XFRACAS Questionnaire

To help us better understand and meet your needs as well as to ensure that there is a good fit between your requirements and XFRACAS capabilities, please take a few moments to answer the simple questions below. Your input will be greatly appreciated and will enhance our ability to better serve you.

Your Name:
City, State/Province and Zip/Postal Code:
What industry or vertical best describes your company or group?
What features most interest you at this time? Please check all that apply.
  Incident Reporting/Resolution
Problem Identification/Resolution
Customer Support
Serialized System Tracking
Generic System Tracking (i.e., at a Model level)
Process Tracking
Safety Tracking
Weibull Analysis
Reliability Growth Analysis
Actions Management
Data Import/Export
Others (Please List):
Do you currently use legacy software for your FRACAS related needs (either 3rd party developed or internally developed)?
What type of formal Problem Resolution Process do you currently employ?
Will you be tracking serialized systems, generic systems, and/or processes? Please check all that apply.
  Serialized systems
Generic systems (i.e., at the Model Level)
What is your planned timeframe for implementation/go-live?
How many users do you expect to have for this system?
Do you currently have management approval for acquiring such a system?
If budgets are approved, what kind of budget are you operating with?
Does your company or group have the internal IT infrastructure to support Enterprise Solutions?
Which database solution do you intend/prefer to use?
What types of users will need to access the system? Please check all that apply.
  Users at one facility
Users at multiple company facilities in the same country
Users at multiple company facilities worldwide
Third parties (such as vendors or distributors) outside of the company network
Other (Please describe)
Do you have historical/legacy system data that you would like to migrate to the new system?
Are there any third party systems that you would like to integrate with the FRACAS system?


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