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Innovative New Product Release - The Synthesis Platform

ReliaSoft announced the release of the Version 8 upgrades to Weibull++, ALTA, BlockSim, Xfmea and RCM++ in conjunction with its much anticipated Synthesis Platform. After 7 years of development, ReliaSoft has created an efficient and practical means for engineers to leverage and share reliability activities by coupling classical individual reliability engineering methodologies and existing best practices with a new and intelligent approach to integration based on the ReliaSoft-pioneered concept of Object-Based Reliability Modeling (OBRM).

Doug Ogden, ReliaSoft’s Vice President of Customer Service, made the following comments about the release of the Synthesis Platform and the accompanying software upgrades: "ReliaSoft has taken an already user-friendly interface and transformed it into an entirely new way to integrate the reliability engineering process by leveraging activities throughout the product’s life-cycle and, most importantly, across the entire enterprise. I suspect our customers will see a significant improvement in both time-to-market and associated costs, in addition to maximization of their achieved reliability and associated ROI. Our development team has also made additional enhancements and configurations to each of the applications that our customers have come to trust and rely on for the past twenty years.”

The Synthesis Platform offers:

  • A continuously self-improving reliability program

  • Intelligent integration based on the innovative concept of Object-Based Reliability Modeling (OBRM)

  • Single-user, multi-user or enterprise deployments in one

  • Integration without sacrificing analytical power and flexibility — the Synthesis Platform is integrated directly into each application so there is nothing extra to buy or install

  • Enterprise-ready with support for SQL Server and Oracle, in addition to standard files




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