Design for Reliability (DFR)

Learn DFR for product development processes

Course overview - 3 days

Design for Reliability (DFR) provides a high-level overview of the DFR process and how to execute each step in the process, with instructor-led examples. The course includes a survey of reliability activities and their timing in a DFR process. Attendees will be introduced to the methodologies, tools and cross-functional roles that enable the DFR process.
Learning objectives

  • Gain an understanding of the methods, terms and metrics used in reliability, when to apply reliability tools during the product development life cycle and the associated benefits of each tool
  • Learn a holistic DFR process for product/system design environments and how to leverage the benefits of this process with the practical application of the ReliaSoft platform
  • Evaluate attendee strengths in each methodology, which will serve as a guide for any additional skills that need to be acquired or augmented

Topics included

  • Overview of Design for Reliability
  • The DFR process and how it aligns to the product development process
  • The methods and tools commonly used in DFR, such as:
    • Development of reliability requirements and goals
    • Change point analysis
    • FMEAs
    • Reliability allocation
    • Physics of failure
    • Design of experiments
    • Simulation analysis
    • Life data analysis
    • Accelerated life testing
    • Failure analysis
    • Reliability growth
    • Field testing
    • Maintenance planning
    • Warranty data analysis
Design for Reliability (DfR)
SMRP Approved Provider

Who should attend

The Design for Reliability course is ideal for those design, test and development professionals that want to gain a better understanding of what reliability engineering is, what methods and tools are used by reliability engineers, and where it fits in their product development process.

This course is also designed for engineering leaders that want to understand how to initiate or improve reliability in their organization.

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