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Reliability engineering videos

Reliability engineering videos

Software Tool Tip: Sharing Process Information in Xfmea/RCM++

With the release of the Synthesis version, Xfmea and RCM++ now provide a new process flow diagram (PFD) worksheet interface that is patterned after the worksheets used in the automotive industry and other industries. The new version also facilitates more effective integration between three analyses that are often performed together when evaluating the risk in a manufacturing process: the process flow diagram, the process FMEA (PFMEA) and the process control plan. The software's flexible synchronization functionality provides several different ways to share data between these related analyses, depending on your organization's specific processes and needs. This tip provides an example of one possible workflow.

Learn more about Xfmea: https://www.reliasoft.com/products/reliability-management/xfmea

Learn more about RCM++: https://www.reliasoft.com/products/reliability-management/rcm




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