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Reliability engineering videos

Reliability engineering videos

Xfmea/RCM++ 8 Quick Start Guide Chapter 5.1: Failure Modes and Effects Analysis (FMEA)

After you have defined the system configuration and performed the preliminary risk assessment (see Chapter 4), the next gate in the DFR planner is to perform DFMEAs for the items that require further analysis. You assemble a cross-functional team of experts who have the knowledge necessary to perform effective FMEAs for the chandelier assemblies/components and then schedule a series of FMEA meetings. You take responsibility for using the Xfmea/RCM++ software to record the analyses that the team performs. 

Learn more about XFMEA: https://www.reliasoft.com/products/reliability-management/xfmea

Learn more about RCM++: https://www.reliasoft.com/products/reliability-management/rcm




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