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Comprehensive FMEA template collection will jumpstart any FMEA or RCM initiative

MRG and ReliaSoft announced today that they will make MRG's comprehensive Failure Modes and Effects Analysis (FMEA) template library available to clients directly through ReliaSoft's Xfmea and RCM++ software. The FMEA templates assist clients in optimizing asset performance to help build sustainable maintenance and reliability strategies. Using the new FMEA Accelerator® feature to access MRG's FMEA templates directly within the Xfmea or RCM++ software will help to accelerate the analysis process, improve the quality of FMEA/RCM analyses and provide excellent data management and reporting capabilities.

The MRG Physical Asset FMEA Template Collection currently includes more than 230 detailed component-level templates. Each template acts as a guide to assist in identifying, assessing and addressing equipment failure modes and includes a comprehensive analysis of the functions and failures of each component at the class/subclass level. The FMEA templates also suggest the controls necessary to prevent those failures in the future. They will be a convenient, time-saving tool for any organization looking to improve asset health or improve asset management practices at the plant or enterprise level.

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MRG’s Enterprise Reliability Solutions provide a systematic approach to capturing reliability benefits, minimizing implementation costs while assuring consistency and scalability. Founded in 1987, MRG is dedicated to encouraging awareness of proactive maintenance practices and processes across the globe.




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