Deactivating ReliaSoft Desktop Applications

The following information applies to ReliaSoft-hosted licenses only.

Depending on your license type, there may be a limit to the number of computers and users for which a ReliaSoft desktop application can be activated at the same time with the same license key. Therefore, if you do not plan to continue to use an application on a particular computer (or for a particular user), it is very important to deactivate it. The license server will prohibit future activations that would exceed the license key's limits. If you do not free up activations that are no longer being used, the license may be unavailable for later activation on other computers and/or for other users.

For example, a Named User License permits the user to activate the application on one computer at any given time. If you need to change computers, you must deactivate from the old computer before you will be able to activate on the new one.

There are three ways to deactivate ReliaSoft desktop applications:

  1. Upon Uninstall: When you uninstall the ReliaSoft desktop application suite (e.g., ReliaSoft 2022, Synthesis 11, etc.), you will be prompted to deactivate all applications for all users on that computer. If you are not able to complete the deactivation at that time (e.g., because you do not have a network connection to the ReliaSoft license server), you will need to contact technical support for assistance.

  2. Deactivation Without Uninstall:

    • From within the application you wish to deactivate, choose File > Help and click the License Manager link.

    • Enter your password or click Cancel to proceed without it. (A password is not required for deactivation.)

    • Click the Deactivate button in the center of the License Manager window.

    • You will be prompted to confirm. When you do, the application will immediately close and you will not be able to run it on this computer without activating again.

    • Repeat the process for any other applications that require deactivation.

  3. Contact Us: If you were unable to deactivate during the uninstall, or if you did not uninstall and no longer have access to the computer, you will need to contact technical support for assistance.