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ReliaSoft Support Policy By Version

For the purposes of determining the applicable support policy, ReliaSoft's software products are classified as "Active," "Retired" or "Unsupported" based on the major release version, as described below.


The latest major release version of every product is fully supported for users with an active maintenance contract. When an issue, suggestion or feature request is reported, ReliaSoft will respond as follows:

  • Anomalies: In the case of anomalies (i.e., the software does not perform as intended), a team is immediately assigned to investigate and address the issue. Once the issue has been addressed, the "fix" is made available in the next service release cycle. A service release may contain a collection of fixes/enhancements, and these free product updates will be made available periodically. Depending on the severity, the next service release cycle may be accelerated to address an issue as soon as possible.
  • Suggestions and Feature Requests: When we receive requests for enhancements and/or modifications to the software, they are added to a queue that is periodically reviewed by senior staff. If the reviewers make a recommendation to implement the change, a target release version is set. In general, modifications that will impact more than one product, and/or impact the documentation, file structure, published examples, course notes, etc., are not implemented until the next major version release. 

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The major release version immediately before the "Active" version is classified as "Retired" until the newer version has been available for at least 3 years. For all "Retired" products:

  • ReliaSoft will answer Technical Support questions for users with an active maintenance contract.
  • At our discretion, ReliaSoft will provide free minor service releases or "hotfixes" to address critical issues, if any.
    • New feature requests, suggestions, minor issues and issues with an acceptable "workaround" are not considered to be "critical" issues.
    • Issues arising from incompatibility with a subsequent technology change (e.g., problems running under a new Operating System that was not available when the version was active) will not be addressed.

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If the product has been replaced by a new version for at least 3 years OR if it has been replaced by more than one subsequent major version release, the product will be classified as "Unsupported."

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