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ReliaSoft Announces Version 11 Releases of All Synthesis Applications

With the release of Synthesis 11, ReliaSoft renews its commitment to creating leading software that delivers more value to new and existing customers.

The key new features include the full integration of Design of Experiments (DOE) functionalities in Weibull++ and ALTA, the ability to create Parameter diagrams (P-diagrams) in Xfmea, RCM++ and RBI, support for the Siemens SN 29500 reliability prediction standard in Lambda Predict, the ability to analyze nCode GlyphWorks time series data as ALTA time-dependent stress profiles and a fresh new look for the Synthesis Enterprise Portal (SEP) with improved performance on mobile devices.

“The direct integration of Design of Experiments capabilities into Weibull++ and ALTA illustrates our ongoing commitment to provide the leading solution for life data analysis. It equips our customers with an unequalled functionality for better understanding of the factors driving observed failures,” said Jon Aldred, Vice President of Product Development. “In addition, Synthesis 11 meets the increasing need for FMEAs to identify possible failures by providing exciting new capabilities including the addition of parameter diagrams to aid the overall process of creating an FMEA.”




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