Reliability Synthesis Applications

Integration to Empower the Reliability Organization

Web-based Portal for the Synthesis Platform

The web-based Synthesis Enterprise Portal (SEP) enables your entire organization or team — including managers and colleagues who don't have any of the Synthesis desktop applications installed — to access key analysis and project management details from any web-enabled device!

In Version 11, the SEP has a fresh new look with responsive design for better performance on mobile devices and more control for quickly accessing the information that's of interest to you.

KPI metrics and selected analysis results

The analysts using Synthesis desktop applications decide which metrics, models, analysis summaries, reports and dashboards will be shared via the SEP website.

Then each user can choose what to monitor from his/her own personalized web portal.

Project plans and assigned actions

The SEP shows a streamlined view of the project plan (gates and actions) for each analysis project and makes it easy for your team to track and report progress for assigned actions. This enables the entire team to stay informed about the progress, even when they're on-the-go or don't have any of the Synthesis desktop applications installed!

System hierarchies and FMEAs

SEP users throughout your organization can view the FMEAs and published reports created in Xfmea/RCM++/RBI without having the desktop application installed! This provides convenient web-based access to the wealth of lessons learned, troubleshooting recommendations and other valuable information from your investment in these analyses.

Timeline-style messages

The Synthesis Platform's messages feature allows users to communicate regarding progress, recent changes and other notifications. The SEP website provides access to these messages via mobile devices and enables more team members to participate in the discussion.

Integration with XFRACAS (incident tracking system)

For the most comprehensive enterprise reliability solution available, you can deploy the SEP on the same database and web server with ReliaSoft's XFRACAS. Each user can access the tool(s) that fit their particular roles.

Scalable and distributable web-based architecture

Whether you have 15 users or 15,000 users, SEP is scalable and easy to distribute with nothing extra to install for each user. Your team can access the portal with their preferred web browsers (such as Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox or Safari) from a variety of devices (laptop, tablet, etc.). For details, see SEP Architecture.

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