Accelerated life testing

ReliaSoft ALTA provides an intuitive and user-friendly way to utilize complex and powerful mathematical models for quantitative accelerated life testing data analysis. ALTA provides a comprehensive toolset for accelerated test planning and quantitative accelerated life testing data analysis, plots and reporting. The software is available in two versions and both provide a complete array of utilities for designing accelerated life tests, evaluating the fit of the model, calculating reliability metrics, generating plots and performing related statistical analyses. ALTA software includes a full set of tools for experiment design and analysis (DOE) and provides the life-stress relationships required to analyze accelerated life test data with up to 8 simultaneous stress types, where stress is constant or varies with time.

  • Quantitative Accelerated Life Testing (QALT) can help to significantly reduce test times and produce more robust designs.
  • Analyze accelerated life test data with up to 8 simultaneous stress types, where stress is constant or varies with time.
  • Flexible results, plots and automated reports to quickly provide the results, plots and reports you need to support decisions based on analysis results. Plots can be annotated and exported as graphic files for use in your reports and presentations. Automated report generation is also available.
  • Complete array of QALT analysis capabilities, such as accelerated degradation analyses, accelerated life test plan, data analysis with the Weibull, lognormal and exponential distributions.
  • Integration with nCode GlyphWorks for utilizing actual stress profiles.
  • Supports a variety of experiment design types, including factorial and fractional designs, Taguchi robust designs, response surface method designs and reliability DOE.
  • Understand and quantify the effects of stress or other factors on product life
  • Design accelerated tests that will be the most effective to achieve desired objectives
  • Significantly reduce the test time required to obtain reliability metrics for a product
  • Faster time-to-market, lower product development costs and improved designs

ALTA provides full support for the analysis of data obtained from quantitative accelerated life tests. The software is available in two versions:

  • ALTA Standard is intended to be an entry-level tool for the reliability professional interested in basic quantitative accelerated life testing data analysis applications.
    • Life-Stress Relationships supported: Arrhenius, Eyring, Inverse power law, Temp-humidity, Temp-nonthermal.
    • Varying Stresses: Data analysis of 1 or 2 stresses that do not vary with time.
    • Cannot analyze data with indicator variables.
    • Monte Carlo Data Generation is only available for supported models.

  • ALTA PRO provides advanced capabilities made possible by extensive research and development in complex quantitative accelerated life testing data analysis techniques. 
    • Life-Stress Relationships supported: All of the ALTA Standard models as well as Generalized Eyring, Proportional hazards, Generalized log-linear and Cumulative damage.
    • Varying Stresses: Can analyze data with up to 8 stresses that may vary with time. Provides a utility to define and manage stress profiles. Use level stress can also be specified to vary with time.
    • Can analyze data with indicator variables.
    • Monte Carlo Data Generation is available for all models, including those with multiple and/or time-dependent stresses.

ALTA provides intelligent integration between reliability program activities and tools, while simultaneously facilitating effective information sharing and cooperation between engineering teams of any size. The software allows you to:

  • Publish models based on data analyses performed in ALTA folios and create metrics to track and display key performance indicators (KPIs).
  • Extract data from XFRACAS or an external database (in SQL Server, Oracle or Access) and transfer for analysis in ALTA standard folio.
  • Publish selected analyses and reports for easy access via the SEP web portal.
The following courses feature hands-on examples with ALTA:

Product features

Accelerated testing data types

ALTA provides all the tools and options you will need for accelerated life testing data analysis. 

The software supports the following all the data types testing conditions would yield:

  • Complete (time-to-failure)
  • Right censored (suspended)
  • Interval
  • Left censored

Data can be entered individually or in groups to accommodate larger datasets.

Accelerated life testing plots and results
Time-dependent stress profiles
Accelerated life test planning
Related analyses
Function wizard
Quick Calculation Pad
Quick Parameter Estimator (QPE)
Quick statistical reference
Non-linear equation fit solver and root finder
Calculation, plot and report customization
Integration with nCode GlyphWorks