. L. - Jacobsen

"As always, an outstanding training program (Advanced System Analysis) with excellent instruction supported by extremely useful software (BlockSim). Great Job!"

G. M. - TI Automotive

"Useful and applicable to our work. Excellent and thorough explanations and useful variety of examples."

T. P. - Dpix LLC

"Excellent - considering that all participants were looking at FMEA from a maintenance perspective and the course was quickly made maintenance specific. The instructor was an authority on the subject and it was indeed a privilege to be part of this course."

K. K. - Larsen Oil and Gas Pte Ltd

"RS 402 was just what I needed to be able to perform tests & analyze accelerated life testing data."

A. W. - Watlow Electric

"The RS480 [now M480A] seminar was enlightening. It helped us to prepare a systematic checklist and maintenance schedule for instruments/machines. This procedure, if applied, will improve system availability."

D. B. - IOCL Digboi Refinery

"I found the seminar very useful. I use Weibull++ all the time, but the seminar helped fill in the holes and cleared up many things that were fussy. Instructor was excellent. Her explanations were clear and she knew the material well."

M. H. - Analogic

"RS490 [now D490] was a great seminar. I felt like I really knew how to use the software after the seminar was over. The instructors were great; they were very knowledgeable and willing to help."

R. L. - Andromeda Systems Inc

"RS560 [now D560] was the best reliability course I have ever taken. Covered all aspects with practical basis."

J. S. - Terumo Cardiovascular Systems

"The Master the Subject, Master the Tools course was a very enjoyable and educational week... covered/reiterated what I'd learned in half a semester of college in the first day."

C. K. - Haldex Brake Products

"There was a great balance between theory and applications. Thank you for demonstrating the entire range of functions in the software. Instructors are fantastic, very knowledgeable, and convey information in a pedagogically friendly way!"

G. H. - Flir Systems

"Course was very well organized. Examples were very applicable and useful. Explanation of 'managing' the data and it's interpretation to customer was valuable. I appreciate the instructor's attempt to talk consumer & defense applications - it engages the whole class. Our knowledge gained in this training session will provide a common and valid method to perform our analysis and will increase our ability to help our customer's attain their goals."

J. S. - Northrop Grumman

"The most valuable aspect of this seminar was the first day vocabulary refresher and theoretical presentation. That is the kind of information needed by Reliability Engineers to have credibility in the R&D Engineering community. I can train a technician to use the software but it takes a respected engineer to convince R&D of the correctness of the solutions. Excellent written material. I've never seen so much material so well organized...Case studies and Training Guides problems allowed us to see what needs to be thought out before designing the experiments to generate the data."

D. C. - Hewlett-Packard

"The seminar was an 'eye opener.' The information presented was really beneficial and useful. Especially the whole idea and use of reliability growth management will greatly help in improving the reliability of our systems."

L. G. - Northrop Grumman

"Well organized seminar. I can equal this seminar session to my Master level University course."

N. P. - GM Defense

"Hands down, one of the most technically complete seminars I have attended. The best aspect of the seminar was the technical mastery and the ability to rapidly and clearly cover a vast range of material."

J. W. - Xerox

"The seminar was very useful. I learned how to use the tools for my job. I proposed that our R&D engineers should also attend this training."

R. H. - Lumileds

"One of the best seminars I have ever attended. The handouts were excellent."

M. W. - General Cable

"RS480 [now M480A] is very useful and a MUST for all engineers specifically working in the maintenance field."


"Excellent seminar on Accelerated Life Testing. Very relevant, with lots of hands-on, real-world examples. The instructor does an excellent job of keeping the esoteric statistical math down-to-earth."

J. S. - NMT Medical

"Now my eyes are open to the wonderful world of statistics! Great success! I would swim to Antarctica to take this course again if it was offered!"


"Very informative and useful for Reliability Professionals to understand the theory and practice of DFR. Even for persons not involved in the Reliability function, this could be useful to grasp the importance of DFR. This will be useful for them to understand why an organization needs to support and focus on Reliability."

M. K. - Honeywell Turbo India Pvt Ltd

"Excellent seminar! I learned so much in only a few days!"

K. T. - Raytheon

"The RS560 [now D560] seminar was brilliant. Although I had covered most of the material on earlier courses this course helped me connect each reliability component together. It's definitely inspired a few ideas that I wish to implement in our projects."

M. T. - Flextronics

"I was surprised by the number of people who attended the Life Data Analysis training. I was expecting a smaller group, but was pleased to find the variety of participants as well as enough knowledgeable staff to support it!"

M. F. - bioMérieux

"Good seminar that is long overdue for me as I have been a reliability engineer for over 5 years now. I should have taken this immediately."

T. V. - Amway

"I thought the seminar was very good. Very knowledgeable, approachable instructors. I was very impressed by your staff - keep up the good work!"

J. W. - Hewlett-Packard

"RS540 [now M440] was truly an eye opener with possible ways RAM analysis could be utilized in our day-to-day operations. This provides a very good technical basis for the various tasks we do and arrive at an optimized Asset management strategy."

M. B. - Singapore Refining Company Pte Ltd

"I was very impressed by your seminar. The instructor not only knew the software, but is an obvious expert in the field. Well done."


"Again, excellent presentation. Excellent job giving additional examples to help us grasp the mechanics of BlockSim. The instructor is extremely versed in BlockSim. She was able to provide additional explanation of certain terms and equations in a way where we were able to understand and apply the knowledge gained from this course. Thank you!"

D. J. - Mercer Engineering

Weibull++ Reliability Life Data Analysis ALTA Accelerated Life Testing Data Analysis RGA Reliability Growth and Repairable System Analysis BlockSim System Reliability and Maintainability Analysis RENO for Risk Analysis via Discrete Event Simulation Lambda Predict Reliability Prediction Xfmea FMEA and FMECA RCM++ Reliability Centered Maintenance MPC MSG-3 Maintenance Program Creation XFRACAS Web-based FRACAS Orion eAPI Web-based Asset Management ALTA Accelerated Life Testing Data Analysis BlockSim System Reliability and Maintainability Analysis MPC MSG-3 Maintenance Program Creation Lambda Predict Reliability Prediction RCM++ Reliability Centered Maintenance RENO for Risk Analysis via Discrete Event Simulation RGA Reliability Growth and Repairable System Analysis Weibull++ Reliability Life Data Analysis Xfmea FMEA and FMECA XFRACAS Web-based FRACAS Orion eAPI Web-based Asset Management ALTA Accelerated Life Testing Data Analysis BlockSim System Reliability and Maintainability Analysis MPC MSG-3 Maintenance Program Creation Lambda Predict Reliability Prediction RCM++ Reliability Centered Maintenance RENO for Risk Analysis via Discrete Event Simulation RGA Reliability Growth and Repairable System Analysis Weibull++ Reliability Life Data Analysis Xfmea FMEA and FMECA XFRACAS Web-based FRACAS Orion eAPI Web-based Asset Management Footer

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