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New product options and features in ReliaSoft 2019

HBM Prenscia is pleased to announce the release of ReliaSoft 2019 offering new capabilities and improvements for ReliaSoft software products. This latest release is focused on comprehensive solutions, which benefit users with various reliability engineering challenges and provide essentials tools to manage and upstream maintenance optimization processes.  

ReliaSoft 2019 features a new warranty data analysis format in Weibull++, expected fleet failures calculations for fielded repairable data and fielded fleet data in RGA, and advanced module for process flow in BlockSim. Additional new features for maintenance optimization in both BlockSim and RCM++ enhance the user experience and offer more flexibility to meet personal preferences and needs. ReliaSoft 2019 also introduces improved functionality between SEP, XFRACAS  and XFMEA to provide convenient, mobile access to key reliability analysis results and increase cooperation across different areas of expertise. 

Warranty Data Analysis

Maintenance Optimization

A new format for warranty data analysis in Weibull++ enables users to predict the number of failures based on the time and usage, as well as the time. It is now possible to show the total number of warranty returns based on both values. 

New and enhanced options for teams and multiple crews task assignments are now available in BlockSim and RCM++ along with expanded spare part pools, and models for costs and duration. 

Process Flow


XFMEA and new SEP capabilities

A new diagram specifically designed for the process industry is now available in BlockSim, where users are able to model reliability and maintainability of their equipment and model multiple flow types within the system. Process Flow is an essential model-based tool which can be used for visual design and optimization of the technical processes. 

 offers improved user experience, offering more flexibility to configure dashboards and the display to meet personal preferences and the ability to track actions assigned in FMEAs or other reliability project planning. 

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Watch the "What’s New in ReliaSoft 2019" webinar recording

Watch this recorded webinar to learn about some of the new and enhanced capabilities in ReliaSoft 2019 direct from our product managers. You will become familiar with the new format for warranty data analysis in Weibull++, where you can predict the number of failures based on time and usage. New features in BlockSim, specifically designed within the process industry for better maintenance optimization, as well as flexible and improved capabilities between SEPXFMEA and XFRACAS will be demonstrated.





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