XFRACAS: Web-Based Failure Reporting Software (FRACAS System)

The only truly web-based, user-configurable,
enterprise-wide FRACAS in a boxTM

Click to see a picture of the software interface...ReliaSoft’s XFRACAS is a highly configurable,
web-based, closed-loop, enterprise-wide Incident/Failure/Data Reporting, Analysis and Corrective Action System (FRACAS / DRACAS / DCACAS) and much, much more!

XFRACAS facilitates incident reporting, failure analysis, part tracking, root cause analysis,
team-based problem solving, actions management and other related activities. The system simultaneously supports the acquisition, management and analysis of product reliability, quality, safety and risk management data from multiple locations and/or user groups.

Extensive built-in configuration capabilities provide the flexibility you need to customize the system to meet your organization's particular needs — no custom programming required! 

Software Features

Whether you have 15 users or 15,000 users, XFRACAS is configurable, flexible and scalable to fit your organization's particular processes and to grow with your needs. The system's web-based user interface allows for easy access, collaboration and deployment throughout multiple sites, suppliers and dealers. Flexible configuration utilities and administrative permissions give you complete control over how data is captured in user interfaces and which parts of the system each user can access.

Available Training

ReliaSoft offers a two-day training course that introduces the fundamentals of Incident/Failure/Data Reporting, Analysis and Corrective Action Systems (FRACAS / DRACAS / DCACAS) with an emphasis on the configuration and use of ReliaSoft’s XFRACAS software for incident reporting, failure analysis, problem resolution and other related analyses.

Go-Live/Implementation Service

With the optional Go-Live/Implementation Service, one of ReliaSoft's XFRACAS experts will visit your site to help your team take full advantage of the system features and assist you in configuring the system to fit your individual needs.

Applications and Benefits

Some of the potential applications and benefits of performing FRACAS / DRACAS / DCACAS and related activities with ReliaSoft's XFRACAS software include the ability to:

  • Address data capture and management deficiencies to provide timely and accurate product reliability, quality and safety data.
  • Streamline incident reporting and problem resolution activities.
  • Provide a closed-loop system for managing corrective actions.
  • Contribute to design improvements, faster product release, better service and enhanced customer satisfaction.
  • Generate financial rewards through better product designs, enhanced control of product warranties and more efficient customer support.
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Software Capability Highlights

Practical Applications

  • FRACAS Process Management
  • Safety Process Management
  • Non-conformance Process Management
  • CAPA Process Management
  • Risk Reduction Management
  • Risk Assessment Process
  • Process Control System
  • Incident Reporting System
  • Corrective Action System
  • Quality Management
  • Reliability Management

Supported Processes and Reporting

  • ISO 9000 Compliance
  • COPQ Improvement
  • RMAs
  • Field Failures
  • Service & Support History
  • Customer Complaints
  • Safety Incidents
  • Software Defects
  • Manufacturing Defects
  • Testing Issues
  • Quality (e.g., Customer, Internal, Supplier)
  • Analytics (e.g., Warranty, Reliability)

Problem Resolution Methodologies

  • 8D
  • Six Sigma/DFSS Approaches
  • User-defined (4-8 Steps)

System/Part/Process Configuration

  • System Tree (BOM Hierarchy)
    • Unlimited Tiers/Indenture Levels
    • Serialized Systems
    • Non-serialized Systems
  • Processes
    • Unlimited Tiers/Indenture Levels

Analysis/Key Metrics

  • Operational Availability
  • System Downtime
  • MTBF
  • Criticality Fields
  • Root Cause/Failure Analysis

Customer Support Information

  • Complete System and Warranty Details
  • Customer Contact Details
  • Complete Incident History with Part Repairs and Replacements

Corrective Actions Management

  • Role-based Workflow
  • Progress and Completion Tracking
    • Reports
    • Status Notifications via Portal and/or E-mail

Extensive Configuration Options for Graphical User Interface (GUI)

  • Easily substitute existing terminology with your own
  • Add data fields for gathering custom data
  • Define drop-down selection lists for fields
  • Create groups to assign user permissions
  • Personalize user portals


  • Extensive reporting capabilities through GUI - no requiring programming knowledge required
  • Custom SQL report interface provides experienced SQL users with maximum flexibility

Report Formats

  • HTML or XSLT
  • Text reports in *.xls, *.xlsx, *.pdf, *.rtf and *.csv formats
  • Charts in *.pdf, *.xls, *.xlsx, *.rtf, *.mht, *.png, *.jpg, *.bmp, *.tiff and *.gif formats

Data Imports and Exports

  • Microsoft Excel®
  • Microsoft Access®
  • Text
  • XML
  • Oracle®
  • SQL Server®
  • Any database with an OLE DB connection

Synthesis Integration

  • Use RGA or Weibull++ to analyze FRACAS data
  • Share system configuration and failure mode/cause data between XFRACAS and Xfmea/RCM++

Databases Supported

  • Microsoft SQL Server®
  • Oracle®

Built-in Enterprise Features
All-inclusive enterprise system; purchase of additional modules not required!

  • Administration
  • Workflow Definition
  • Alerts and Notifications via Portal and/or E-mail

Documentation and Training

Integration into the Synthesis Platform

Centralized Data Storage

  • Standard Repository (*.rsrp or *.rsr9)
  • Microsoft SQL Server® or Oracle®
  • Shared Analysis Settings and Data
  • Automatic Backups

Integration Between Synthesis Applications

  • Facilitate effective collaboration
  • Leverage overlap of reliability activities
  • Encapsulate reusable information
  • Create/share statistical models based on analysis results
  • Update multiple analyses simultaneously
  • View action items from any application

Project Management

  • Project Categories
  • Locked/Private Projects
  • Restore Points and History Log
  • Attachments

Messages and Actions Management

  • Create/track action items
  • Send/receive messages within the software
  • Create automated e-mail notifications

Simultaneous Access by Multiple Users

  • Single-user, multi-user and enterprise deployments
  • Flexible user access levels
  • Check projects in/out

Third-Party Connectivity and Data Sharing

  • The Synthesis API
    • Transfer data and analyses between systems
    • Leverage the analysis and plotting engines used in Synthesis
  • Synthesis Enterprise Portal (SEP)
    • Share key analysis information using any web-enabled device
    • Track, manage and update progress

Available Services

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