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ReliaSoft Supports New Engineering Center at NDSU with Computer and Software Donation

ReliaSoft announced today a major donation to support the newly created Center of Quality, Reliability and Maintainability Engineering at North Dakota State University in Fargo, ND. The donation, valued at US $404,000, will provide computer equipment and work station licenses of ReliaSoft products, for use by NDSU students and faculty, to conduct research and encourage continuous education in reliability engineering.

"NDSU's new center will foster an ideal learning environment for students, and the Synthesis Platform will provide the reliability engineers of tomorrow with cutting edge technology," said Pantelis Vassiliou, ReliaSoft’s President & CEO.

Research completed at the center is also intended to help contribute to North Dakota’s growing oil, wind, power and manufacturing industries.

"We look forward to seeing the work and progress that come out of reliability activities performed at the center, as well as their positive impacts on the reliability engineering community for years to come," said Doug Ogden, ReliaSoft's Vice President of Customer Services.




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