Web portal for ReliaSoft applications

The SEP web portal enables your entire organization or team — including managers and colleagues who don't have the ReliaSoft desktop applications installed — to access key analysis and project management details from any web-enabled device!

SEP provides a personalized overview for each user, with quick and convenient access to the metrics, analysis summaries, dashboards, assigned actions and messages that are relevant to you.

  • Convenient to access while on-the-go, or without having the desktop applications installed
  • Monitor key performance indicators (KPIs)
  • At-a-glance summaries to track progress for FMEAs
  • Distribute lessons learned and troubleshooting advice captured in FMEAs
  • Share summaries, plots and reports from data analyses and simulations
  • Update and track progress for assigned actions
  • Run ReliaSoft desktop applications without installing and updating software on each client computer (additional hardware and license requirements)

Implementing the SEP portal together with ReliaSoft XFMEA offers a powerful and flexible solution for corporate-wide access to FMEAs.

  • FMEA teams can utilize full-featured software that facilitates the analysis process along with the convenient mobile access provided by the portal.
  • For managers with multiple teams working on different FMEAs, the web portal offers a quick and convenient way to stay up-to-date on potential risks, assigned actions and whether analyses will be completed on time.
  • Colleagues throughout the organization can access the valuable lessons learned for use in other activities, such as designing test plans, troubleshooting for customer support and future product development.

Case Study: How can FMEA teams use ReliaSoft desktop and web applications to facilitate analysis?

Product features

Web dashboard for reliability analyses

Your personalized SEP home page features an intuitive, at-a-glance dashboard that presents the reliability results and tasks you’re tracking, such as metrics, assigned actions, recent messages, reports and more.

The flexible, web-based dashboard supports easy drag and drop to move and resize tiles (not limited to pre-set layouts) and the ability maximize any tile with the click of a button. You can choose from a gallery of tile types designed to showcase data from reliability analyses and tasks, with settings that are easy to configure to meet your personal preferences and needs.

FMEAs, queries and reports
Reliability analysis summaries and metrics
Drill down to the full analysis
Assigned actions and project plans
Web access for desktop reports
Links to XFRACAS for incident tracking and problem resolution
Scalable and distributable web-based architecture