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Reliability engineering videos

Reliability engineering videos

XFMEA - Reliability Software for FMEA and Related Analyses

ReliaSoft XFMEA software is praised for its ease of use while offering highly configurable analysis and reporting capabilities. It’s a great tool for facilitating FMEA team workshops/meetings, combined with a risk discovery tool that offers enough flexibility to accommodate all FMEA techniques.

You can easily link the FMEA analysis to reliability block diagrams (RBDs) and fault trees. You can transform the FMEA findings into a representative reliability model of your system. XFMEA enables you to build a continuous knowledge repository of the FMEA results to be reused throughout the reliability program. XFMEA creates a thorough risk analysis and associated mitigation action strategies using methods and tools such as P-diagram, flow diagrams, test plans, DVP&R, and control plan.




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