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Configurable, Web-based FRACAS System

ReliaSoft announced today the release of a configurable, web-based failure reporting, analysis and corrective action system (FRACAS).

ReliaSoft's XFRACAS system has been designed to provide all of the tools that the organization will need to troubleshoot issues as they occur in the lab or in the field, capture the data required for important reliability, quality, safety and other analyses, work as a team to resolve underlying problems and build a "knowledge base" of lessons learned that will be instrumental to future troubleshooting and development efforts.

The system is web-based, which makes it easy to distribute to users throughout the enterprise without having to install or update the software on each user's computer. The system is also highly configurable, which makes it possible to customize the system to fit a particular organization's processes and needs. Some of the capabilities supported by the system include:

  • Facilitates support/service activities for incidents reported by customers.

  • Makes it easy for users at multiple locations to report and track the progress of failure reports, incidents, suggestions, etc.

  • Provides system configuration management and part tracking for serialized systems.

  • Supports any team-based problem resolution process from 4 to 8 steps (such as 8D/TOPS, DMAIC, etc.).

  • Tracks the progress and completion of assigned tasks.

  • Provides a complete array of queries, reports, plots and analyses.




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