Frequently Asked Questions

XFRACAS for Web-based FRACAS

Latest Release
9.0.13 ♦ 5-Nov-2014

Purchase Options

Multiple user license packages are available. Please contact ReliaSoft for more details.

How can we determine if XFRACAS is the right system for our organization?

Unlike ReliaSoft's standard software, where you can download and install the product for a trial period of time, enterprise systems require more complex setups and infrastructure. Therefore, we use web conferencing to enable you to explore and evaluate the system's features. For details, see

Can XFRACAS handle a large user group that is spread out geographically?

As a web-based system, XFRACAS is designed to work on the Internet or an intranet. It has been optimized to work with everything from small organizations in one location to large groups with tens of thousands of users all over the world. For details about server requirements, see

Is there any client software to install? How are users authenticated?

There is no client installation. Users can access the web-based system with a wide variety of popular web browsers (including Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox or Safari) residing on a Windows operating system, a Mac operating system or even a tablet (such as iOS, Android, etc.).

Users are authenticated either through Windows Active Directory or Single Sign On (SSO) authentication.

Can we control what different types of users are able to see and do in the system?

Yes! There are more than 100 permissions that allow you to determine the exact level of access that is appropriate for each user. Many customers also utilize the flexible "Entity" feature to create different versions of the system interfaces and reports for different types of users. Whether you're working with suppliers, dealers, multiple sites and/or multiple product lines, you can tailor the system to fit each entity's specific needs and privileges.

Can XFRACAS be integrated with our existing ERP or BOM systems?

XFRACAS is routinely integrated with Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems, Bill of Materials (BOM) management systems and other databases, either on a custom basis or by using the existing API interfaces. When you use the built-in API interfaces to import data via *.xml, you also have the option to use DTDs to verify the structure before importing.

Does the software share or link any data back to ReliaSoft or its affiliates?

The XFRACAS database and application typically resides on your web server behind your firewalls. With this type of installation, no information is shared with ReliaSoft or our affiliates.

Can ReliaSoft host our XFRACAS system?

ReliaSoft can be an application service provider for your XFRACAS system for an initial setup fee along with a monthly service fee. These costs would be in addition to the XFRACAS licensing and annual software maintenance cost.

Can ReliaSoft help us configure the system?

ReliaSoft provides detailed instructions for installing and configuring the XFRACAS system on your own, if desired. If you want some additional help to accelerate the process and maximize the effectiveness of your implementation, we also offer an optional
Go-Live/Implementation Service.

With this service, an experienced XFRACAS consultant will visit your site to help your team take full advantage of the system features. By reviewing your current data collection processes and your reporting requirements, we can help you configure the system to fit your organization's particular needs. For details, see

ReliaSoft provides unparalleled after-sale support

What type of technical support is available?

ReliaSoft's software products are renowned for their ease of use and unparalleled after sale support. For XFRACAS customers with an active maintenance agreement, we provide free technical support via phone, fax or e-mail through an established (and growing) network of regional offices and partners/distributors throughout the world.

How do we order XFRACAS?

Multiple user license packages are available. Please contact ReliaSoft for a detailed quotation to meet your organization's specific needs.