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Reliability engineering videos

Reliability engineering videos

How XFMEA Can Help Improve Your FMEAs

FMEA has become a standard part of ensuring the reliability of any program or project. The FMEA process helps anticipate and prevent problems, reduce costs, shorten product development times, and achieve safe and highly reliable products and processes. But many companies still rely on uncontrolled spreadsheets for safety critical analysis and corporate risk mitigation. ReliaSoft XFMEA is the leading solution for a better way to work.

This 45-minute webinar gives an introduction to XFMEA, how it helps facilitate the discovery process and how its flexibility covers even the most sophisticated of processes. Additionally, XFMEA creates thorough risk analysis and associated mitigation action strategies using methods such as P-diagrams, flow diagrams, test plans, DVP&R, and control plans. This presentation will also illustrate how by integrating with other reliability tools such as reliability block diagrams (RBDs) and fault trees, you can significant improve the quality of your overall FMEA process and reliability program.

Originally presented on December 6, 2018




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