Web-based failure reporting and problem resolution

XFRACAS is a highly configurable, web-based Failure Reporting, Analysis and Corrective Action System (FRACAS). Depending on how you configure your implementation, this can include incident/failure reporting, failure analysis on returned parts, part tracking for serialized systems, root cause analysis, team-based problem resolution and tracking the completion of assigned actions.

  • Easy web access for collaboration and deployment across multiple sites, suppliers and customers
  • Highly configurable to fit your organization’s specific processes
  • Flexible, scalable and able to grow with your needs
  • Innovatively bridges the gap between addressing individual failures and managing efforts to understand, contain and resolve the underlying problems
  • Streamlines incident reporting and problem resolution activities
  • Captures data for reliability, quality, safety, risk management and other analyses
  • Builds a "knowledge base" of lessons learned that can be shared throughout the organization
  • Provides a closed-loop system for managing corrective actions
  • Contributes to design improvements, faster product release, better service and enhanced customer satisfaction
The following course features hands-on examples with XFRACAS:

Product features

Highly configurable to meet your needs

XFRACAS can be implemented with a single entity (where all users share the same configuration settings and data) or with multiple entities (where different business units have their own separate settings, data and permissions). You can:

  • Turn features on or off
  • Configure built-in fields and preferences
  • Create your own custom fields
  • Define security groups for different access levels

The optional Go-Live Service includes an on-site visit from an XFRACAS implementation specialist, training for up to 10 “power users” and assistance to configure your implementation to meet your particular processes and needs.

Personalized portal for each user
Incident (failure) reporting
Capture findings from failure analysis on returned parts
Part tracking for serialized systems
Track completion of assigned actions
Root cause analysis and team-based problem resolution
Track stats for a group of incidents and problems
Flexible queries and reports
Charts, dashboards and custom XSLT
Extract data for reliability analysis
Integration with FMEAs
Use XML to import or export data from external systems
Implement XFRACAS and SEP together
Scalable and distributable web-based architecture