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Reliability engineering videos

Reliability engineering videos

A Practical Use Case for Accelerated Degradation Analysis: Implementation, Challenges, and Results using ReliaSoft Software

Increased reliability and shorter development times of products make calculating the reliable life of a given product within the necessary timeframe difficult, even when using accelerating stresses. One of the options in such situation is to use of the degradation analysis. Degradation analysis involves the measurement and extrapolation of degradation or performance data that can be directly related to the failure of the product in question. The current work presents an actual application of accelerated degradation analysis to estimate the reliability of a loaded (non-fastened) joint's ability to remain in position due to static friction over an extend period of time. Additionally, the impact of system temperature and the joint’s durability age on reliability is assessed. This presentation will highlight challenges of setting up the data for analysis and achieving the desire extrapolated results that matched the physics of the testing. A real-world example and use case from Eric Frenz of Magna Powertrain will be demonstrated as well.

Originally presented on July 15, 2021




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