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ReliaSoft 2018 Release

HBM Prenscia is pleased to announce the release of ReliaSoft 2018 as well as the launch of the new ReliaSoft website supported by a new user friendly Support Portal.

With our ongoing commitment to providing the leading solutions for reliability and maintenance professionals, ReliaSoft 2018 introduces new features and enhancements which greatly improve workflows and help achieve better results.

Here is a list of some of the new features included in ReliaSoft 2018:

  • XFMEA's new ancestry functionality visually indicates whether a transferred record’s source has been modified and allows the analyst to accept, dismiss or break the association as appropriate
  • The Synthesis Enterprise Portal (SEP) offers major enhancements for corporate-wide, web-based access to data from FMEAs, including a new manager’s summary to track progress and the ability to run saved queries via the web
  • Improved library management by allowing the user to add all valid components within a block or standard to a library in Lambda Predict
  • XFRACAS provides new options to configure the application to fit your particular needs, including more flexibility for tracking incidents for serialized systems and extracting reliability data for analysis in Weibull++, ALTA or RGA
  • Enhanced database security for all applications: Version 18 now supports Transparent Data Encryption (TDE) implementations in SQL Server and Oracle databases

See what's new in Version 2018:

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