New and improved in RCM++ / RBI Version 2019

Teams / multiple crews for tasks

In Version 2019, users are able to assign tasks to crews as a part of the teams. This allows users to require multiple crews to complete a task. Teams for task allows you to choose or create one or more teams that can perform the task. Each team is made up of one or more crews; all crews assigned to the team are considered to be required. You can add, remove or edit the crews assigned to any team. You can also remove a team from the task, thereby quickly removing all of its crew associations.

If multiple teams are assigned to the task and a team is needed, they will be checked for availability in the order in which they are displayed in this list. If a team is needed and all teams are engaged, the team with the shortest wait time is chosen to perform the task.

Multiple spare part pools for tasks
Spare part pool profile models for cost and duration
Update RBI to American Petroleum Industry RP 581 Rev 3 (2016)