FMEA and related analyses

ReliaSoft XFMEA software is praised for its ease of use while offering highly configurable analysis and reporting capabilities. It’s a great tool for facilitating FMEA team workshops/meetings, combined with a risk discovery tool that offers enough flexibility to accommodate all FMEA techniques.

You can easily link the FMEA analysis to reliability block diagrams (RBDs) and fault trees. You can transform the FMEA findings into a representative reliability model of your system. XFMEA enables you to build a continuous knowledge repository of the FMEA results to be reused throughout the reliability program. XFMEA creates a thorough risk analysis and associated mitigation action strategies using methods and tools such as P-diagram, flow diagrams, test plans, DVP&R, and control plan.

  • Supports all types of FMEA and FMECA to achieve higher reliability, safety and customer satisfaction
  • Allows multiple users to record and manage data using a centralized data repository
  • Saves time and promotes consistency within your organization by reusing relevant information from existing FMEAs
  • Highlights high risk items via RPN or Criticality Analysis
  • Integrates any FMEA with related analyses such as Process Flow Diagrams, Control Plans, Test Plans, P-Diagrams and interactive FMEA block diagrams
  • Proactively consider potential failures, prioritize issues based on risk and then initiate improvements early in development when modifications tend to have the greatest impact for the lowest cost.
  • Create a keyword-searchable knowledge base of reliability-related information for your designs, which can contribute to the development of test plans, control plans, future design efforts and other activities.
  • Establish consistency throughout the organization's FMEA process and make it easy for multiple users to cooperate on the analyses.
  • Utilize charts, reports, automated e-mails and other features to use the analysis information in ways that will effectively support decision-making and make sure that corrective actions are implemented.

XFMEA provides intelligent integration between reliability program activities and tools while simultaneously facilitating effective information sharing and cooperation between engineering teams of any size. The software allows you to:

  • Use models from analyses performed in other Reliasoft applications to set the reliability characteristics of the items and failure modes you're analyzing in XFMEA/RCM++/RBI.
  • Work with the same failure modes and reliability analysis (FMRA) in both XFMEA/RCM++/RBI and BlockSim. This allows you to take advantage of the more advanced system modeling capabilities in BlockSim without having to update and maintain two separate analyses.
  • Use FMEA data to build fault trees in BlockSim.
  • Transfer reliability prediction hierarchy and results from Lambda Predict as a starting point of your FMEA.
  • Share system configuration and failure mode data between XFRACAS and XFMEA/RCM++/RBI, with the ability to resynchronize on an ongoing basis.
  • Copy any system from an MPC systems and powerplant analysis into the more flexible XFMEA/RCM++/RBI system hierarchy in the same project.
  • Link with SEP so that dashboards can be shared within your organization without installing software, thereby promoting knowledge and efficiency.
The following course features hands-on examples with XFMEA:

Product Features

FMEA standards

ReliaSoft XFMEA supports the major industry standards for all types of FMEA analysis (including Design FMEA, Process FMEA, FMECA, etc.). The software provides predefined profiles for the major reporting standards and also offers extensive capabilities to customize the interface and reports to meet your organization's specific needs.

  • AIAG and SAE J1739
  • IEC 60812
  • ISO 14971
  • VDA-4 (German Automotive Industry)
  • MIL-STD-1629A
Support for all types of FMEA
Risk assessment methods
Transfer Design FMEA to Process FMEA
Test plans and DVP&Rs
Process Control Plans (PCPs)
Process Flow Diagrams (PFDs)
Design Reviews Based on Failure Mode (DRBFMs)
Data management tools
Failure Modes and Reliability Analysis (FMRA)
Queries, reports, charts and diagrams