Standard based reliability predictions

ReliaSoft Lambda Predict facilitates reliability prediction analysis based on the major published standards, including MIL-HDBK-217F (MIL-217), Bellcore/Telcordia, FIDES, NSWC Mechanical and Siemens SN 29500.

Lambda Predict provides a complete array of calculated results along with graphical charts and customizable reports. The software also offers a full set of supporting tools, including easy-to-use component library functionality, a reliability allocation utility, derating analysis and the ability to transfer and manage your data via flexible import/export or copy/paste.

Lambda Predict provides exclusive access to the website portal, which allows users to search and import parts data from MIL-M-38510, EPRD-97 or NPRD-95 (free to all users) as well as more than 300,000 specific commercial electronic components.

  • Provides exclusive access to website portal.
  • Supports MIL-HDBK-217F, Bellcore/Telcordia, FIDES, NSWC Mechanical and Siemens SN 29500 standards.
  • Easy to perform Derating Analysis for your system.
  • Includes Reliability Allocation with five allocation models.
  • Obtain an initial indication of whether a design will be able to meet reliability objectives and identify potential problem areas early in development.
  • Compare design alternatives and/or trade-off system design factors.
  • Consider environmental and other stress factors that have a significant impact on system performance yet may otherwise be overlooked. is a website portal for the collection and dissemination of component data for use in standards based reliability predictions and other reliability analyses. This resource is currently available exclusively to Lambda Predict users.

You can search by category, part number, supplier, part name and/or part description. The results provide the reliability prediction parameters required by the standard or the component failure rate.

Lambda Predict provides intelligent integration between reliability program activities and tools, while simultaneously facilitating effective information sharing and cooperation between engineering teams of any size. The software allows you to:

  • Publish models that are based on analyses performed in prediction folios, which makes this information available to analyses performed in other ReliaSoft applications.
  • Use system configuration and failure rate prediction data from Lambda Predict in BlockSimXFMEARCM++ or RBI analyses.
The following course features hands-on examples with Lambda Predict:

Product Features

Reliability prediction analysis

Lambda Predict facilitates every step of the standards based reliability prediction analysis process, with user-friendly capabilities designed to make it easy for you to:

  • Build the system configuration ("from scratch" or by importing data from "Bill of Materials" files, predefined part libraries or other outside sources)
  • Define component characteristics and operating conditions, with the choice of two different "Views" to facilitate data entry
  • Calculate results (Pi Factors, Failure Rates, MTBFs, etc.) at any level within the configuration
  • Use graphical plots/charts to visualize and present analysis results
  • Generate print-ready reports to support decision-making and disseminate knowledge
NSWC Mechanical
Siemens SN 29500
Data management via import/export or copy/paste
Calculated results, plots and reports
Prepared component libraries and
Derating analysis
Reliability allocation