ReliaSoft software provides a comprehensive platform that combines seamless solutions designed for reliability engineering analysis and related analysis techniques. Our products facilitate a wide range of analysis techniques, such as life data analysis, accelerated life testing, system reliability and maintainability analysis, probabilistic event and risk analysis, reliability growth models, and standards based reliability predictions.

Our reliability analysis products help:

  • Significantly reduce test time required to obtain reliability metrics for a product, which can result in faster time-to-market, lower product development costs and improved designs.
  • Design accelerated tests that will be the most effective to achieve desired objectives.
  • Predict performance during the useful life (or warranty) period.
  • Use simulation to obtain estimated performance metrics that can facilitate decision-making in a variety of areas, such as scheduling planned maintenance, planning for spares, identifying bottlenecks in production throughput and estimating life cycle costs.
  • Calculate optimum overhaul times and other results for fielded repairable systems.
  • Compare suppliers or designs based on reliability.
  • Demonstrate that an item meets a specified reliability.