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New Flexible Licensing Option for ReliaSoft Software

With the release of Synthesis 10.1, ReliaSoft announced the Complete Reliability System (CRS), a new licensing option for customers to have unparalleled access to all Synthesis desktop applications. The CRS grants enterprise-wide access to the following applications: Weibull++, ALTA PRO, DOE++, RGA, BlockSim (multi-thread with Markov), Xfmea, RCM++, RGA, DOE++, MPC Plus, RENO, Lambda Predict (all modules) and RBI.

Regarding the innovative new license, ReliaSoft VP, Product Management Adamantios Mettas said, "The Complete Reliability System is a cost-effective token-based licensing system for our customers to access Synthesis products in whichever usage combination drives maximum productivity for their organization. It gives customers flexibility to utilize tools in Synthesis which they may not before have had the chance to use, expanding their capabilities within the organization with tools they may need later."

The flexibility of the CRS license is evident when performing multiple reliability-related modeling and analysis techniques, such as life data analysis, accelerated life testing analysis, reliability block diagrams and FMEAs. With CRS, users throughout the organization can access any or all of the powerful, integrated Synthesis desktop applications with the freedom to switch between applications as needed.





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