Risk Based Inspection (RBI)

Learn Risk Based Inspection (RBI) analysis

Course overview - 2 days (onsite only)

Risk Based Inspection (RBI) is becoming the recommended methodology to schedule fixed pressure equipment inspections. M485 provides an introduction to risk based inspection analysis based on the American Petroleum Institue (API) standard RP 580/581, with an emphasis on applying ReliaSoft RBI software for both qualitative and quantitative analyses.

RBI Overview and Application presents risk based inspection concepts and with practical application using RBI software so that you can understand how to execute the API RP 580/581 standard in your organization.
Learning objectives
  • Understand how risk based inspection can be more efficient in terms of both safety and cost
  • Apply risk based inspection analysis by either qualitative or quantitative analysis

Topics included:

  • Introduction to risk and risk theory
  • Review of API 580/581
  • Creating your equipment hierarchy
  • Qualitative analysis using FMEA
  • Quantitative Analysis of risk
  • Understanding consequence of failure
  • Special case equipment for RBI

Who should attend?

This course is for maintenance professionals working in the oil and gas industry that are responsible implementing the API RP 580/581 standard.

Recommended foundational course

RCM Principles and Analysis