Reliability growth models

ReliaSoft RGA allows you to apply reliability growth models to analyze data from both developmental testing and fielded repairable systems. In the development stage, the software allows you to quantify and track the system’s reliability growth across multiple test phases, while also providing advanced methods for reliability growth projections, planning and management. For systems operating in the field, RGA allows you to calculate optimum overhaul times and other results without the detailed data sets that normally would be required for repairable system analysis. 

The development of RGA was a joint effort between ReliaSoft and Dr. Larry Crow, the leading authority in the field of reliability growth analysis, along with key development partners in government and industry. This collaboration has resulted in an application-oriented software package with all of the major reliability growth models, plus formulations that are not available anywhere else. 

  • Project the MTBF or reliability based on planned improvements to the system.
  • Quantify reliability growth across multiple test phases.
  • Determine the feasibility of achieving a target MTBF with a given management testing strategy.
  • Evaluate the reliability improvement that you can expect from rolling out fixes for a fleet of units operating in the field.
  • Calculate optimum overhaul times and other results for fielded repairable systems without the detailed data sets that would normally be required for repairable system analysis.
  • Facilitates reliability growth projections, reliability growth program planning and multi-phase reliability growth analysis.
  • Includes traditional reliability growth analysis using the applicable models, such as Crow-AMSAA (NHPP), Crow Extended and Crow Extended-Continuous Evaluation.
  • Supports a variety of developmental data types (time-to-failure, discrete (success/failure) and reliability data).
  • Helps to create operational test plans that effectively balance all of the mission profiles that need to be tested.
  • Provides opportunities for fielded repairable system analysis, including a method for analyzing the system's reliability behavior over time and discrete and one-shot analysis.

RGA provides intelligent integration between reliability program activities and tools, while simultaneously facilitating effective information sharing and cooperation between engineering teams of any size. The software allows you to:

  • Extract incident report data from XFRACAS for analysis in RGA.
  • Extract the first failure time for each failure mode from an RGA data set for analysis in Weibull++.
  • Publish models that are based on data analyses performed in RGA folios, which makes this information available to analyses performed in other ReliaSoft applications. You can also create metrics to display and track key performance indicators from selected analyses.
  • Publish selected analyses and reports for easy access via the SEP web portal.
The following course features hands-on examples with RGA:

Product Features

Reliability growth analysis

RGA supports all of the traditional reliability growth analysis models:

  • Crow-AMSAA (NHPP)
  • Duane
  • Standard and Modified Gompertz
  • Lloyd-Lipow
  • Logistic
Reliability growth projections, planning and management
Data types
Failure mode classifications and effectiveness factors
Reliability growth analysis results, plots and reports
Fielded repairable system analysis
Monte Carlo simulation