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ReliaSoft 20th Anniversary

ReliaSoft has announced its 20th Anniversary, highlighting a multitude of significant contributions to the reliability engineering community.

ReliaSoft began as a company with one employee and a single software solution – the flagship Weibull++ developed by Founder and CEO Pantelis Vassiliou while a Ph.D. candidate at the University of Arizona back in 1992. Today, ReliaSoft is the industry leader with a full ranging reliability solution that spans 12 fully integrated software tools, an extensive training program in reliability theory and practice, expert consulting services and a worldwide presence. From the company's humble beginnings to its current form 20 years later, ReliaSoft has always worked tirelessly towards advancing the reliability engineering discipline and has strived to shape the industry for the better. As part of this philosophy, ReliaSoft has created and delivered a significant volume of unrestricted theoretical, practical and technical content for the reliability engineering community via the www.weibull.com website. ReliaSoft is also the publisher of the Reliability HotWire eMagazine and Reliability Edge newsletter. Through its university partnership program ReliaSoft supports and encourages students who are new to the discipline by providing software, mentoring and intern research opportunities.

"The greatest influence ReliaSoft has had in this discipline is that we have provided a centralized location of practical and useful tools and education, a one-stop shop for reliability engineers to help them solve problems and improve their products and processes. Prior to our company, there were a few universities and textbooks to educate engineers on reliability, but there were not any really functional tools. We fulfilled that need in the market early on, and in turn have accelerated the industry’s growth, as well as our own." said Pantelis Vassiliou, President and CEO of ReliaSoft.  

ReliaSoft’s unwavering commitment to continuous investment in R&D and focus on innovation have produced a history of industry firsts: first commercial Windows-based reliability software (Weibull++), first commercial Accelerated Life Testing Analysis software (ALTA), first commercial Reliability Growth Analysis software (RGA), first commercial FRACAS software and first web-based reliability software (XFRACAS), first commercial RCM software with quantitative optimization engines (RCM++) and first commercial fully enterprise-capable integrated solution for reliability (the Synthesis Platform) are only a few such examples.

Over the past 20 years, ReliaSoft has grown to a company of more than 125 professionals on four continents with a customer base exceeding 6,000 companies. Attendance to Applied Reliability Symposia (which are sponsored and organized by ReliaSoft in five locations worldwide every year) has grown to exceed 1,000 industry participants per year for all events, while ReliaSoft’s Educational Services unit has provided training for close to 20,000 engineering professionals from more than 4,000 companies and government agencies worldwide. This growth has been pursued in a planned and sustainable fashion.

"As we expanded our product offerings into new areas/methodologies of reliability and as we expanded internationally, we took a more measured approach to growth, taking the time to ensure that our teams (R&D, Support, Consultants, Instructors, Documentation and Sales) were well versed in the underlying methodologies and were able to deliver the same uncompromising level of products and services that our customers have come to expect from us," said Kyriacos Kyriacou, Chief Operating Officer of ReliaSoft.

"Our customers are our number one priority and they are the underlying motivation for advancing ReliaSoft’s products and services.  As per our mission statement, we work to empower our customers to apply reliability engineering methodologies in order to maximize their profitability while assuring the safety, reliability and quality of their products, processes and services," said Doug Ogden, ReliaSoft’s Vice President of Customer Services.

"What we’re doing at ReliaSoft is ahead of the industry, and it always takes time for people to get used to doing things in new ways, as will be the case with our newest developments of the Synthesis Platform. What sets ReliaSoft apart from others is that we are multifaceted. We not only have the knowledge, experience and expertise in reliability, but we’re creating the reliability software ourselves and educating the users at the same time," said Pantelis Vassiliou. "At the same time, I want to take this opportunity to thank our thousands of customers for their preference and support over the years and to also thank our loyal employees across the globe who have worked hard to take care of our customers in all aspects of our business," Pantelis concluded.

From early developments 20 years ago to today’s full ranging reliability solutions, ReliaSoft has pursued innovative ways to advance the discipline of reliability engineering. This commitment to R&D and innovation continues today and will continue well into the future. 




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