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ReliaSoft Announces the Release of the Full Synthesis Platform, along with the Version 9 Releases of All Synthesis Applications

ReliaSoft announced the completion of Phase II development for the revolutionary Synthesis Platform, and its official full release. Synthesis Version 9 is the result of ReliaSoft’s multi-year pursuit for a powerful, integrated, enterprise reliability platform capable of empowering reliability organizations to truly apply Design for Reliability and Asset Performance Management concepts in a holistic program that synthesizes unique activities into a continuous, self-improving process.

"We are excited to have reached the end of this particular journey with the release of Phase II of our Synthesis Platform. A year and half after the completion of Phase I, and after 8 years of research and development, Phase II completes an ambitious effort focused on both defining the Reliability 3.0 concept and providing the capabilities needed to effectively implement the Reliability 3.0 process. The process, methodologies, platform and associated software tools were by far our biggest investment in the Reliability Engineering field, far exceeding the combined effort and costs for all products over the last twenty years," said Pantelis Vassiliou, ReliaSoft’s President & CEO.

He then added, "This long-term commitment and continued investment in reliability engineering are what puts us in a league of our own. Unlike most competitors, who are primarily IT companies blindly creating software based on published methodologies and standards — copied R&D to meet short-term corporate profit targets — we are, at our very core, a reliability engineering R&D company founded and driven by formally trained reliability engineering experts and supported by an outstanding software engineering team. This enables us to deploy pioneering R&D through our best-of-breed software tools that are ‘built by reliability engineers, for reliability engineers’."

Doug Ogden, ReliaSoft’s Vice President of Customer Services, also commented on the benefits he expects the platform to provide for the reliability engineering community. "We created Synthesis with our customers’ needs in mind; and with Synthesis’ intelligent integration between reliability program activities and tools, our customers will be able to maximize the efficiency and effectiveness of their work. They will experience time savings, increased agility and reductions in both time-to-market and cost," he said.

The platform eliminates disconnected "islands" of reliability information, facilitates effective collaboration between subject matter experts, and integrates each software activity without sacrificing analytical power. 

The Version 9 software releases include Weibull++, ALTA, DOE++, RGA, BlockSim, RENO, Lambda Predict, Xfmea, RCM++, RBI, MPC and XFRACAS. The upgrade to Version 9 is completely free for all Version 8 applications (Weibull++ 8, ALTA 8, BlockSim 8, Xfmea 8 and/or RCM++ 8), and any other application for which the user has an active maintenance agreement. 




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