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Synthesis 10 Upgrade Offers Significant Platform Enhancements and New Analysis Capabilities

ReliaSoft announced today a major software release of the Synthesis Platform® Version 10. With upgrades to each Synthesis application, along with numerous enhancements to the platform itself, Version 10 proves to be ReliaSoft’s most potent reliability solution yet. The Synthesis applications that were upgraded or officially introduced with Version 10 are Weibull++, ALTA, DOE++, RGA, BlockSim, RENO, Lambda Predict, Xfmea, RCM++, RBI, MPC, XFRACAS and the Synthesis Enterprise Portal.

"Within less than two years from our last major release, we were able to deliver another feature-packed release of the Synthesis Platform with a host of new capabilities that I am confident will benefit existing and new customers alike," said Kyriacos Kyriacou, ReliaSoft’s Chief Operating Officer. "Our continuous commitment to R&D and to listening to our customers is evident all over Version 10. I am looking forward to hearing more success stories and feedback from customers who have been adopting the Synthesis Platform and ReliaSoft software in general over the last few years."

New platform highlights include an integrated Project Planner for managing Design for Reliability and Asset Performance Management milestones and tasks; automated watches and alerts for assigned actions and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs); robust new options to Manage and Present reliability analyses; and the option to implement a Synthesis Enterprise Portal (SEP) website, which enables an entire organization or team (including managers and colleagues who don’t have any of the Synthesis desktop applications installed) to access key analysis and project management details from any web-enabled device.

The Version 10 upgrade also includes many new features and enhancements for each individual Synthesis application. Some of the most notable additions include a new Markov analysis module available for BlockSim; new fractional failure analysis and degradation analysis capabilities in Weibull++; and linked FMEAs and interactive FMEA block diagrams in Xfmea.

According to Doug Ogden, ReliaSoft’s Vice President of Customer Services, "The capabilities of Synthesis Version 10 are incomparable to any other reliability software on the market with its capacity for smarter integration and project planning of all reliability activities from ‘cradle to grave.’ Users will find that the Synthesis Platform and all the Synthesis applications have been enhanced and configured to deliver a superior experience for all stages of the product life cycle."




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