On-site training information

Our unique approach to reliability engineering education is focused on the primary objective of teaching core subject and underlying fundamentals. The training solutions we offer will improve the productivity of your employees while making your business compliant and competitive. Attendees gain analysis experience using best-in-class software applications to facilitate and enhance their learning experience through extensive hands-on examples and real world case studies.

SMRP Approved ProviderAs an SMRP Approved Provider, select HBM Prenscia Academy training courses are recognized to provide continuing education that aligns with the most relevant topics and best practices in the industry according to the SMRP Body of Knowledge and/or the Asset Management Landscape, which is published by the Global Forum on Maintenance and Asset Management.


  • User Experience – we help you develop a training plan that meets your workforce's specific training requirements. Our team identifies and assesses your needs to ensure we develop a course that meets all of your objectives.
  • Instructors – all our trainers are experts in their field, have a wealth of practical experience.
  • Cost Effective – pricing is customized based upon size of the group, length of the course, course materials and instructors. You will also save on the time and cost of delegate travel.
  • Flexible – we work with you to ensure courses are structured and delivered to meet your organisation’s culture and work priorities.

Extensive Curriculum of Reliability Training Courses

Our core competencies in reliability engineering theory, best practice applications and analytically powerful software-based solutions make ReliaSoft uniquely qualified to offer a comprehensive curriculum of results-oriented reliability training seminars. Detailed descriptions of all courses are available here.
To deliver the training on-site, we will need a classroom setting of appropriate size to accommodate the number of attendees. PCs or laptops must be available to all attendees for the hands-on sessions, with no more than two attendees assigned to each computer. We will provide free short-term licensing for the required software. Please ensure that the computers meet the minimum system requirements for installing these applications. For details, click here.

Our instructors require the following equipment: projection screen, SVGA digital projection device and whiteboard. Depending on the class size, a microphone may also be necessary.
Travel expenses: All travel expenses for one or two instructors, depending on the class size, will be billed at cost or at a previously agreed upon price.

Minimum and maximum attendance: Although we do not set a minimum requirement for the number of attendees per session, we recommend five or more attendees. For fewer than five attendees, consider sending your staff to one of our public training courses offered throughout the year. The maximum number of attendees per session is 30.
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