Customer testimonials

"Again, excellent presentation. Excellent job giving additional examples to help us grasp the mechanics of BlockSim. The instructor is extremely versed in BlockSim. She was able to provide additional explanation of certain terms and equations in a way where we were able to understand and apply the knowledge gained from this course. Thank you!"
- D. J. - Mercer Engineering

"Very informative and useful for reliability professionals to understand the theory and practice of DFR. Even for persons not involved in the reliability function, this could be useful to grasp the importance of DFR. This will be useful for them to understand why an organization needs to support and focus on reliability."
- M. K. - Honeywell Turbo India Pvt Ltd

"Excellent seminar on Accelerated Life Testing. Very relevant, with lots of hands-on, real-world examples. The instructor does an excellent job of keeping the esoteric statistical math down-to-earth."
- J. S. - NMT Medical

"I use Weibull++ and there are many features (even in 6) that I didn’t know existed. So from the standpoint of learning new that would be benefit me in my job function, I give it an A+. I have a Master's in Statistics and the class was a great refresher. Looking forward to the ALTA and RBD sessions."
- M. M. - Quantum Corporation

"As always, an outstanding training program [System Reliability and Maintainability Analysis and Optimization] with excellent instruction supported by extremely useful software (BlockSim). Great Job!"
- G. M. - TI Automotive

"This course on system reliability makes reliability allocation something each company can perform. It takes the basics and embraces the nuances of our particular product allowing us to perform the calculations and bring usability to critical areas needing improvement. The class emphasizes the needs to allow for maintainability, cost analysis, PMs and system reliability in a quantitative manner."
- R. S. – Printronix

"The Life Data Analysis course was the most thought provoking presentation I have ever attended."
- D. P. - Haldex Brake Products

"The DFR seminar is an excellent overview of the tools and methods available for the reliability practitioner."
- M. - Sandia National Laboratory

"I was quite surprised by the in-depth content and theory behind DFMEAs. I have left the class feeling less intimidated by the task and looking forward to doing my next FMEA."
- S. – Jacobsen

"My own personal experience, as well as the comments received from the other students, is that the training was an excellent presentation. We all agree that the instructor’s presentation was thorough, logical, and of great value to us as soon-to-be users of the ReliaSoft MPC software tool. The instructor’s personal experience with previous MSG-3 efforts was also a valuable addition and provided us with real-world insight into how the MPC tool can improve the quality of our MSG-3 analysis efforts. ... The managers who attended were unanimous in their appreciation for having the opportunity to learn enough about MSG-3 so that they now had an understanding of what MSG-3 is, how this program can benefit the aviation industry, and a 'big picture' overview of how the process is performed."
- A. - Rockwell Collins

"This program has provided me with an excellent insight into what I consider are some very useful and powerful analytical and predictive tools. Although I am comfortable with the mathematics of reliability assessment, the (apparent) ease with which the ReliaSoft suite provides the necessary information has been most enlightening. I definitely achieved what I wanted to know..."
- G. - KBR Asia Pacific Pty Ltd

"The FMEA seminar got my pumped up about the importance of doing FMEAs! It gave me the tools I need to understand, run, participate in and facilitate FMEAs. Our group is a mixture of those who have done many FMEAs and those who have not. The class knowledge and enthusiasm, along with the classroom education and materials should take us to a much higher and successful level of FMEAs in the future."
- F. B. - Red Dot Corp