Process Flow

Process Flow is the next generation module* available in ReliaSoft BlockSim for modeling the reliability and maintainability of equipment and for analyzing multiple flow types within the system. It is an essential model-based tool which can be used for the visual design and optimization of any technical processes such as chemical plants, oil & gas facilities, power stations, complex manufacturing operations and biological processes such as water treatment.  

Deliver savings, maximize operational performance and improve reliability and availability of your system

While system availability can be captured well using traditional Reliability Block Diagrams (RBD), they are usually limited by the results based on such analysis and, in many cases, are not able to capture multiple flow types. This is due to the fact that those diagrams need to be setup based on reliability rather than the actual physical flow.

Unlike traditional RBDs, Process Flow provides the ability to easily create and simulate various flow models. Both availability and multi-flow type throughput can be modeled to give essential metrics that allow better operational and financial decisions to be made in order to improve processes, increase efficiency, and reduce costs. 

Enhance your maintenance optimization and simulation modeling with Process Flow

Process flow simulation

*Process Flow is a product option of BlockSim available at an additional cost.

Watch the recorded webinar: "Simulation Modeling with Process Flow Using ReliaSoft BlockSim"

Process Flow enables organizations to analyze their continuous output system efficiency and safely test process changes to improve throughput and profitability. Process Flow is an advanced model-based tool available in ReliaSoft BlockSim for visual design and optimization of any technical process.

Originally presented on June 18, 2019