Go-Live implementation service

XFRACAS is a powerful and highly configurable web-based FRACAS/DRACAS system that not only facilitates all related activities enterprise-wide, but also ties the data it collects back to your ReliaSoft applications. To ensure that this robust system is set up expediently and optimally across your organization, it is recommended that you take advantage of our optional Go-Live/Implementation Service.

The Go-Live implementation service for XFRACAS includes:

  • A 3-day on-site visit from one of ReliaSoft’s expert XFRACAS consultants.
  • A personalized seminar (FRACAS Principles and Applications) tailored to your company’s needs and familiarity with FRACAS (for up to 10 users or the number of users included in the license if less than 10). The seminar serves as a helpful way to ensure all your XFRACAS users are working with the same mindset, knowledge and ideas in mind.
  • Custom configuration of your XFRACAS system to meet your company's needs and process. The XFRACAS system offers a large number of possible configuration options. An experienced instructor/facilitator can help your organization to understand the benefits of choosing one implementation over another, and also provide guidance that will help you to make better choices up-front.

Depending on the complexity of your FRACAS system and your company's current familiarity with FRACAS, the time spent on the seminar and configuration can be adjusted to meet your goals. Please contact ReliaSoft for information about the fee for this service and to discuss your particular needs.