Probabilistic event and risk analysis

ReliaSoft RENO is a powerful and user-friendly platform for building and running complex analyses for any probabilistic or deterministic scenario using an intuitive flowchart modeling approach and simulation. The flowcharts created can model analyses — however complex they are — to support your decision making process.

The Monte Carlo simulation software provides an array of definitions and constructs that will allow you to model the situation that you wish to examine. It also provides built-in auto-complete, IntelliSense, color-coding and "debugger" features that will help you build and verify the model. Simulation can be used to estimate or optimize the results needed for further analysis.

RENO is unique in the fact that it gives you the flexibility of a computer language, but instead of writing computer code, you use the familiar flowcharting concept to build your analysis.

  • Potential applications for risk analysis, complex reliability modeling and much more.
  • Easy-to-build flowchart models including variables, models, functions, conditional blocks, logic gates, result storage blocks, flag markers, counters and more.
  • Intelligent features for equation building to assist with building equations, such as color-coding, resource preview and the Function Selector and Equation Editor.
  • Debugger Utility to help you validate and "debug" your flowchart models.
  • Flexible array of results with multiple display options in spreadsheets, in the flowchart and/or in plots.
  • Sensitivity analysis and optimization to vary one or two variables across simulation runs based on the starting, ending and increment values that you specify.

With RENO you can:

  • Estimate results of interest.
  • Perform sensitivity analysis to evaluate how key inputs will affect the results.
  • Automatically estimate optimum values by performing multiple simulation runs.

These techniques can be applied for a wide variety of applications:

  • Risk/Safety Analysis
  • Complex Reliability Modeling
  • Decision Making
  • Maintenance Planning
  • Optimization
  • Operational Research
  • Financial Analysis

RENO provides intelligent integration between reliability program activities and tools, while simultaneously facilitating effective information sharing and cooperation between engineering teams of any size. The software allows you to:

  • Work with BlockSim diagrams and RENO flowcharts together in the same analysis project, and use diagram results in flowcharts, if desired.
  • Use models from analyses performed in other ReliaSoft applications to set the properties for blocks in a RENO flowchart.
  • Use RENO flowchart simulations to generate response data for experiment designs in Weibull++ and/or ALTA.
  • Publish selected analyses and reports for easy access via the SEP web portal.
The following course features hands-on examples with RENO:

Product Features

Flowchart models
With RENO, you will use a familiar and intuitive flowcharting concept to build graphical models for the scenarios that you are trying to understand, quantify and/or simulate.

Employ easy point-and-click techniques to build flowcharts from blocks, gates and other resources that are already defined in the project — and easily define new modeling elements as your flowchart evolves.
Flexible array of building blocks
BlockSim results within RENO flowcharts
Simulation Worksheets
Diagram skins
Intelligent features
Debugger utility
Extensive potential applications
Sample analysis projects
Customizable results and plots
Sensitivity analysis
Multiple analyses for optimum values