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Reliability engineering videos

Reliability engineering videos

Design for Reliability Webinar Series: Part 4 - Reliability Testing Strategies for Repairable System Using ReliaSoft Weibull++

The first prototypes produced during the development of a new system often contain design, manufacturing and/or engineering deficiencies. In order to identify and correct those deficiencies, the prototypes are usually subjected to a rigorous testing program. During such testing, most problem areas are usually identified and appropriate corrective (or redesign) actions are taken. Throughout the first phases of a product's development, the estimate of the product's final reliability is typically called the "reliability goal." To reach this goal, the product must undergo comprehensive testing and appropriate corrective actions must be implemented. This well structured process of finding reliability problems and monitoring the increase of the product's reliability through successive phases is commonly called "reliability growth." During this webinar, attendees get familiar with will the principles of reliability growth testing and strategies using ReliaSoft Weibull++ software.

Originally presented on October 30, 2020




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